Wild Terra 2 New Lands: Beginners Guide

In this guide I will be explaining everything super important for getting started in Wild Terra 2 New Lands! Also every dungeon and boss mechanic to come out ontop!


New Players starting out information! IM POOR how do I make money?

WELCOME to BearGrillz Ultimate newbie starter guide!

IM POOR BRUH! How do I get money? Also what skills do I need to be good? Let me Explain!

Run some easy Graveyard Dungeons starting out (I talk about this dungeon later and show where its at) if you can try to have a player make you a full set of Bronze Armor (100% Quality or above!) it will help alot! Collect the BONES from Skeletons (ill show you where they are later) and use them to make BONE FLOUR. You can sell it on the Auction House you build inside your base! Collect the Rings and Necklaces from the monsters as well and sell them to the Junk Vendor. (The Junk Vendor is right next to the CHURCH Dungeon! Ill show Church Dungeon later as well.).

Next once you have some decent armor Bronze or above you can try out the dungeon Church! I will explain how to kill the Cultists and Bear Boss later in the Boss Mechanics Section. You will collect the Books (Sell them to the Librarian Vendor in TOWN) and the GEMS you get (sell them to the Jeweler Vendor in TOWN!)

Getting someone to make you a SHED ingame is very important and will give you extra 75 slots to put your stuff in make sure to get one ASAP!

Be sure to REPAIR your items at the BLACKSMITH in TOWN!!!

Now once you do all these things you should be at a decent level and making money you will then go on your Auction House and try to buy you some decent Iron Armor pieces! (120% Quality and above and a nice shield!)

Here are the stats you will be going for to get a huge gain and make the game easier also will be endgame stats involved here to help you get an idea of what you will need.

Getting 50 plus weapon skill (in your desired weapon) makes the game easier. (Press K to view Skills)
40% insensitivity to dmg for a good playthrough (Press U key then click on Base to view all your stats)
30% plus atleast Melee block chance on your shield to have a good time tanking ingame (This stat is shown on the shield item and endgame (will need alot higher block chance endgame than that from shield).
Absorption of atleast 36 and above for prime time god among men tanking. (Found by pressing U key then clicking on Base)

Also 35 plus Armor Skills and 45 Shield Skill plus for maximum tankage (Press K to view skills)
Getting the Snake Shield Tier 3 will be a massive improvement for you and help you tank alot of stuff in the game as well!

Feel free to message me ingame on US East with any questions ill help BearGrillz.

Next ill be going into wide detail explaining the weapon choices I find to be the best plus the important Abilities used for them and armor Abilities then after all that ill be showing you dungeon locations and how to defeat these Bosses plus what items needed to kill them!

-Weapons- What are the best weapons?

I will be explaining the best weapons which are EXOTIC items. They have Upgrade levels called Tiers you have tier 1,2,3,4

At Tier 1 and 2 you can collect these materials and take these to a high level player to help craft you the exotic weapon at TIER 3 you can make it yourself and it will become BINDED to you and cannot be dropped!

If you are going to kill multiple mobs Anathema is your weapon of choice this bad boy has a nice Area of Effect BLEED to mobs and is all around cheap and powerful weapon to add to your disposal!

(This is the Picture of Anathema) It has 1 Ability TWAIN which does massive single target damage!

This is an Exotic Item and you can open the craft menu with C then select Exotics and look for Anathema. Collect the materials and have a high level player craft it for you! After Tier 2 you can craft the tier 3 and 4 yourself! no requirements needed.

Now lets talk about the Stunishment. This weapon has a Stun and Slow ability Which can come in handy when dealing with annoying 1 on 1 situations like bosses or strong monsters.

(This is the picture of Stunishment)

This is the SLOW!

And this is the STUN!

This weapon is great for keeping your target at range and taking as less hits as possible!

Next in the guide I will explain Heavy Armor Abilities!!

Heavy Armor Abilities TANKY BOY!

These are your 3 Tanking abilities First is a shield skill,Second is an Absorb skill and last is the FIST icon is the shortest skill and it is a absorb skill as well. What do these do? Shield skill will double your block of your shield and help you block those annoying monsters! What do Absorb skills do? Absorb skills absorb damage and help you take more hits! Make sure to level all these skills to get the full effect from them!

Next we have the Absolute Protection this skill will make you immune to any hit in the game 1 TIME only and consumes high stamina so make sure to use this wisely. Like in the Cultist fight and also in the Beetle fight I will explain these fights later in the next sections to come.

