Welcome to the Game II: How to Crack WIFI Passwords

Guide showing you how to crack wifi passwords in WTTG2 to avoid police and connect to better wifi.


Buying skybreak
Skybreak can be bought in the zeroDay market for 8 DOScoin, when it is installed open the application.

Once skybreak is open, type in “wep”, then type “scan”.
It will now scan for available internet connections.
(depending on where your wifi dongle is (the white thing next to your desktop) will change what wifi is scanned and available)

Once done, you should see this. Look at the ESSID, which will tell you the name of the wifi.
Then, look at the BSSID of the wifi you want to connect to(BSSID is circled in red). Type in “probe [BSSID] 1 1000”. Press enter.

Once done, you should see this.
The open port (Open Port #:3digitnumber) is what we will use to crack the wifi password.

Now, you need to type “crack [BSSID] [CH/Channel] [Open Port]

Press enter.

Cracking 2
Now wait for it to crack the password, then you’re all done! (name of the wifi is circled in red, password is circled in blue.) Enter the password to the correct wifi, then you’re all good! (Write the password in notes if you’re gonna connect to it another time)

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