World War Z Aftermath: Co-op Campaign Mode Classes Tier List

This is a tier list of 8 playable classes in the WWZ:Aftermath Co-op Campaign mode. Note that this tier list is based on my personal experience of playing the game for over 400 hours and it summarizes my opinions of each of the classes.



Hello everyone.

This is a simple tier list guide for 8 playable classes in the Co-op Campaign mode. This guide is a summary of my personal experience with each of the classes where I have played over 400 hours of. I have indeed prestige’d 5 all, but two of the eight classes – and I feel confident in creating this tier list which I cannot seem to find others do on the steam. My hope is that any new players (or veterans) can get some idea as to how each of the classes perform as I explain the placement of the classes.

In this list, I try to consider multiple aspects of the classes – but main focus is on the “Co-op” and what kind of utility + fire support that it brings to the 4 man team. For instance, there are classes where they have perks which allows them to recover when pin’d down my the special zombies. This perk would be incredibly useful if you are solo type of player, but if you play as team, this is basically wasted perk. Also, there are added challenges on dailies where it changes the nature of how the game plays. For instance, in the challenge where you won’t find any primary guns, a class like Vanguard would suffer immeasurably where Vanguard would have to finish the game with its starting shotgun. In this guide, I try my best to capture all of this aspects.

Disclaimer: please understand that this tier list is my subjective opinion – I try to be as neutral and objective as possible but your experience and opinion may differ widely. I respect your opinions!

Tier List

Breakdown of Classes

Here are the breakdown of my choices on how I placed each of the classes:

S Rank

Medic is undoubtedly best “Healer” support you can ask for in your team. Having a medic in your team changes the dynamic of the game and frankly, can make the game a bit too easy.

Its equipment is a stim pistol with incredible amount of utility packed into one: (1) it gives temporary boost to health which almost doubles your effect HP; (2) can also give Masking effects for 5 seconds (Perk: Secret Ingredient); and (3) immediately brings up the down’d ally (Perk: Fighting Chance).

Some of its perks also makes it incredibly easy to refill your equipments/med-kits and manage your team’s health (Perk: Combat MedicPickpocket).

Only down side one can say about the classes is that Medic’s fire power is mediocre at best and weak in horde situation – but this is also mitigated by perks such as In the Zone or Fighting Fit which boosts your team’s damage output. Also, it takes some experience to find the best spot to cover all your team mates in timely manner.


Fixer brings godly amount of utility to the team that frankly no other classes quite do it like Fixer can. It has choice between two equipment: Smoke Grenade or Supply bag. And they are both incredibly useful in each situation that I wouldn’t mind seeing two Fixers in my team that brings them separately.

Smoke Grenade grants a masking effect to anyone who enters into the area, and this can be such a clutch in many occasions that can save the team. On top of masking effect, the smoke grenade can also provide further utility by granting extra health boost or ammo which is always appreciated. Or, it can even be used to kill the zombies en mass.

Supply bag provides explosive rounds for about a mag and half to anyone who interacts with it – instantly reloading their primary weapon. The firepower provided by the explosive rounds (while it lacks penetration) is awe-inspiring where it simply melts the Bull in mere of a second or two. This is useful in all around situation and in particular challenges where you cannot find any primary weapons or ammos; or encounter with more special zombies (such as Nemesis mod where Bull is constantly following the team).

One thing to note is that Fixer does takes some experience to use as it constantly has to swap the perks and choose the best tools depending on the map and challenges.

A Rank

An inexperienced player may find Slasher on high ranking perplexing one – but in the hands of an expert, Slasher is a one man crew that simply cannot die. With variety of incredible melee weapons to choose from (i.e. Tomahawk), it deserves its place in the A rank despite its lack of support capabilities for the team. This is a class that can enjoy staying at close range with the zombies whereas every other class would simply have to relocate and find better ground.

Another downside could be that Slasher is weak in the horde situation – but it can deal with hordes surprisingly well with perks such as Heavy Metal II.


Exterminator is my go-to choice for the horde clearing class because of its equipment, Molotov Cocktail. A toss of Molotov can effectively block a section of the horde entry and can also make quickly dispose of special zombies as well.

Also, the amount of good perks that it has against horde is staggering. Combat Engineer allows Exterminator a chance to not deplete its Defence Kit. Third Hand instantly reloads your primary weapon upon killing 15 zombies. Daredevil increases firepower by 25% when there are 30 zombies in the area.

Additionally, with amount of damage boost it gains from swarm situation, this is perhaps the class that can get the most out of Thumper GL.

Also, it has Rooted perk that is incredibly useful against one particular challenge Pinned Down which I thought it was worth mentioning.


In the hands of an expert, I wouldn’t mind putting the Hellraiser even in the S tier. Hellraiser not only brings incredible firepower to the team, but the utility in C4 with attract capability (perk: Here Kitty). A masterful Hellraiser is always a treat to watch. Also, did I mention that it starts with Thumper GL?

B Rank

I find Gunslinger painfully average in what it can do. Almost everything that Gunslinger can do, I feel that Hellraiser does it better with more utility. If you are good at FPS games and can get that consistent head-shots to proc its perks such as Headhunter Reward, then I can wholeheartedly recommend the class. Otherwise, I honestly find that there are other classes that are just better.

C Rank

Dronemaster while its concept is cool, the amount of near useless perks that it has about Drones just makes it one of worst picks in the game. Its drone does bring some utility to the team – but do you really need this type of utility? The main selling point of the class is the stun that is provided by the drones and honestly, in a decent team, your team mates should cover each other as not to get pin’d down by the special zombies nor normal zombies. And in the swarm, the drone simply is outgunned and under-powered.

It does bring some firepower and defensive boost to people being followed by the drones; but honestly, that is maximum two players and the numbers are nothing to write home about.


One of my favourite class to play in the game as you gotta go fast. Only charm of the class is simply that it is good for…speed-run? It’s shield charge utility is clunky and you will rarely find the situation to use them. It does have a clutch perk such as Inspirational, but to bring a Vanguard just for its rare occasional hope that it can clutch save the team appears to be a poor team building decision.

In Closing

As I am near completing prestige 5 for all the classes, I wanted to simply consolidate my thoughts and feelings on the classes. Perhaps, someone can find this useful and gauge how each class’ performance is like.

I will have to reiterate again as every tier list brings heated debate: if you disagree with me, you are right. Know that I respect your opinion and willing to change my mind about any of the placement here. This here is a simple snapshot of my thoughts at the moment, and it can change anytime as I play more.

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