Wildfire: 100% Achievement Guide 2022

A detailed achievement guide for Wildfire. Contains spoilers.



Wildfire is a stealth 2D platformer that’s fun both solo and in co-op. The game has a variety of achievements, with at least two full playthroughs (and a partial thrid playthrough) required to get them all.

There’s only one missable achievement but it is obtained very early in the game so you can always start a new game to quickly get it.

Progression Achievements

These achivements are obtained as you progress through the main story and cannot be missed.

Kindle A Spark
Learn to embrace fire

Make Water Dance
Learn to embrace water

A Leafy Escape
Learn to embrace earth

Their Beautiful Glow
Complete Wildfire’s story

And two New Game+ specific achievements:
Newly Embraced
Start New Game+

Glittering Sparks In The Night
Complete New Game+

Challenge Achievements
You can run one level several times to get all the challenges; if you complete a challenge once you don’t need to complete it ever again during that playthrough.

Complete the Undetected challenge on every level
Remember that panicked, trapped, or sleeping enemies can’t detect you, so use your abilities and the environment to you advantage.

Complete the No Kills challenge on every level
Kills by environment hazards or other enemies (ahem, the fire demon) void that challenge.

Iron Witch
Complete the No Save Reloads challenge on every level
The easiest challenge to complete, in my opinion. Simply don’t die, or choose to restart a level instead of reloading a checkpoint or an autosave when you do.

Get Witch Quick
Complete the Speedrun challenge on every level
The most difficult challenge, in my opinion. You’d want to do a separate run for each level just for this challenge: ignore all optional goals, challenges, and collectibles and run. Movement and trap ability updates make a huge difference for your speed. Some levels (especially the earlier ones) become a lot easier with vines, bubbles, and fire jump; transplant can be useful for quickly moving a villager to a shrine. Use traps liberally to get past guards quickly without alerting them. Movement meteor shards like Surface Tension (dash on the water surface) and Valiant Heart (dash while carrying a villager) can be useful on some levels.

Collection Achievements

More details on the locations of all collectables can be found in Collectables by level section below.

Water, Earth, Fire…
Unlock at least 1 stage of every ability

Avatar State
Fully upgrade all fire, water, and earth abilities

The most tedious achievements in the game. You get one elemental ability point per level by making an offering to the statue. There isn’t enough statues in NG to get even the first achievement, but you’ll be able to get Water, Earth, Fire during NG+ if you collect most statues. Avatar State doesn’t appear to be obtainable before NG+2: I’ve collected every statue in NG and NG+ but still ended up being 5 points short at the start of NG+2.

Collect all meteor shards
There is 48 meteor shards in the game. One meteor shard can be collected per level per playthrough for 24 shards in total. You’ll get all 48 shards after completing City 4 in NG+ if you collect every shard in both NG and NG+.

Friends Like These
Pickpocket all Kickstarter lockets
Some enemies have a sparkle on their belt that indicates that enemy is carrying a locket. You can approach that enemy from behind (or hide in the grass as they’re passing through, or trap them using an ability) to get a prompt to pickpocket them.
There is a total of 49 KS lockets in the game, and you can track your progress on the achievements page. I had 43 lockets when I completed NG and got the achievement shortly after entering NG+.

Witch’s Oddysee
Rescue all 40 villagers
Some levels have villagers you can rescue by bringing them to the checkpoint (or exiting the level while carrying them).
Note that you don’t have to rescue all villagers on a given level during one run; the game counts them as rescued when you saved them at least once.

Co-op Achievements

Local co-op in the game requires at least one controller and can be turned on and off anytime during the game. The second player shares the skills and meteor shards of the host. There’s only two co-op specific achievements.

You Owe Me One
Bring a co-op player back to life with Rejuvenate
Rejuvenate is the last skill in the water ability tree that requires at least 12 points to get. Once you get Rejuvenate, start a level in co-op, get one of the players killed, and then simply splash their corpse with some water.

