Wolfenstein The Old Blood: All Perks

Here is a guide on how to get all 16 perks in Wolfenstein The Old Blood.


Health & Armor Perks

Health Upgrade I
Award: Increases health regeneration speed by 30%.
Requirements: Overcharge health to 200.
Health Upgrade II
Award: Increases health regeneration by 5 health points.
Requirements: Overcharge health to 250.Health Upgrade III
Award: Increases maximum health points by 25.
Requirements: Kill 5 enemies in a row while overcharged.

Armor Upgrade I
Award: Unlocks the ability to overcharge armor.
Requirements: Collect 100 helmets from enemy soldiers.

Armor Upgrade II
Award: Increases maximum armor points by 25.
Requirements: Overcharge armor to 200.

Tough Skin
Award: Reduces health loss from melee attacks.
Requirements: Smash the heads of 10 Shamblers with the pipes.

Ammunition Perks

Ammunition Upgrade
Award: Increases ammunition pickup value by 20%.
Requirements: Perform 100 dual-wield kills.
Schockhammer Clip Upgrade
Award: Increases the Schockhammer’s clip-size by 6.
Requirements: Get 50 kills with the Schockhammer.Bombenschuss Clip Upgrade
Award: Increases the Bombenschuss’s clip-size by 5.
Requirements: Get 50 kills with the Bombenschuss.

Kampfpistole Ammo Storage Upgrade
Award: Increases the Kampfpistole’s ammo storage by 3.
Requirements: Get 50 kills with the Kampfpistole.

Grenade Belt
Award: Increases the amount of grenades you can carry by 2.
Requirements: Kill 3 enemies with one grenade.

Other Perks

Carry Heavy Machinegun
Award: Carry a heavy machinegun in inventory/weapon wheel.
Requirements: Kill 200 enemies with the Machine Gun 1946.
Eagle Eye
Award: Show markers in the world for collectibles.
Requirements: Perform 20 stealth kills on commanders.Quick Turn
Award: Enables you to do a quick 180 turn and auto aim at the nearest enemy.
Requirements: Kill 50 enemies while hiding behind cover.

Reload Mash
Award: Increase the ability to increase reload speed by mashing the reload button.
Requirements: Kill an enemy with the last bullet of a magazine 20 times.

Award: Unlocks the ability to receive health from performing takedowns. Health points are added up to maximum health level.
Requirements: Perform 25 stealth takedowns.

Thanks to [Ra]ChiefCaptain for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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