Winning Love by Daylight: How to Obtain “Ultimate Secret Achievement”

This achievement is most likely going to be the last one you will obtain, if at all. It’s very tricky to get, and only by choosing one specific (haven’t checked every possibility so might be more than one) set of choices will you be able to obtain it.

This guide will cover every choice towards obtaining that. Apart from the choices you have to take, the amount of spoilers in this guide is close to none.



To understand each picture easily, I will also write what option you should pick.
In any case, you should always pick the highlighted option.
If no options are highlighted, choose any without consequences.
I will not post pictures of situations with only one option.

Throughout the game, you will obtain reputation points from various characters. Obtaining this specific achievement demands you to obtain exactly one reputation point from each character.

Part 1
Choice 1
For the first choice, I’m choosing to be shy. It will remove an option when Alannah asks her first question, yet add another when speaking to Willow first time. Whether you save time or something is different, I cannot say. This is how I did it. (I don’t think it’s the best option. Option 3 will make choice 4 with Willow foolproof. Alannah will also still give rep regardless of you goofing (answering water slide) or not. This is how I did it though, and it worked out just fine. Just follow along.)

Choice 2
After having tried various things, Molly was the best pick here.

Choice 3
Be polite and ask Molly how the first day has been. +1 rep from Molly

Choice 4
It is imperative that you pick option 1 to not get a +rep here with Willow. Option 3 should work just fine as well.

Choice 5
Go early to bed. Study should work as well, just don’t pick option 1 which will give you points with Maya.

Choice 6
This is just a recap, doesn’t matter which you choose.

Choice 7
After vigorously testing, Maya was the best choice for me. +1 rep from Maya

Choice 8
SoFi would always be shown here with Molly only showing up with at least 1 rep. I think Kiana shows up here with +1 as well, but this is the best place for you to choose SoFi. +1 rep from SoFi

Choice 9
Since you promised to help Alannah study, you should choose option 1. Sorry Maya, but no cinema today.

Choice 10
Either option here is fine, I think. To be sure, choose option 2 “Not really.”. +1 rep from Alannah

Choice 11
List of people we can get points from gets smaller and smaller. Picking Emily here gives us no rep so we got more space further down the road.

Choice 12
Since June will be spared for last, pick Kiana now. +1 rep from Kiana

Part 2
Choice 13
Neither of these options takes you on a different path.

Choice 14
This is also you just casually talking with your mother with no consequences.

Choice 15
Both options will take you to the next choice.

Choice 16
Doesn’t matter what you choose, Kiana will say the same regardless.

Choice 17
You have to choose three different options in order to “escape” this area. Starting with option 2 since option 1 does absolutely nothing but tell you where you are.

Choice 18
Choosing option 2 again since it’s now different and option 1 still doesn’t advance the story.

Choice 19
Third option is being chosen now. You can also choose the fourth option, as either of them will raise the flag to show the final option to continue with the story.

Choice 20
Option 5 to advance the story. I’d still recommend you to read all of it. It’s a great game with a great story.

Choice 21
It is now time to get the remaining rep for the achievement. We’ve already got +1 from Maya and SoFi, so we’re choosing Emily now. +1 rep from Emily

Choice 22
When you choose what team to go with, this is where avoiding June and Willow comes in handy. Option 3 will make you go with them. +1 rep from June and Willow

Obtaining the achievement
All you have to do now is basically advance the story up until the point where they are playing as a band. Getting exactly one reputation point with each of the characters will net you this line.

Go forward until the words “One, Two, THREE, FOUR!” is in the chat box, and this message should appear in the top left corner.
Congratulations, you obtained the “Ultimate Secret Achievement”!

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