WWE 2K22: Tips for MyGM Mode

Do 15 weeks if your trying to get the achievement of winning MyGM.
1. At start of draft make sure your superstars you want to pick have good stamina, if not just restart, 90 is the highest, 75+ is good.
2. Pick Giants vs Crusierweight, Fighter vs Bruiser, and Specialist. Have a face and heel of the ones you want to go against each other.
Ex. Face Giant vs Heel Cruiserweight. (So 1 of each both men and women). Just play with 10.
3. Just have 1 specialist, they are the worst option but if someone gets vetoed they are a good fallback, because they make all matches somewhat decent.
4. You have a lot money saved when you just do 10, and 5 week contracts are pretty cheap, you’ll know who you need more of later on.
5. Always have a women and men match, and a tag match (doesn’t matter if men or women)
6. Start off with high costs matches like TLC, find out if there is any rivalries made, if so, continue on with a singles
7. Do Charity instead of Self Promo, you can get more fans from the week if you had worse ratings because of charity
8. Pay attention to show logistics use the best option available, until late game and you have a match set in stone and you want to use the options with the optional bonus met. Try and get the optional bonus. Ex. picking Viral Campaign option under Advertisement, all you do is have a >= 55 pop superstar cut a promo and then you get rewards from it.
9. Some cheap options that are good at mic, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Vicki MacLEOD, Booker T, these people are good for quick pickup after the draft for getting good matches and if they are not in a a match they are good at promos.
10. If you get vetoed, and have to use superstars not in a rivalry, just pick a high cost match like TLC so you can still get good stars that week, especially if they have high stamina and not used often in matches.
11. Try and keep the rivalries going and try to pace the rivalry so it gets to rivalry lvl 4 a week before the PPV, then use the rivalry matches on the PPV which stops the rivalry and gives you the huge fan bonus.
12. If running low on cash, you should not be with just picking 10 superstars at start, but if so, do advertisements, make sure they have 4 or 5 promo skills.
13. Not really good idea to switch roles, better off buying another superstar that is the role of switching or for someone new for that person to make a rivalry with.
14. Should try to get people good at promos/mic skill too, this is not random. Keith Lee is a giant that is good at promos, and other good promo superstars were already listed.
15. Also check in on the commissioner’s goals, and try to do them, especially if its a card you want like free anything card.
16. You can get extra powercards from commissioner if you do certain things like get a local superstar and put them in a HIAC match with someone who has good popularity so after the match that local superstar say has 28 pop, usually they get a huge boost for just being in a match with a popular superstar, like 14 pop increase, and commissioner may give you a To The Moon card, which gives you even more boost but you can use it on whoever. Same with getting a superstar under 40 STA, the commissioner may give you health spa card. Also if someone gets injured you may get a recovery card from the commissioner. The To The Moon is really good, so I recommend buying a local on week 1 and put them in a match maybe a tag match with popular superstars and in TLC.
17. Save the attack cards and use them so it is used on the PPV.
18. Sometimes in the review stage, where you see the social media from the fans, they give hints not in the notes like they haven’t seen Braun in awhile or the chemistry is bad. I haven’t seen any boosts from listening to the social media, but they can indicate why a rivalry is not getting started. Don’t keep putting them in tag matches if this happens. Or if its one on one then put them against each other in tag matches if you want to use them or do promos with them if they are good at that.

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