Windowkill: How to Unlock All Characters

This guide will help you getting all characters, and what they do.



Are you tired of using the Epsilon character every time you do a run? Do you want something fresh to play with? Well, you are in the right place! This guide will help you get all the characters in Windowkill, from the easiest to the most secret characters. (that are annoying to get) Not only I will explain how to get the characters, I will explain what the characters do, and tips and strategies they have.



DETAILS: The starting character, the original character that was in Windowkill v2.0 and v1.0. The shape being a circle.

ATTACK: Shoots a pellet at the direction of the cursor, it’s that simple.

SPECIAL: Bellow. At LVL 1, it expands the box for the player to have room to move around. At LVL 2, it also brings enemies away from you. At LVL 3, it does damage to nearby enemies. The rest of the levels do nothing but expand the radius of how much it expands.

MY RATING: 7/10, It’s a really good starting character, it started it all too.



TIPS TO UNLOCKING: When it means have 50 HP. You need to have 50 HP, not max HP, the easiest way of getting it is by having a lot of wealth and manifesting max HP and heal 20 HP. This is one of the easier characters to get.

DETAILS: The second character. (according to the wiki) It’s shaped as a heart.

ATTACK: Uses melee type attacking, also sends a shockwave (the circle)

SPECIAL: Endure. At LVL 1, it allows dashing, which does damage to enemies when dashed into, with a cooldown of 3 seconds. At LVL 2, the dash freezes enemies, and it’s cooldown goes down to 2 seconds At LVL 3, it’s cooldown goes down to 1 second. The rest of the levels do nothing (of what I have experienced.)

MY RATING: 7/10, The idea of a melee attacking character is a great idea, and it was performed pretty good, but sometimes the dash hurts me because of how I used it. The character is just good.


REQUIREMENTS: Kill/Beat 10 Spikers

TIPS TO UNLOCKING: I can’t really give tips for this since to unlock this character you just play to game to unlock, you could restart your run after killing one Spiker but at that point just play the game.

DETAILS: The third character. (according to the wiki) It’s shaped as a circle but little spikes at every side. (resembling Spiker)

ATTACK: Fires a laser beam, gets larger with the exclusive upgrade to Bastion, laser size. The laser starts white when you fire it but when you get laser size, it has a blue outline. You cannot buy multishot with this character

SPECIAL: Torrent. At LVL 1, the next time the player fires it will fire a slow controllable rotating laser that does massive damage, the size and pierce depends on your upgrades. At LVL 2, You have 2 lasers and the lasers pushes the game window (depending what level is box punch) and has knockback. At LVL 3, you have 3 lasers. The rest of the levels add more lasers, the crosshair changes depending on how many lasers you have with the ability when you use it. Using the echo version (the shop version) will make you attack rapidly for a short duration

MY RATING: 9/10, I like the laser beam and how large it can get. The idea of multiple laser beams with the ability is funny and great.


REQUIREMENTS: Upgrade multishot to LVL 8 in a single run.

TIPS TO UNLOCKING: Like zephyr, you wanna have a lot of wealth and wanna manifest multishot. It is a little easier/harder than the zephyr, as you don’t need to heal but multishot is really expensive.

DETAILS: The fourth character. (according to the wiki) It’s shaped as a star with 5 edges.

ATTACK: Hurts the enemies nearby with an area which is a circle, multishot increases the amount of circles you can attack with. The space between the circles depend on where your cursor is. The exclusive upgrade is crowd control, which increases the damage dealt to enemies depending on how many enemies are in the circles.

SPECIAL: Halt. At LVL 1, it freezes time, slowing down the music and stopping any enemies from moving until time resumes. You can still take damage from enemies. At LVL 2, you can window punch when time is abrupt. The time enemies are frozen for depends on what level Halt is.

MY RATING: 8/10, The amount of A.O.E circles you can have is crazy. This character can get really powerful with the right upgrades.


REQUIREMENTS: Beat the “Final Boss” of the game

TIPS TO UNLOCKING: To unlock this character, you will need to do a procedure to get to the final boss. If you wanna figure it out yourself, don’t look at the spoiler. Understood? To get to the final boss, you will need to put the Peer and Drain into a special spot. Peer will look at where you need to place it, and drain will have an outline that will be pointing to it. Peer should be locked onto a blank eyelid, and Drain should be locked onto a drain-type of middle. Finally, use your ability on Peer and you should unlock the “Secret Weapon” Break out of the box with the weapon and you can fight the “Final Boss” of the game, ???. Make sure you have a lot of speed and max health before this fight. The fight should be pretty easy (I took like 12 hits) and you should unlock 🙂

DETAILS: The fifth character. (according to the wiki) It’s a smiley face that reminds me of the ☺ unicode and “YOUAREANIDIOT” website back in the day. It also resembles the smiley boss and the final boss of the game. “???”

ATTACK: A fake cursor that follows your cursor, you can hold click to make it click on enemies you hover over. The speed of this fake cursor can be sped up with the chase speed upgrade.

SPECIAL: Detach. At LVL 1, it lets the player go outside the main box. When it runs out the window combines with the main window, slowly pushing you back to the main window. At LVL 2, it spawns a Drain field around you when used. At LVL 3, it increases the detach window’s size.

MY RATING: 7/10, Multishot with the cursors are crazy fun to look at.


REQUIREMENTS: Do a long procedure (explained in TIPS TO UNLOCKING)

TIPS TO UNLOCKING: To unlock this character, you will need to do ANOTHER procedure to get the character. It is the hardest procedure out of any character. If you wanna figure it out yourself again, don’t look at the spoiler. Understood?
Play as 🙂 and get the “Secret Weapon.” Then right before you get to the final boss, use detach and break out the box, then try to find a note. After you find it, you don’t need to beat the boss, you can just quit. If you wanna find out how to do the puzzle, feed a text document to the window that says “Feed Me” on the main menu, but if you want to not do all of that, go to 1920x by 1080x
resolution (because it’s easier to align the windows) and put this wallpaper on.


After you align all of the windows to the corresponding backgrounds, click the windowkill logo (that should be glowing) and it should appear with the character Blip.

DETAILS: The sixth character. (according to the wiki) and a secret character. It resembles a ghost or bubble. This character is hidden from the unlocks menu. Unlike any other character, this character has no max HP. Many upgrades are unavailable such as, fire rate, max health, and heal 20.

ATTACK: A high speed attacking pellet (like Epsilon) that does decent damage.

SPECIAL: Crumb, Heals only 1 HP and still increases with star cost. It does not have any bonuses for higher levels.

MY RATING: 5/10, It’s a good character but the fact you can’t really heal ruins the amazing power it has.

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