World End Diner: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to all achievements in World End Diner.


Diner Levels

You get an achievement for each diner level up from 1 through 10, and then every even level from 12 through 24.

Clover & Star Skill Unlocks

Clover Skills
These all require increasing amounts of clover currency to unlock. There are a lot of very helpful clover skills that allow you to ramp up production efficiency of your equipment, cleaning speed, residents, workers, animals, etc:

  • Clover skill 25: Unlock 25 clover skills
  • Clover skill 50: Unlock 50 clover skills
  • Clover skill 75: Unlock 75 clover skills
  • Clover skill 100: Unlock 100 clover skills
  • Clover skill 125: Unlock 125 clover skills
  • Clover skill 150: Unlock 150 clover skills

There are quite a few ways to earn clovers, including:

  • Chests – Located around the island
  • Rewards from patrons – If you feed Yumyum 99 of X material, he’ll sometimes start the day by your diner to give you a gift in thanks. The White Fox also starts to become a patron of the diner, and will always leave a gift box after eating.
  • Battle Robot – In somewhat ashamed thanks for all the times you have to thwack him with a hoe to chill him out, our battle-wearied friend will leave a gift package by the Metal Skeleton he hangs around on the island. You’ll also get 1 clover each time you use the Potion (Alchemy Table, costs 3,000 stars, requires Level 11 Nature & Level 10 Water to unlock) on him.
  • Delivery quests – At Level 6, you unlock the daily Fuamil.OR (Order Robot) delivery quests, you can check with him to the left of your diner first thing every morning, and see if there’s any you want to complete. If you can’t quite fulfill an order in one day, you can leave it active to fulfill whenever you want in the following days. That will take one of the ‘fresh’ slots of orders that appear the next day. You can save as many quests for the next day as you’d like. At Level 17, you’ll also unlock the Terminal Device which when placed, allows you to pick up quests similar to the O.R. These provide a range of rewards, many including clovers.

Recipes & Gather Skills
These are all unlocked with Stars, with more recipes/skills becoming available as you continue to level up your various Nature, Dex, Water, and Fire skill tiers:

  • Gathering 15: Unlock 15 gathering skills
  • Gathering 30: Unlock 30 gathering skills
  • RECIPES 25: Unlocked 25 recipes
  • RECIPES 50: Unlocked 50 recipes
  • RECIPES 75: Unlocked 75 recipes
  • RECIPES 100: Unlocked 100 recipes

Keeper of The Counter Keys

High Diner Keeper / Super Diner Keeper / Ultra Diner Keeper: Make sales at the counter 1,000 / 10,000 / 100,000 times
Pretty straightforward, just fulfill orders at the counter as many times as each of the 3 achievements indicates.

For reference on when I reached these milestones:

  • 1,000 times – Before level 10
  • 10,000 times – At level 13
  • 100,000 times – TBD, maybe sometime before I die

Far Out, Man

“Too far” times 1000
This will happen naturally and fairly early on as you play. If you hover over the thing or creature you want to interact with and are too far away to perform the action, you’ll get the red ‘too far’ popup message to let you know you need to move closer to Do The Thing. Get this popup 1,000 times, and voila!

Yumyum Nomnom

Yumyum eat 100 items / Yumyum eat 1000 items
Yumyum will come visit your Diner so you can catch it on its way in/out. Yumyum is typically located in the bottom right of the map by the toxic waste AP site, when not at the diner.

If you click on him, you’ll get a prompt option to feed him 99 of X material. X material should be either your most stockpiled resource (likely salad or wood in the early game), or a recipe that you otherwise have high stockpiles of.

He drops 1 piece of wood for whatever you feed him. What a return on investment! On the plus side, it seems if you feed him more regularly, he’ll come by and drop off gifts of money & clovers every so often, too.

Treasure Island

Treasure chest 100: Open a treasure chest 100 times
These chests spawn around the map, coming in different sizes, designs and colors (refs below), and you just need to interact with them to open them up. They’ll always contain money, and occasionally will contain clovers or other miscellaneous materials.

