Wild Dive: All Masks Locations

Telling you where all the masks are located as best as I can, since there are no guides so far on how to find them.


Level 1
  1. The first mask in level 1 is really easy to get to. You play the level normally until you reach this bird where he helps you learn how to jump, from there you just take a left instead of right and the mask should be there.

  2. The second mask could be found after doing a bit of the level. This mask is really easy to miss on the first couple of plays but is easy to get too. After advancing the level a bit after collecting the first mask there should be a sign pointing where the path is. Just follow it and you should see the second mask.

  3. The third and final mask is obtained near the end of the level. After the game shows you how to grapple into fruits. There should be a part where it is only grappling and an open view. From there, all you have to do is take the grapples that lead to the left.

Level 2
  1. The first mask on level 2 could be found after learning how to quick step and going down two slopes, at this point you should encounter two pathways, Which you want to be taking the left path where the NPC tells you that it is the harder path. The mask should be at the end of that path.

  2. The second mask is located right after achieving the next checkpoint of the first mask, after crossing a couple of bridges, you should be in a section where you are jumping some very tiny platforms. The moment you reach here, you would count the times you jump, (at least this is what I did) after jumping 4 platforms, you should just jump straight and ignore the next platform, this would lead you straight to the next mask. It is located under the platforms that you are jumping and near the end of that section.

  3. The third mask is near the section after learning how to wall run. Once you get here, all you need to do is continue for a bit until you get to a section where you would grapple and see a clear opening and a wall run on your left. From here all you need to do is take any grapples that would lead you up. The third mask is on a wall run near the top of this section and is easy to miss.

Level 3
  1. The first mask on level 3 is located on some bones that require jumping to get to. It is after exiting the cave. The way to get the mask is to take the left side during the cave section and then just jumping the bones normally to get to the mask. (The fov makes it look like you are going to miss the jump, but trust me, you can make those jumps with the fruit on them to get to the mask)

  2. The second mask is easy to get to, as it is in a section where the timer is off and you can move around freely. It is after getting the first mask. This mask requires that you just jump on some mushrooms to reach it. The mask is located on a branch and is obtained after you grapple twice, then jumping on the mushroom that has the spider eggs/nest, and then making your way to the mask.

  3. The third mask is found near the end of the level. It is easy to get to and easy to locate. After getting a checkpoint and a section where you have to jump on some bones, all you want to do is follow the right side or follow the blue fruit. This should lead you to a pathway that has spider webs everywhere. The mask is at the end of that tunnel.

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