Their Potential Within
Complete Wildfire’s story in co-op
The description of that achievement is a bit misleading: to get it you only have to beat the final battle in co-op and see the ending cutscene. The achievement will pop after the credits roll.
(You can even get it solo if you have a controller. Start the last level in co-op and let the Duchess use the second player as a punching bag.)

Action-specific Achievements

Almost all these achievements can be completed on any level.

Friendly Fire
Make an archer accidentally shoot another enemy
Self-explanatory. You’ll likely get it without trying on later levels.

Foot Rest
Land on an enemy from high enough to knock them out
A good opportunity is Caves 1 level, there’s an archer you can jump on right below the checkpoint. Another easy options are a bobcat right at the start of Mountains 2, guards below the bridges in Mountains 7, or guards below the bridges in City 2 (and you’ll need to knock one out anyway to complete the level).

Crush an enemy with a gate
Lure an enemy to a gate while staying near the gate’s lever and pull the lever when the enemy is passing through the gate. There’s a gate as early as Forest 5 but the achievement is much easier to obtain during the City levels with their abundance of gates and enemies.

Mind The Gap
Cause an enemy to fall to their death by surprising them
You’ll likely get it while playing normally. Approach an enemy from behind when they’re near a high ledge and touch them. They’ll jump back in surprise to their death.

Trap an enemy in vines, then set those vines on fire
Self explanatory. You can set the vines on fire yourself or simply trap an enemy while they’re passing near a campfire.

Bubble Jeopardy
Trap an enemy in a bubble
If an enemy touches an empty bubble they get trapped inside. Any enemy walking on a bridge above any water body or any enemy that comes very close to the water’s edge can be trapped. An easy option is the guard patrolling the bridge near the checkpoint in Caves 3.

Block an arrow with a body
You need to throw a dead body so it catches / hits an arrow in flight.

Do You Trust Me
Cause an enemy attack to free a captive villager
Any attack will free a captive villager. Try the archers in Caves 3 or Mountains 6 (each with a villager nearby).

Fowl Play
Make an enemy panic with a flaming chicken
The chickens are in Forest 5 near the start of the level. Grab one, bring it near an accessible fire source like a checkpoint or a campfire. Let the chicken run near an enemy and set it on fire.

Water Way To Come Back
Bring a dead enemy back to life with Rejuvenate
Rejuvenate is the last skill in the water ability tree that requires at least 12 points to get. Once you unlock it, simply splash a dead enemy with some water.

I Meant To Do That
Survive a fall to your death by carrying Rejuvenating water
Unlock Rejuvenate, get your health down to one heart (fall damage or enemy attacks will do the trick, setting yourself up on fire is also quick and easy), grab some water, get on a high platform and jump down.

Hanging Wonder
Grow a vine by sending earth upward in a bubble
Find a water body in a cave with some vegetation nearby (the cave part is important, there needs to be a ceiling for the vine to stick to). Make a bubble, quickly grab some earth and chuck it inside the bubble. (It’s a bit tricky so it might take you several tries.) Once the bubble pops, the vine will grow.

Explosive Ascent
Smoke Ride up the smoke plume created by destroyed sulphur crystals
Smoke Ride is the last skill in the fire ability tree that requires at least 12 points to get. Blow up some sulphur crystals (Caves 6 has a deposit right at the start) and press and hold jump at the smoke plume.

This May Feel A Little Odd
Transplant while carrying a villager
Transplant is the last skill in the earth ability tree that requires at least 12 points to get. The skill can be pretty useful for teleporting villagers to checkpoints quickly.

Level-specific (Forest and Caves)

These achivements can only be obtained by completing specific tasks during specific levels.


Extra Concentrated
Throw a villager into his own box of oranges
When following Rigel (your pet bobcat) during prologue you’ll run into a villager near a crate of oranges. Throw an orange at him to knock him out, thne pick him up and throw him into the crate.


Double Fluster
Make two soldiers panic on Forest 1: Iria Plain
Set some grass on fire and watch them panic.

Overhear an argument on Forest 2: Brevis Pass
There’s two guards on the high platform where the ability statue is. Keep them both on your screen as they talk until one of them crosses the bridge and they both resume patrolling. (Check the menu to see if the goal is marked as complete.)