Wait after you pop one of these to use the next one after it comes off so you dont stack a bunch of them and waste them and have them on cooldown and have no way to protect yourself!

5 Deadly Areas on Main Island ill explain those right now.
There are 5 PVP areas on mainland they are deadly areas and if you go in them be ready to lose your items (in your inventory only not equipped on your character). Also I forgot to mention Backpacks they are useful for carrying more items but you will run slower so be careful! Also you can get a SECRET BAG later by crafting it and put items in it and they wont drop if you have them in it.

Now lets talk about the 5 PVP areas in this game. Heres our Map. (Click the map to make it bigger)

 First we have Gorge Passage this area has level 40 Dwarf Monsters and they are pretty strong going here you will need to be pretty decently geared and skills up pretty good. (Also there is 2 dungeons here Gorge Mine And Gorge Cave ill show and explain later)

Next there is Graveyard this area has low level skeletons and is easier for new people starting out Also 2 Dungeons here. (Will show and explain them later.

Next is Robber Thickett there are random Hideout dungeons (ill explain those later). Also Wolfs level 35 that can bleed you and dangerous Bears 2 of them level 50 that will rip your face off if your not careful! There is a World Boss Tree Boss Aka Creaky Aka Ent here as well. (ill explain him later)

Next is Swamp of endless moans no dungeons here and strong swamp creatures I think around the level of the wolfs either way this is a very strong area and these monsters can kill you fast so be careful also theres a World Boss SNAKE boss in the zone (ill explain him later).

Next is the Long Lift area there is a World Boss Mountain boss (ill explain later) up the path and at the end FORT Dungeon this is a endgame dungeon. These mobs are high level around 50 plus and will smack you VERY hard proceed with caution.

Thats it the 5 deadly pvp areas of Terra 2 Hope that was helpful next lets go into all the world bosses and dungeon bosses and explain how to kill these dudes!

World Bosses what are they? PLUS all Dungeon locations!!!!!

In this game we have 3 World Bosses.

Ent (Tree Boss) Creaky. Whatever you want to call him this is what he looks like.

And this is where hes located.

Next we have the SNAKE BOSS!!!!

And this is where hes located

Finally we have the Mountain Boss!!!

And this is where he is located

The Tree boss you need a high level Lumberjacking to gather his resources.
The Snake boss requires a high level of skinning to skin it.
The Mountain boss takes an Extremely high minning level to mine its resources.

These world bosses will give you materials to help you craft your Exotic Weapons and Items ingame!

They are on a 1 hour timer after death!

Next lets talk about all the Dungeon locations!!!!!!

This is a Graveyard Dungeon there are two of them inside of Graveyard they look like this (these are soloable dungeons only you cant join with your friends.

They are located here.

Next Dungeon is a HIDEOUT dungeon it is a soloable dungeon as well it looks like this on the ground to find it. (Make sure to bring a hatchet to break the barricades inside this dungeon)

You can find these Hideouts by searching around these areas

Next we have Gorge Mines!!! (This is a soloable dungeon as well!) this is what it looks like

And this is where its located.

Next we have Gorge Cave!!!! This dungeon can have a group of people in it. This is what it looks like.

And this is where its located.

Now lets talk about Church. This is a group dungeon as well and its a great place to make money! This is where its located (I didnt get a picture of it).

Last we have the endgame dungeon FORT this is a group dungeon!!! Located here!!! (I dont have picture of it.)

Alright now remember each dungeon has a difficulty setting and gets harder and harder as you go! When you get into HARD and NIGHTMARE modes these monsters can no longer be stunned slowed or anything so make sure to keep that in mind! (picture of difficulties)

Alright thats all the world bosses and dungeon locations but how do we kill all these bosses and World bosses? Well lets hop into that next. This will be the biggest part of the guide and most important so pay close attention.

So many world bosses and dungeon bosses! How do I kill them all?

Alright so you want to become a god among men in Terra 2 killing then pay close attention as I go ahead and explain in detail everything you need to know to kill all these strong monsters in the game. Make sure to have a good pet when killing these guys the BEAR pet works great.

These are the skeletons you will be collecting bones from when you start the game I forgot to mention what they look like I think. (If you have been studying this guide all the way through then good.)

First off we have the Cultist in CHURCH dungeon.

This annoying monster can stun you and is overall a pain in the butt. Once he stuns you he can bypass your defense skills and wallop you hard! Lets talk about countering him.

When you see “To the head!” above his head hes about to stun you. Pop your Absolute Protection Skill to become immune to his stun!!! then stun him back and give him the hurt! (you cant stun him in HARD and NIGHTMARE Modes.) Make sure your using your defense skills I showed you about in the Armor Abilities Section.

