WorldBox God Simulator: How to Make Good Maps

This will teach you how to make good maps in WorldBox!


Step One:
Draw a zig-zag line with sand across the world. An example is shown in the picture.

Step Two:
Now, add shallow waters and close ocean next to the sand line. Don’t worry about correcting errors while doing this, because slight errors make it look better! Now, you should have this:

Step Three:
Fill in the area behind the sand line with plain soil. It should look like this now:

Step Four:
Shuffle up the sand with the ocean and soil using the ‘Vortex’ tool. It should look like this now:

Step Five:
This step is optional, but it makes your world better. (Can be frustrating to work with.) Add some mountains using ‘Earthquake’ tool! You should have this now (If you did this step):

Step Six:
Let’s add some biome now! You can start with any biome but I prefer starting with grassland or jungle biome. Yours will look different, especially if you didn’t do Step Five, but here is mine:

Step Seven:
Add even more biome! If you did Step Five, I reccomend putting Permafrost near the mountains. Let’s fill in these gaps! Yet again, yours will look different but here’s an example:

Step Eight:
Mix the biomes together with ‘Vortex’ tool. (Step Five people, be careful near the mountains!) It should look like this:

Step Nine:
Add tiny bits, or large bits, of Forest soil on the biomes like this: Careful Step Five people!

Step Ten:
Vortex the blobs you made. Careful again Step Five people! Here’s what it’ll look like:

Step Eleven:
Add some waterways! Make a frozen lake by the mountains using shallow waters and pour a river out of it. It should look something like this:

Step Twelve:
Add some plants! Put more trees on the forest soil, and cover jungles entirely with trees. Spread some trees in plain soil by briefly tapping here and there. And for grass and bushes and flowers, just use the largest brush and quickly spread it across your world. You should end up with this:

Step Thirteen:
Feel proud of yourself, you have created a good looking world! Save it so you don’t loose it, unless your saves look like this:
And if you’re a person who dreams to do this alot and see all the worlds you’ve made without saving them, then upload them to the Steam Workshop!

Step Fourteen:
Now, if you want, add life! Add civilizations! Add whatever YOU desire.

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