Into the Inferno
Burn at least 90% of the vegetation on Forest 3: Kumba Gorge
Keep some fire on hand at all times and burn everything you see until the achievement pops. (Note that burned vines can still be climbed.)

I’m Sneaky Too
Ensure Ezra is never detected on Forest 4: Mendo Levee
Pretty easy. Follow the tutorial and drop Ezra in the grass when the guards are nearby.

Don’t get wet on Forest 5: Navia Basin
You can carefully traverse the lower platforms without getting wet even if you’re carrying a villager. Alternatively, you can return once you unlock the earth abilities and sink a few points into vine length; it’s possible to ignore the water part completely if you use vines.

Follow Me
Escort every villager to safety on Forest 6: Dubra Trench
The level is pretty linear, so make them follow and then wait in the grass as you deal with the guards to get keys. To cross large gaps, throw and cluster them in grass patches.

A bomb!
Beat the fuse to the demolition site on Forest 7: Mouth of Uahm
Simply move fast, you can ignore the collectibles to get them during another run. Using traps helps.


Extinguish all fires on Caves 1: Bama Passage
You can embrace the fires normally or splash them with water.

Don’t Make Promises Your Arrows Can’t Keep
Overhear an argument on Caves 2: Lubri Grotto
Another argument to overhear. Stay near the checkpoint and listen until the gate guard says it’s a shift change and leaves.

Water’s Embrace
Only use water on Caves 3: Obre Cavern
You’ll need to free one villager without embracing fire at all. There’s a barrel on a platform near the start, you can throw that barrel at the villager in the lower left corner to free them. Alternatively, you can provoke the enemies into attacking any villagers and then quickly move in to grab them; there’s a villager across the bridge from checkpoint with an archer nearby. (You can get rid of the guard patrolling the bridge using a bubble.)

The First Firewalker
Never get burnt on Caves 4: Deira Falls
You can never touch a live fire: the challenge is voided as soon as the temperature marker appears. Embracing the fire is allowed. Just be very careful, patient, and keep your distance. Alternatively, you can return later when you get the vine and upgrade it a few times, having vine skill makes the challenge almost trivial: simply make some vines as you descend and then ascend using those vines with fire in your hand.

Down in the Bonehoard
Place three enemies in coffins on Caves 5: Nerii Tomb
Both enemy corpses and sleeping enemies work. You can kill three guards on the platfroms above the statue by scaring them into jumping on the platform below or put three random guards to sleep using traps (smoke bombs, ice, or vine traps all work when used repeatedly on the same enemy).

Chain Reaction
Destroy all sulphur crystal deposits on Caves 6: Osmo Aven
There’s five crystal deposits in the cave but only three fires, you’ll have to use the fire from the checkpoint to ignite the last two (use the fire jump on the first one so you don’t have to go back to the checkpoint). Note that blowing a crystal deposit up attracts the attention of all guards on the level.

Lure the demon to the explosive barrels on Caves 7: Sulphur Mines
The demon is at the far right end of the cave. You can try getting its attention by whistling or lure some guards to it to act as bait. Burn some walls and gates on the lower level to make it easier. If you’re lucky the demon will follow guards to the pit; keep whistling at it if it gets distracted. You’re good once the demon reaches and starts breaking the wooden walkways above the bombs; get to the highest platform closest to the exit and wait for the level to flood.
The demon will surely alert and kill several guards along the way so plan on doing a no kill stealth run separately.

Level-specific (Mountains and City)

Climate Change
Melt at least 90% of the snow on Mountains 1: Ambia Moraine
Carry some fire in your hand and the snow will melt around you. (Once you melt enough snow, check the menu to see if the goal is marked as complete.)

Cat In The Pan
Pick up a bobcat to mask your scent on Mountains 2: Felidae Crevice
You can pick up any sleeping bobcat if you approach carefully between its breaths. The easiest bobcat to grab might be the first you see: stay on the ledge you start the level on, look down at the bobcat below, and then jump; if you time your jump right you’ll land on top of it and knock it out so you can safely grab it right away.
The goal will be marked as done when you approach a bobcat while carrying another bobcat.