Chaperone Required

Help a lost child 100: Help a lost child 100 times
A ‘lost child’ is any small animal that you encounter loitering around the map. They need your help to be guided to the destination they were looking for, which the dialogue prompt will tell you which it is between:

  • your Diner
  • the North Nest – pretty straight shot above your Diner
  • the Southwest Nest – down and left-ish from your Diner
  • or the Southeast Nest – down and right-ish from your Diner

You’ll receive a batch of Hearts for completing these quests.

Baby Steps to Baby Jumps

There are certain foods the different baby animals love so much, they’ll go airborne for them – note that their “Heart” favorite foods do not always line up with this, and there doesn’t appear to be a visual cue on the order that would indicate whether it’ll make the baby jump. Enigmatic little creatures.

Different types of baby animals are unlocked at different levels, noted below. I’ve tracked some foods & drinks I’ve seen make the different babies jump, but this is not comprehensive:

Baby Raccoon jump 100: Baby Raccoon jump 100 times
Unlocked Lvl 2

  • Jumpy foods include: Nachos, Corn Chowder, Coffee Jelly, Ice Cream, Chopped Salad, Tuna Sandwich, Orange Jelly, Assorted Fruit, Cereal, Burgers, Beef Stew, Bread, Strawberry cake, Parfait
  • Jumpy drinks include: Cola

Baby Fox jump 100: Baby Fox jump 100 times
Unlocked Lvl 4

  • Jumpy foods include: Pudding, Corn Chowder, Sunny Egg, Buffalo Wings
  • Jumpy drinks include: Caramel Macchiato, Cola

Baby bear jump 100: Baby bear jump 100 times
Unlocked lvl 5

  • Jumpy foods include: Honeycomb, Buffalo Wings, Pudding, Chocolate Cupcake, Strawberry Cake, Assorted Fruit, Pancakes
  • Jumpy drinks include: Caramel Macchiato, Jasmine Tea

Baby deer jump 100: Baby deer jump 100 times
Unlocked Lvl 6

  • Jumpy foods include: Donut, Bagel, Strawberry cake, The Princesss’s Melancholy, Yogurt, Buffalo Wings, Grilled Cheese, Assorted Fruit, Burger, Arrabiata, Coffee Jelly
  • Jumpy drinks include: Cola, Hot Chocolate

Baby wolf jump 100: Baby wolf jump 100 times
Unlocked Lvl 10

  • Jumpy foods include: Nachos, Soft Serve, Pudding, Corn Dog, Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Smoked Salmon Herb Salad, Smoked Salmon Bagel
  • Jumpy drinks include: Caramel Macchiato

Baby penguin jump 100: Baby penguin jump 100 times
Unlocked Lvl 16

  • Jumpy foods include: Tuna Sandwich, Shaved ice, Burger, Soft Serve, Strawberry Cake
  • Jumpy drinks include: Cola, Lavender Tea

Baby rabbitjump 100
Unlocked Lvl 18

  • Jumpy foods include: Salad

Hired Help

Employ part-time 100 times: Employ part-time 100 times
Once you reach Level 7, a willing drink server will appear to the right of your tent when you start a new day. If you head over and talk to them, they’ll offer to work at your Diner for a small fee.

Note that they can only serve drinks, and do not perform any other functions in the Diner. When a customer orders a drink set on a pitcher table, they pour the drink and give it to the customer. If you have drinks in your menu box, they can also deliver that to the customer without pouring. Once you get a goat, they will also milk your goat for you in the morning.

As you level, you’ll start to unlock more employee types to get a rotating variety between different animals such as Hedgehogs, Otters, Raccoons, Rabbits, and Bears – but all perform the same function. And all look very cute in their employee’s hat.

With increasing levels and diner popularity, part-timers will start to appear daily; though if you don’t hire them for a day, it seems they won’t return until a day or so has passed.

As you level up, their requested daily pay will also increase, but we’re all about a fair minimum wage here.

