Wild Wet West: Walkthrough (All Endings)

Here is a full walkthrough with all endings guide in Wild Wet West.


Wild Wet West All Endings

Ending 1 – locked up if you try to steal the gold at any time without giving the sleeping tonic to Kate, OR you join in with Kate and Bella at the bank after the alliance with Bella is formed.

Ending 2 – happens if you don’t steal the gold by the time day 30 arrives. At first I thought you needed to purchase the horse for $100, but the ending happens irregardless of that purchase.

Ending 3 – marriage to Raven, in order to have sex with her, you need to ask her in the evening (last time slot before Zzzz).

Ending 4 – alliance with Bella AND you don’t join in with Bella and Kate at the bank.

Ending 5 – ask to tie Kate up after you’ve had sex at least once and your relationship points are high enough

Ending 6 – give sleeping tonic to Kate when she is in the bank and then after start your heist

Ending 7 – Have sex with Sasha and answer questions correctly (see below):

With Sasha, you need to go to Sheriff after she robbed you and you also need to talk with Bella and after you need to get Raven to 35 relationship, then ask her about Sasha. Then later that day or next day, Raven will tell you the scouts found her. You then have the selection to “Ambush her” from the main town screen.

Then there are two sets of questions that can produce different results:
1. You answer “Ha ha, No.” at the first set of questions, you don’t have sex, and instead place Sasha into custody and bring back to the Sheriff. The game then continues.
2. You answer “most expensive ♥♥♥♥♥” and you have sex, then you get two more questions afterward.
a. wish you luck – Sasha goes on her way and the game continues.
b. have a sense of humor – You two end up together – Ending 7

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