I Am Just Going Outside…
Read all expedition diaries on Mountains 3: Carnota Rise
There’s eight diary entries in total. Most of them are out in the open except for two: one hidden near a dead body in a snow pile and another on a corpse in the spikes near the exit. There’s a dedicated steam guide for this achievement if you’re having trouble locating all entries.

Like Herding Cats
Keep three bobcats at bay with one fireball on Mountains 4: Fenn Plateau
Pretty straightforward. Grab a fireball in the beginning and go left, you’ll alert three bobcats eventually.

That Belongs In A Museum
Return all five crucibles to their pedestal on Mountains 5: Medo Subpeak
Most of the crucibles are easy to get, the trickiest one is probably the one guarded by two bobcats. You can use a scent masking shard if you’re lucky, or simply trap the first bobcat and grab the crucible quickly.
Take note a crucible will ignite any vines you climb while carrying it and any grass you place it on.
When placing crucibles, watch out for the guards above you: placing a crucible raises its corresponding small platform, and if an enemy is walking on the platform at the moment it raises they panic and fall for their death, voiding your no kill challenge.

Earth’s Embrace
Only embrace earth on Mountains 6: Vindius Ridge
One of more challenging goals. Use two vines to get to the high ledge near the end of the level. If the bobcats are giving you trouble, you can try trapping them with vines. (Or you can complete it during NG+ when you update vine trap, vine length, and your throwing and embracing radius.)

Curiosity Kills
Let Rigel protect you from an enemy on Mountains 7: Bobcat Pits
Once you rescue Rigel, throw him at any enemy. Voids no kills challenge for the level.


Architecture Critic
Burn every building on City 1: Trade District
You need to burn the wooden walkways in all buildings. Read the three notes first, then burn. There are a lot of enemies on the map, so it might be more manageable if you kill several of them. (Luring them to a gate and closing the gate on them works great.)

Well Done
Cremate an enemy on City 2: Crematorium
Open any of the red hatches when an enemy is walking or laying on it. There is a corpse in the small pool inside the first buiding, cremating that corpse also works if you don’t want to kill anyone.

Thieves’ Highway
Infiltrate via the roof before any other entrance on City 3: Chateau Caira
The upgraded vine is very important here. Shed your disguise, embrace earth, make two vines on the outer castle wall and climb it switching these two vines. The achievement is yours once you enter the building through the roof window.

Now We’re Even
Set fire to everything flammable in Captain Caira’s Chateau
Also in City 3. Grab some fire and set all the furniture in the building on fire. If a flame is shown when your aim your fire, the item should burn. Don’t forget the barrels and the huge shelf in the basement and boxes in the attic.

My Apologies
Heal Captain Caira’s burns with Rejuvenate
Also in City 3. Requires Rejuvenate, the last skill in the water tree.
Caira is the enemy behind a locked gate on the top floor you need to steal the key from. Contrary to the description, you don’t need to burn Caira, you only need to kill her. Burning works, but you can also lure her to the gate out of her room and crush her. (I put her to sleep with smoke bombs and thrown her down the elevator shaft.) Then splash her with some water from her bath, and the achievement should pop.

Jail Break
Unlock every cell door on City 4: Tower Prison
You need to unlock every door, even the door to the storage room and the empty cell. Pretty easy to do if you successfully got the skeleton key from Caira in City 3. If you didn’t, you need to steal the keys off guards, and each key will only unlock one door.

Containment Failure
Get captured, then escape from prison
First, get killed by guards in City 3 (Caira’s Chateau). You’ll end up in a jail cell in City 4. Whistle to get the guard’s attention, get on the railing at the ceiling and quickly move into the right corner and whistle again. Get out of the cell while the guard is busy investigating and proceed through the level normally. You will get the achievement after completing the level.

Skills Statues and Collectables by Level


Forest 2:

  • Statue is on the platform where two arguing guards are.
  • Shard is at the bottom of a small pool near the exit.