The Art of Petting By: Chickens & Goats
At Level 8, you’ll unlock the Residents Skills tab of the clover abilities, which will allow you to get chickens and goats for your Diner.

Petting a white chicken 100: Petting a white chicken 100 times
The white chicken appears on your island starting at Level 1. At Level 7, you can buy a feed box from the Peddler, which you can station outside your restaurant and stock with Cornmeal. Once you do this, you can go pick up the chicken roaming the island and drop it by the feedbox. If there’s food in it, the chicken will stay and lay eggs for you. If there’s no cornmeal, it appears the chicken will stay, but will not lay any eggs. You can pet your chicken once a day.

Petting a black chicken 100: Petting a black chicken 100 times
Same as above, this specific chicken is the ‘chicken Lv2’ clover ability in the Resident Skills tree. It costs 10 clovers to unlock. The 2nd chicken spawns around the same place as the 1st.

Petting a chick 100: Petting a chick 100 times
Same as above, this is the final tier in the chicken clover tree, ‘Chick’. It costs 20 clovers to unlock, and will spawn a baby chicken by your diner.

Petting a young goat 100: Petting a young goat 100 times
The goat appears on your island starting at Level 1. At Level 8, the Peddler will sell a goat feed box for stashing wheat, same as cornmeal for the chickens. You can pet your goat once a day, and milk your goat 3x a day.

Petting a baby goat 100 times: Petting a baby goat 100 times
Same as above, this is the final, fourth tier in the goat clover tree: ‘Baby goat.’ It costs 20 clovers. You can’t milk this little guy, it’s just there for the cuteness factor.

Souvenir Shelf

Souvenir shelf sales 1000: Sell 1000 items
The Souvenir Shelf is unlocked at Level 8, along with the Alchemy Table/abilities, and can be purchased from the Peddler. It can be installed inside the store, and is where you’ll place any materials you create with the Alchemy Table that you’d like to sell.

Once some customers finish eating, they’ll stop by the shelf to purchase an item or two to take with them.

A second Souvenir Shelf will become available for purchase at Level 14.

Daily Dose

Treat with medicine 100: Treat injured animals and robots with medicine 100 times
Medicine is unlocked for 1500 Stars with the Alchemy Table, requiring Nature Level 9 + Water Level 5. The Alchemy Table becomes available for purchase from the Robot Peddler at Level 8.

You do not need to physically be carrying the Medicine in your inventory to give it to injured animals. You can store it in a chest, or have a stack on your Souvenir Shelf, and can still apply Medicine to any creatures in need that you may encounter on the map, as long as you have some in stock.

There doesn’t appear to be more than 1 animal a day needing medicine.

You’ll need the below ingredients to craft Medicine (4x stack):

  • Harvest: Chamomile (2x), Rosemary (2x)
  • Purchased from Robot Peddler: Glycerin (1x)
  • Created with Alchemy Table: Bottle (4x)

A 4x stack of Bottles are crafted with:

  • Harvest: Quartz (1x), Shellfish (1x)
  • Purchased from Robot Peddler: Baking Soda (1x)

We Can Work It Out

B.F.F.! 100: Arbitration of quarrels 100 times
Starting at Level 8, every so often, some of the animals dining together will get into a fight and start to freak out, shaking and smoking and creating a racket that disturbs the other patrons. The troublemakers will be outlined in light blue for additional visibility. If you head over to their table and interact with them, it’ll calm them down and settle the quarrel. You’ll also get some hearts for doing keeping the peace.

AP Analysis

AP Analysis 100
At Level 10, you’ll unlock the Apocalypse Points (AP) material, and the Librarian Robot will now have the Apocalypse Tree. You’ll now be able to interact with stationary landmarks/objects around the map, and doing so will generate the purple AP resource. Each interaction will count as 1 AP Analysis action. AP can be spent with the Librarian Robot to unlock different lore information about the world, which is also needed for certain quests.

There are 5 objects that can be analyzed each day. Once you unlock this feature, you’ll start to get quests encouraging you to go forth and AP Analyze.

