YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z – All Collectables Guide

All Health Shards, Fire Shards, Bile Shards, Electrical Shards, and Story Pieces.


Mission 1 – War Zone

Story Piece 1/2 – You and What Army, in plain sight.

Health Shard 1/2 – Unmissable, as you leave the arena.

Fire Shard 1/1 – Immediately after you blow up the rubble, to the right.

Story Piece 2/2 – After Rocket Roll, during a ninja platforming sequence. After grappling to the right, slide down the pipe on which you land, and you will be able to walk over to it.

Health Shard 2/2 – Things Fall Apart, hidden on the ground in front of you. Walk into the nook between the pipes and the flames, and you will get it.

Mission 2 – Old Town

Health Shard 1/1 – After Paint the Town Red. After blowing up the wall to the north, there is another destructible wall behind it which can be revealed with Cyber Retina. Punch it to bits and grab the shard.

Story Piece 1/5 – As you emerge from an alley onto street level, the camera will track forward while Gonzo says some stuff. Don’t go that way just yet. Instead, hang a left to reveal another destructible wall (again, use Cyber Retina). It’s in a crypt.

Health Shard 2/3 – Found during the ninja platforming section after Grounds for Divorce. After grappling and jumping to the wall on the left, slide down to a flat rooftop. It’s at the far end.

Story Piece 2/5 – After grappling to a new area, before going down the steps, it is on the right, by the zombie and the chain link fence.

Health Shard 3/3 – Flame War. Throw a fire zombie at a destructible wall to the right. It’s behind this.

Story Piece 3/5 – Roofchops. Make sure to execute the Zombride, then hit the switch with Spinal Zap to open the garage door, revealing this shard.

Fire Shard 1/1 – Also in Roofchops, use Cyber Retina to reveal a destructible wall to the left.

Story Piece 4/5 – After Burning Sensations, you’ll hop down to a new area. It’s directly behind you.

Story Piece 5/5 – Past some leaking pipes, you will round a corner to the right. It’s directly ahead, behind an automatic door.

Electrical Shard 1/1 – After Dead Volt, you will leap up a pipe. It’s to the right.

Mission 3 – Sewers

Story Piece 1/5 – At the start of the level, to the left behind a desk

Health Shard 1/2 – After a ninja platforming sequence, you will land in the sewers by a wall of bile crystals. It’s behind you.

Story Piece 2/5 – Don’t Drink the Water, hop up to the platform to the left, and it’s behind some bile crystals.

Bile Shard 1/2 – As above.

Electrical Shard 1/1 – Pipe Screams, on the platform with the Holy Roaster special zombie. Punch the switch. It’s through the doorway.

Story Piece 3/5 – After you ninja your way into a pipe, it’s to the left of the bile crystal.

Health Shard 2/2 – After blinding the Terrible Two as instructed, grab the fire zombie from the end of the zombie filled passageway the left and throw it at the bile-soaked rubbish heap to the right, past the bile zombie.

Bile Shard 2/2 – ♥♥♥♥♥♥’ Fanboys, in the pipe to the left, behind the bile crystal.

Story Piece 4/5 – Death Blow, down the ramp directly in front of you. It’s on your left, after the first flame spout.

Story Piece 5/5 – During the ninja platforming sequence that follows. After you grapple under the first set of fan blades, you will find yourself clinging to a wall. Jump off, past the flame spout, and, as you are sliding down the vent, hit the punch button. This will cause you to hop into the pipe opening to the left, grabbing the purple story piece that is in plain sight.

Mission 4 – Canyons

Story Piece 1/7 – After scrambling up the train carriages, hop up to your right, and ninja platform up a wall to reach a higher level.

Health Shard 1/5 – Trained to Kill, punch a switch on the middle level to open the door.

Electrical Shard 1/1 – Base Jumping, ninja platform up the strut, then, rather than proceeding onwards, ninja platform your way leftwards, past the steam, to this shard.

Story Piece 2/7 – After Miss Monday talks about Rasputin, slide down the pipe and proceed past the bile outflows, then let the first steam pipe push you off the platform to a hidden handhold, from which you can ninja your way up to this story piece.

Health Shard 2/5 – Mechannibal. Throw the electrical zombie into the generator. It’s inside the garage that opens to the left of you.

Story Piece 3/7 – Still in the Mechannibal arena, hop up the ledge to the left and ascend the steps to punch the door control.

Fire Shard 1/1 – Laboragory. Ninja platform up the left hand side and punch the glass.

Health Shard 3/5 – After Science and Wrath, ninja platform down to a lower level, and destroy the explosive barrels.

Story Piece 4/7 – You’ll see it as you’re ninja platforming, intermittently obscured by a steam outlet. Hop back to the ledge to get it.

Story Piece 5/7 – Splice of Life. You can see it high upon a ledge to your right as you enter the arena. Ninja your way up to it.

Health Shard 4/5 – Again within the Splice of Life arena. Ninja platform up the left side of the arena, and break glass to get to it.

Story Piece 6/7 – At the end of the corridor opened by the Holy Roaster during Splice of Life. Combine bile and fire to destroy the rubbish heap. Continue to the end of the corridor. The camera will pan to the right, but don’t hop down just yet. Your Cyber Retina will reveal a barricade that can be destroyed with fire. It is behind that.

Health Shard 5/5 – After High Gear, after ninja platforming your way past some bile vats, you will land on a mesh platform. It’s below you. Blow up the propane tank and ninja your way down to it.

Story Piece 7/7 – After many ninja platforming sequences, you will punch your way through a fan grille. It’s behind where you land.

Mission 5 – Ryu Hayabusa

Electrical Shard 1/1 – After the first QTE. Head up some steps to the left, punch the switch, and it’s through the door on your left.

Health Shard 1/1 – Hop down. After Yaiba says Don’t trip on any of your ribbons, ” throw a zombie at the bile crystal on the pipe in front of you to soak the rubbish heap on your left. Bait Ryu into setting it alight. This will reveal a doorway, through which you’ll find this shard.

Story Piece 1/1 – Ninja platform your way down to a platform with a bile crystal. It’s in the corner opposite.

Mission 6 – Forge Headquarters

Bile Shard 1/2 – Inside a rubbish pile in the corridor in which you enter the level.

Health Shard 1/3 – After Just Venting, you will perform a ninja platform sequence inside a pipe. Smash the bile crystal. It’s down some steps.

Fire Shard 1/1 – After Cold Comfort, ninja platform your way into a series of pipes. Break the bile-encrusted fan to reveal a bile zombie, and throw him into the electrified fan at the end of the corridor.

Story Piece 1/5 – After Engine Knock. In the ninja platforming sequence that follows, you need to hit punch instead of grapple to catapult Yaiba to a hidden raised walkway.

Story Piece 2/5 – Metal to the Pedal. This section requires you to ninja platform your way up to a switch. It’s up the steps.

Health Shard 2/3 – Hangar Banger. It’s through a destructible wall to the left which can be revealed with Cyber Retina. Punch it down.

Story Piece 3/5 – After ninja platforming your way through a pane of glass onto a walkway. It’s behind you.

Bile Shard 2/2 – After Core Values, you’ll ride up in a lift. It’s in a destructible pile of rubbish to your left.

Story Piece 4/5 – After Biomass Defect, the door will open and you can grab this.

Health Shard 3/3 – As above.

Story Piece 5/5 – After powering a generator, the door to its right will open up. Follow the corridor to reach a console room. It’s in a destructible rubbish heap.

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