Forest 3:

  • Shard is on the ledge on the left side of the screen, above the starting point.
  • Statue is behind a gate in the middle of the level. The chamber can be entered from above.

Forest 4:

  • 1 villager (can’t be missed).
  • Statue is right after the locked gate, can’t be missed
  • Shard is right after the statue under the rock overhang where two guards are patrolling.

Forest 5:

  • 1 villager (can’t be missed).
  • Statue is right at the start of the level, can’t be missed.
  • Shard is on the left end of the platform where the villager and their guard are.

Forest 6:

  • 4 villagers (can’t be missed).
  • Statue is right under the bridge near the first lever.
  • Shard is below the platform with the second gate, near the guard who has the gate key.

Forest 7:

  • 4 villagers right on the blast site where the explosives are. It’s possible to free them if you’re fast enough, though saving them all may take more than one run.
  • Statue is right above the first gate.
  • Shard is on the platform above the second gate near the blast site.

Caves 1:

  • 3 villagers
  • Statue is in the chamber right below the starting point.
  • Shard is the platform above the exit, near the third villager.

Caves 2:

  • 2 villagers
  • Statue is on the ledge on the way to exit.
  • Shard is past the gate, on a platform with one guard patrolling.

Caves 3:

  • 4 villagers (bottom left corner, top right corner, lowest platform with two guards nearby, across the brindge from checkpoint).
  • Statue is right above the exit, on the platform with an archer.
  • Shard near is the checkpoint in the water under the bridge.

Caves 4:

  • Statue is on left side of the screen, behind a burnable barricade
  • Shard i on the lowest level of the screen to the right, behind a burnable barricade.

Caves 5:

  • Statue is on a platform surrounded by water on the lowest level.
  • Shard is at the end of the upper corridor with coffins.

Caves 6:

  • Statue is on the left side of the screen, not far from the checkpoint.
  • Shard is behind a large waterfall above the checkpoint.

Caves 7:

  • Both the shard and the statue are at the far end of the cave, behind the fire demon lava pit.

Mountains 1:

  • Statue is on the highest platform of the level.
  • Shard is right below the starting point (put the guard to sleep by melting the snow with fire).

Mountains 2:

  • 3 villagers (all on the middle level behind a sleeping bobcat)
  • For the statue go down using the long vine, it is in the chamber to the right.
  • Shard is on a small ledge below the checkpoint with two bobcats sleeping.

Mountains 3:

  • Statue is left and above the second checkpoint.
  • Shard is left of the statue (and of the third checkpoint) on a small ledge.

Mountains 4:

  • 4 villagers (all in the cave at the end of the level).
  • Statue is near the cave where the villagers are, unmissable.
  • Shard is at the bottom of the small pool in the cave where the villagers are.

Mountains 5:

  • Statue is on the right side of the level, place the crucibles, set the bell into the middle position and climb the large statue to get there
  • Shard is above the entrance near two patrolling guards.

Mountains 6:

  • 4 villagers.
  • Statue is to the left of the bridge leading to exit.
  • Shard is immediately to the right of the statue on a small ledge.

Mountains 7:

  • Statue is in the middle right of the level.
  • Shard is immediately left of the statue, behind a snow blockage.

City 1:

  • Statue is in the basement to the right of the checkpoint. (The chamber needs to be entered from the left).
  • Shard is on the roof of the tallest building.

City 2:

  • Statue is at the far right end of the lower level, behind a flammable barricade.
  • Shard is in the top left corner of the area, near a bridge with an archer patrolling.

City 3:

  • 2 villagers (in the basement)
  • Statue is in the main hall on the first floor.
  • Shard is outside, on the ledge on the right side of the building.

City 4:

  • 8 villagers (one near the spike pits to the left of the elevators, three in the left half of the building and four in the right half).
  • Statue is on the lowest level near the checkpoint.
  • For the shard, after going up near the first checkpoint turn into the right hallway patrolled by two guards. You can get in through the gate or a small passage in the elevator shaft.

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