Upper left side of map: Robot Corpse

Upper right side of map: Library Pillar

Lower left side of map: Metal Skeleton

Middle bottom of map: Crashed Rocket

Bottom right side of map: Toxic Trash Pile

The Art of Petting By: Cats & Kittens

Petting a cat 100: Petting a cat 100 times
At Level 10, the Peddler will sell a cat dish. When placed in your diner, it’ll let you adopt a cat – you can choose from 4 colors, and pet the cat once a day.

To feed your cat, you’ll need to bake some fish cookies in the oven to fill the dish.

The cat will also slowly putz around your diner to collect coins left by patrons on tables and the counter. It does so at a glacier’s pace, but admittedly, it doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

Petting a kitten 100: Petting a kitten 100 times
At Level 20, the Peddler will sell the kitten’s milk dish, which when placed in your Diner will let you adopt the kitten for daily pets, same as the cat. It doesn’t collect coins, but it is stinkin’ cute.

Take it To Go

Take-out sales 1000
The Take-out counter is unlocked at Level 13 and can be purchased from the Robot Peddler. This is stationed outside your restaurant, and you can place up to 6 stacks of food in the bin, max of 99 per stack. Animals can purchase meals from here if your restaurant is closed, or if the line is long and they’d rather go for a quick solution.

The selling price is 10% lower than the in-store sales, but the take-out items also reflect the favorite food & popular food bonuses.

The food does not need to be non-perishable from the standard sense, but is restricted to foods that won’t melt, and aren’t liquid.

Teach a Robot to Fish

Fishing 100: Fishing 100 times
Fishing is unlocked at Level 14, for both freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater includes the various ponds and lakes inland, and saltwater is the sea that fully encompasses the outer edges of the island.

Look for a shadow of the fish in the water, equip your fishing pole, and stand close enough to interact with the shadow. It’ll pull something out of the water. And that ‘something’ won’t always be fish – but it will count as fishing.


1000 Guests in INN: 1000 Guests in INN
The Inn is unlocked at Level 15: the Robot Peddler will start by selling you a Hammock for you to set up in/adjacent to your diner, for guests to spend the night.

Once set up – either inside or outside the diner – towards the middle or end of each day, a patron will order a bed for the night at the counter. Only one patron can fill a hammock each night, so you’ll need to acquire more hammocks to sleep multiple guests.

You’ll unlock a new hammock in the Peddler’s shop with every progressive level-up, costing progressively more gold. Buying and stationing more hammocks will allow you to keep expanding the Inn and reach this achievement a bit faster. Larger guests will need a bed to sleep in versus a hammock, and the first bed will become available at Level 17.

The next morning, the guests will check out, giving you some hearts and gold based on their satisfaction level for the walls/decor around them.

Sweet snoozles, my fuzzy friends:

Let’s Gather ‘Round the Bonfire, and Sing a Bonfire Song

Bonfire food sales 1000: Bonfire food sales 1000 time
The Bonfire is unlocked at Level 19.

Deja Food

Besides the Salad achievement here, the rest of the “Cook 1,000 times” achievements seem like they’d take many, many hours of repetition to complete. I have ~70hrs in-game, and besides the Salad achievement which was pretty straightforward to nab, and the Burger achievement which I’m close to, the others are far out of reach even after trying to focus on repeatedly cooking them as much as possible. It’d be nice if the achievement was to create 1,000 of the item versus literally clicking “cook” 1k times, which really starts to be come an un-fun grind. I’m going to stop attempting to pursue these achievements, since it’s more fun for me to enjoy the variety of recipes you can create in the game, versus doing things like dedicating my Stove to depleting my entire egg stash.

But if you’re interested, here’s a rundown on what ingredients and levels you’ll need for the recipes in question:

The King of Salads: Cook a salad 1000 times.
Salad is made at the Cutting Board Station. It’s one of the first recipes you automatically unlcok through the tutorial, in the ‘Basic Recipes’ tab. Note: different salad types further down the salad recipe tree do not count towards this, it is just the base, original “Salad” that you need to make 1,000 times. Become the Mendocino Farms you were meant to be.


