Witch It: How to Take Perfect Screenshots

Here is a simple tutorial on how to take higher quality screenshots in Witch It!


Stop using F12 for your screenshots!

Most keyboards should have a “pause break” key
Using this key will freeze your game for a few seconds & render out a super high quality screenshot which will be saved to your PC’s local Witch It folder.

– I recommend putting your settings on max whilst you take the screenshot for the best results.
– The “pause break” key is located at the top of the keyboard, above the arrow keys.

The HD screenshot folder can be found here:

These screenshots are more detailed and less pixelated than the average (F12) screenshot & will not be effected by Steam’s image compression. However the downside to screenshotting this way is that you now have a few extra steps to take before you are able to upload them to your screenshot page.

How to upload your super HD screenshots to Steam

Firstly take a dummy F12 screenshot that you will replace with the HD screenshot.

Go to the manage screenshots button

Click on the “show on disk” button

Find the dummy screenshot you took & open it in your editor
(Make sure to also find the same screenshot in the thumbnails folder & open that as well)

Replace both identical images with the new HD screenshot you took using the “pause break” key.
Expand the pixel size of the dummy screenshots to match the new HD ones you want to upload, add any effects or details you would like, then save them over the top of the dummy screenshots you took with F12.

Re-open a new instance of the screenshot manager on Steam & you should be able to see that your HD screenshot has replaced the low quality F12 dummy screenshot you took.

(The screenshot may look low quality in the manager but when you upload it, it will look great!)

From here you can upload as normal & you will have a super high quality screenshot for your profile.

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