Yes Your Grace: All Achievements Guide

Step-by-step methods I used to get each of the achievements in just a handful of playthroughs.

I. Intro

I highly recommend that you play the whole game once without worrying about achievements, because there are a few which you can’t miss due to them being tied to the story. There are some achievements which are easier to just restart/reload and do any time though. I always took the bank’s first interest-free loan of gold to make it possible to afford all the things you need early on for most of the harder achievements.

II. Achievements

Some of these are missable.

I have a business.
Invest in Tavern business.
Don’t miss this one. In week 3 you need to give the man 12G to start the tavern, and when he comes back on week 5 to offer you 1G/week, make sure to ask for 3G/week instead. This is important for having enough money in the late game. If you ask for 4G/week he won’t be able to stay open and you’ll lose your income within a few weeks.

Little help goes a long way.
Help Stefan.
Don’t miss this one. You’ll need to give the drunk man 1 gold for a new pair of boots, and then 7 more for new clothes when he comes back a couple weeks later.

Hey there, little one.
Pick a nickname for Cedani.
This one is tied to the story. Just pick a nickname once you get the chance, they all work the same.

Ooof, what’s that smell?
Pet Dusty three times.
Don’t miss this one. Just gotta pet the cat at least three times. You can even just do it in the first scene you ever see the cat in.

Just don’t hurt yourself!
Practice sword fighting with Asalia for the first time.
This one is tied to the story. None of the dialogue options you can choose will stop you from picking up the sword, it’s just flavor.

Cold heart.
Tell Lorsulia she will be fine, instead of “I Love You”.
Don’t miss this one. My first playthrough I chose this thinking it would lead to a more touching dialogue than it actually did, and felt really bad when this achievement popped up.

Let’s throw a party!
Buy all upgrades for wedding.
Don’t miss this one. Make sure to buy flowers, fabric decorations, and hire a band for Lorsulia’s wedding! As far as I know it doesn’t matter which dress you chose, but I bought the expensive poufy one just to be sure. In all other runs this dress and all the wedding prep is just a waste of resources.

This couldn’t end well.
Get through the wedding night.
This one is tied to the story. No matter what you prepare (or don’t prepare) ahead of time, the wedding will happen no matter what.

A fine saddle for a hedgehog.
Buy a rooster for Cedani.
Don’t miss this one. Buy the merchant’s Magical lie-detector Rooster. Then just go talk to Cedani and give it to her as a pet.

Empty walls.
Sell all paintings from the castle.
Don’t miss this one. There are 2 paintings in your Bed Chamber and a tapestry in the council Chamber that you can take down and sell to Lord Greggo. He buys every painting for 18G, which is awesome early on. The 4th painting is one you buy for 12G from an artist that will visit later on, and again Greggo will buy for 18G which gives you a profit of 6G!

It’s time for Magic!
Unlock Witch.
This one is tied to the story. It’s not possible to miss her.

Keep the monsters at bay.
Unlock Hunter.
This one is tied to the story. It’s not possible to miss him.

I’m a King and a detective!
Find all evidence and clues for Royal Trial.
Don’t miss this one. After  the wedding, you’ll find three pieces of evidence: An Animal Tooth, A Letter, and A Glass Phial (a vial). Make sure to question every lord you can invite about each one.

    I. Tooth:

  1. This is the first evidence you’ll find, but the last you’re able to investigate. find it in the dungeon by talking to the guard there.
  2. as soon as you have the hunter, go to the dungeon where he hangs out and give him the tooth to investigate it. It will send him away for 1 week where he will get back just in time to tell you about it before the trial.
    II. Letter:

  1. To find the letter, you need to take your wife’s sewing needles from your bed chamber and use them on the cracked path in the garden.
  2. Go to the wall where the general hangs out and give him the letter to investigate it. it will take him 2 weeks so make sure to do it sooner rather than later.
    III. Vial:

  1. On week 17 a letter arrives which unlocks the “Hidden Hut” map location to be explored. Send any agent and they will bring back the vial.
  2. Once the Witch gets back from helping THE STABBER’s final victim, go see her in the council chamber and haver her investigate it. She will take 2 weeks.

I’ve got this.
Buy all upgrades for Radovian Battle.
Don’t miss this one. Buy all the upgrades, prepare each agent, and have at least 1000 troops.

This was… tough.
Win battle against Radovia.
This one is tied to the story. No matter what you do, you will survive with only 20 troops left.

I believe in magic.
Buy all gemstones from fortune teller.
Don’t miss this one. I think you need to pay the fortune teller for the reading when she first visits early on, to make sure she comes back. In week 42 the fortune teller will visit again, selling magical gemstones. it’ll cost a lot to buy all 4 stones, so invite the banker in week 41 and take a loan right before to make sure you have enough. You can reload the save once you have the achievement so you don’t actually have to take out a loan or waste money on these things. They only decorate your throne and have no other effects as far as I can tell.