Next we have the BEAR BOSS in CHURCH dungeon.

Pop your defense skills and get ready for a hard fight when you get him down to half health he will pop this symbol above his head get ready and then just run around circles in the room to avoid him hitting u while its up. He will use Bleeds on you so make sure to use Wide Bandages to take them off. (Ill post wide bandage icon below the bear symbol)

Next we have the MAD NECROMANCER you will encounter him in the Hideout dungeon. This guy is a pain so make sure to carry with you some Antidotes they will help protect u against his poison (will show the icon of them below the boss)

HOW DO I KILL THIS GUY? Easy pop your defensive skills and smack the crap out of him while popping your antidotes when he poisons you.

Next we have the statue bosses in Gorge Cave!

The left statue is the sword boss he does area of effect damage to the right is the mace boss he does area of effect and stuns you. The statue in the back is bow and he does single target only.

Simple hit one and then run away so this symbol will come off of him.

Next go back up attack him have your friends position behind him (except for sword guy) then proceed with your defense skills and smack the hell out of him while using your Wide Bandages when he bleeds you just like on the bear. (The sword boss bleeds the rest wont). This is a tanky battle and having friends is a must also maybe someone to heal you. These guys are no joke.

Next we have Dwarf Commanders (3 of them in FORT dungeon)

These guys are super annoying make sure to have stunny and slow them and stun them with your skills I showed you in the weapons ability page. Keep them away from your party they will whirlwind attack area of effect bleed everyone and all around pain if you guys keep them stunned they can be an easy fight.

Next we have the endgame Boss the BEETLE BOSS!! He is at the end of the fort dungeon (I didnt mention the mini bug boss because hes not that hard to beat just tank him.


Ok so this is a hard fight. You want to bring Antidotes with you (incase you get poisoned) and use your defensive skills and smack the crap out of him. At certain point he will fly up in the air and make a sound (LISTEN FOR THE SOUND) that means hes about to area of effect poison your whole party. Pop Absolute Protection I showed you this skill before to block that poison attack! Ok keep killing him and then he will spawn a BABY Bug get someone to off tank this and have your other party members down it quick while you tank this Beetle boss. Also be careful and listen for a Certain sound like a HISS when hes lower on health hes about to Smack you with a Penetrating Strike (THIS ATTACK HURTS BAD!!!!) be sure to pop Absolute Protection to block the hit. With enough practice and also having your friends heal you with Healing Ointments etc this can be a pretty easy fight. Practice makes perfect! Nightmare Difficulty this Boss fight changes you will have to switch players tanking possibly and keep eachother healed up. You Might need to bring some juices with you they restore stamina but you cant use them while getting hit! (heres what they look like)

Now the final 3 Bosses the World Bosses

Tree Boss , Ant, Creaky

This boss is extremely tricky with him being alittle buggy things can go wrong what you want to do is get you a party of players and you will want to SLOW him with your Stunishment and then keep long range (try not to reset him he will get full health). This is a tricky fight try to pop Absolute protect if he gets too close and will hit hit you. You guys need to KEEP him SLOWED at all times! Try not to miss.

Snake Boss

This will take tons of practice. Find a tree next to the boss pop Absolute Protection after you smack him with stunny. Hide behind the tree and dodge his poison attack. TIME for hard part. Pop your defensive skills as they go down and when he hits you he will bleed you make sure to use Wide Bandages to keep the bleed off you. Use your SLOW and STUNS for extra damage! If he peels off you onto your party Provocation him! Bring those juices I showed you and wait till he smacks you then pop one if you need stamina!!!! Bring Antidote just incase you get smacked by poison. Also have your friend in your group heal you while you tank the boss. (You will most likely need group of friends to kill this boss or get lucky with the tree and take no damage just bleed and take it off). Once they fixed this Tree glitch you will have to tank him yourself with the poison so bring alot of Antidotes if you can no longer do this trick!

Last world boss! The MOUNTAIN BOSS!

Simple this guy is very easy. Just walk up to him and he will try to hit you move away quick and just keep smacking him with your Stunishment!!! It helps to have a group of friends to whack him down he has a ton of health!!! Thats it this is a super easy fight once you master it. If you cant get out of the way in time just pop an Absolute Protection.

YOUR JOB AS A TANK IS TO KEEP AGGRO!!! Always be using Provocation if these bosses come off you and go after your party! It will help keep them on you at all times. Shield Strike can help as well! (Its the skill where you stun them with your shield)

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