Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains – How to Fix Steam Deck Font and Gamescope Issues for DVD Version

Fixes font issues for the Steam Deck on the DVD version of the game.


Fix the fonts

1. Go into fontsetting.ini in swd3dvd folder and change Effect=1 to Effect=0 on all entries. The default font is PMingLiu but you can change this to your preference, see my screenshots for differences.
2. To use the original mingliu font, copy mingliu.ttc from your PC to the deck font folder.
3. In launcher settings, add LANG=zh_TW.UTF-8 %command%




If you do not have Chinese fonts set up on the SteamDeck, install protontricks, go to console and type: protontricks 1638230 cjkfonts to install the whole package, this will get you sourcehansans. Mingliu/Pmingliu are in Windows as mingliu.ttc and mingliub.ttc, which you can copy over to your prefix font folder.

Fix gaming mode/gamescope

This will run fine in desktop mode, to run it in Gaming (Gamescope) mode, you need to turn on virtual window using winecfg.

1. In desktop mode, use Protontricks on the game.
2. Select default wineprefix.
3. Select run winecfg
4. At the top tab, click Graphics, click emulate a virtual desktop, default is 800×600.

The game should now run in Gaming/Gamescope mode. You will need to add some mouse functionality and customize your controller.

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