  • Harvested: Herbs (2x)

I love Bacon and Scrambled egg: Cook Bacon and Scrambled egg 1000 times
Bacon & Eggs are made on the Stove. They’re unlocked after the Fried Egg. Requires Dex Level 1, Fire Level 2, and costs 500 Stars to unlock.


  • Chickens/Peddler: Egg (3x)
  • Stove/Grill: Bacon (3x)

Strawberry Cake Shop: Cooking Strawberry Cake 1000 times
Strawberry Cake is made at the Oven. It’s unlocked in the Oven Recipe tab in the Cookie tree, 3rd down after Cookies and Chocolate Cupcakes. Requires Dex Level 4, Fire Level 4, and costs 800 Stars to unlock.


  • Harvested: Strawberries (2x)
  • Mill: Flour (3x), Sugar (1x)
  • Robot Peddler: Baking Powder (1x)
  • Mixer: Whipped cream (2x)

Burger Shop: Cook Burger 1000 timesBurgers are made at the Cutting Board Station. They’re unlocked through the Basic Recipes tab in the Pickles column, 3rd down after Hot Dogs. Requires Dex Lvel 6, and costs 1,000 Stars to unlock. As the recipe description advises: “Open the mouth to the limit!”


  • Oven/Bread Maker: Buns (3x)
  • Stove/Grill: Patty (3x)
  • Farming: Tomato (1x), Lettuce (1x)
  • Refrigerator: Pickles (1x)
  • Robot Peddler: Ketchup (1x)

Cola Holic: Cook Cola 1000 times
Cola is made with the Mixer. It’s unlocked through the Drinks Recipes, in the Orange Juice column, 4th down after Orange Juice, Grape Soda, and Honey Lemonade. Requires Water Level 5, the Stove Pot, and Refrigerator, and costs 900 Stars to unlock. As the recipe description wisely says: “This is this! !! !!”


  • Robot Peddler: Pitcher (1x, reusable), Vanilla Essence (1x), Baking Soda (2x)
  • Stove: Caramel (4x)
  • Refrigerator: Ice Cube (1x)

So no one told you life was gonna be this way…

Diner Code Friends: Invite 5 friends with diner code
None of my friends own this game, so I haven’t had a chance to try this out. Feel free to drop comments here to find some people to add as Steam friends for sending Diner invites!

General, Miscellaneous Tips

A cleaning robot becomes available at Level 5 through the Robot Peddler. Buy that sucker as soon as humanly possible, so you can install it in a heavy-traffic spot of your diner to avoid running out from the counter and back behind it like a madman.

WHEAT! The law of the post-apocalyptic wilderness: wheat, or be wheaten. Tons of recipes need flour, or bread made from flour to create. And, your goat friends need some tasty wheat stocked up to stick around and produce milk for you. Don’t starve your goats, haven’t you seen The Witch? Stay stocked up on wheat. The Peddler seems to stop selling it once you get higher level since there are so many other non-farm grown ingredients to rotate through, so it’s always good to plant as much wheat as you can each growing cycle if you want to keep the kitchen churning along.

Don’t cut a ‘young’ tree down – any tree mid-growth will give you less wood than the fully grown version, so it’s a bit inefficient since the time to chop doesn’t yield as much. Best to seek out the fully grown trees.

If you want to maximize your time in a day, you can enter building mode as you run around the island/diner to pause the clock while still being able to move, then close building mode to interact with whatever you need. Your Diner does have to be closed to do this. Recipes also appear to continue cooking when you’re in building mode or paused in menus.

The 4 key ‘skill’ elements that you level up in order to be able to unlock new skills and ingredients are below, with some types of actions that generate the respective skill points:

  • Nature – Harvesting plants/trees, cutting down trees, etc.
  • Dex – Completing recipes at the Windmill / Cutting Board recipes like Burgers
  • Fire – Completing recipes using the Stove / Oven / Cooking Pot / Grill
  • Water – Fetching water from the Well / Pouring Drinks / Cleaning Spills / Fishing

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