The one I love.
Give Aurelea a gift.
Don’t miss this one. Find the parts of the gift and click them together in your inventory!

  1. Needles: In your bed chamber, you should have them already for the detective achievement.
  2. Yarn: In the council chamber on the right side.
  3. Old Fabric: On the roof of the supply shed at the wall.

Got to help where we can.
Help all Radovians.
Don’t miss this one. You can’t do this and They’re nothing but barbarians. in the same run.

  1. Don’t execute the first Radovian in week 2.
  2. Help the Radovian wearing black and silver right after the battle (costs 5 gold and supplies a week for the rest of the game).
  3. Spare King Beyran when your guards bring him to you.
  4. Do not kill the three Radovians at the wall.

They’re nothing but barbarians.
Refuse all Radovians.
Don’t miss this one. You can’t do this and Got to help where we can. in the same run.

  1. Execute the first Radovian in week 2.
  2. Don’t help the Radovian wearing black and silver right after the battle.
  3. Kill King Beyran when your guards bring him to you.
  4. Kill the three Radovians at the wall.

The pay’s too short.
Run out of gold.
Don’t miss this one. Going bankrupt is really easy in a new game, just fund the wedding, tavern, and inn, and then try to buy all the repair upgrades. Game over by week 3.

We won’t eat tonight.
Run out of supplies.
Don’t miss this one. Easiest in a new game, don’t fix the pantry and throw supplies at every problem. Game over in a few weeks.

I don’t need people… oh wait.
Hit zero villager contentment.
Don’t miss this one. In a new game, refuse all requests and don’t build a theatre. By week 7 happiness will be at zero. Just refuse the angry crowd and die for the achievement.

Yes, Your Grace.
Complete the game.
Don’t miss this one. Or, wait… actually this one is tied to the story. Just, ya’know, win the game. Should be easy, right?

III. Hidden Achievements

Basically all of these are missable.

I’m an… entrepreneur!
Turn the Tavern into a… Public house.
Invest in the tavern, then when he comes back complaining about thugs taking over, tell him “You should be happy with the extra money” and pay 28G to hire guards.

Help Lord Etton with his Dust trade.
Choose to help Lord Etton over Lord Lurs.

Thank you, old friend.
Audry takes the blame during the Royal Trial.
Choose not to declare any of the suspects guilty during the trial.

I will show him!
Confront Ivo.
After the Trial when you talk to Lorsulia for the last time, confront Ivo about her bruises.

Farewell, my daughter.
Say Goodbye to Lorsulia.
Grieve. (This is the only hidden achievement that is impossible to miss.)

Whatever it takes.
Make Asalia marry Varid.
Trade your daughter for troops, because that worked so well the last time!

Nothing can stop love.
Let Asalia run away with Maya.
In week 47 support her decision to run away with Maya. Do not lock her up.

Prepared for the worst.
Buy all upgrades for the Siege.
Buy all the upgrades and have all the supplies saved that you can.

Bear saved Cedani.
Do NOT kill the Bear. He will protect Cedani in the final battle.

Master of Dark Magic.
Flawlessly complete the Dark Ritual.
Memorize the spell from the book. There will be quicktime events.

    You need to find:

  • 1 Glowing Mushroom (found in the dungeon)
  • 1 Spell Book (found in the council chamber)
  • 1 Rue (send an agent to one of the 3 map locations, I always sent the witch)
    You need to buy: (25G total)

  • 2 Betony Oil (5G each)
  • 1 Mugwort Oil (5G also)
  • 2 Basilisk Eggs (5G each)
    Quicktime repeat-after-me’s:

  1. Nerg va, futaos ferre!
  2. For ive as tuo me!
  3. Ring de chiole das err see!

Family matters.
Don’t lose Aurelea or Cedani.
Complete the Ritual correctly to not lose Aurelia, and keep the bear to protect Cedani. Same as the last 2 achievements, just do them in the same run.

Mad King.
Make Asalia marry Varid, let Aurelea die with the child, kill the deserter, kill Lord Jovan, kill Beyran, kill Radovian survivors.
Essentially, kill everything the game gives you the chance to. Keep an eye on the people’s happiness because you will be killing a lot.

    Okay, here were go.

  1. Start new game.
  2. Kill the deserter in the tutorial.
  3. Execute the first Radovian.
  4. Invite Jovan asap. Then invite Sir Fredrick. Then invite and warn Noamskey about Sir Fredrick. Jovan will soon kill Sir Fredrick. Execute Jovan for this crime.
  5. Don’t declare a suspect guilty in the trial and instead get Audry killed.
  6. Trade Asalia to ol’ King Varid for troops as soon as you get the chance.
  7. Kill the Radovian woman.
  8. Execute King Beyran.
  9. Hang the Radovians at the wall.
  10. Do Not Let Cedani Keep The Bear
  11. Ignore the instructions during the ritual to kill your wife.
  12. Kill the deserter (again)
  13. Finally, Kill that son of a fish: Ivo!

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