World of Zoo: All Animal Codes List

Codes to unlock special animals with unique favorite items.



  • 78678 – Amelia The Elephant
  • 00800 – Cindy The Monkey
  • 56965 – Foreman The Giraffe
  • 14141 – Goliath The Big Cat
  • 23932 – Matey The Penguin
  • 72427 – Olympia The Panda

You may notice that not all of the animals listed are available in the PC version, despite this, they still can be entered and the game will register them as correct. This will not make them available in-game.

(After entering code for Matey)

The Animals





Unique Items

Each exclusive animal also has a unique favorite item, which can only be accessed by focusing in on them via the left and right arrow keys. You can grab these right out of the icons.

Golden Apple (Cindy)

Mega Fish (Goliath)

Wrecking Ball (Foreman)

Bamboo Lantern (Olympia)

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