Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game – Mu Hu Guide

summarized by Xom from Sekirobo’s 2023-2-6 Mu Hu video guide.


Immortal Fates

The Body of Fierce Tiger is 2+3+4+5 = 14 HP. For comparison, Bodybuilding is 5/7/10/12, Solid Foundation is 6/8/12/15, and Meteor Quench is 6/9/13/17.

Quench Of Wood Spirit is average. [TL: At the time, it was 1 HP per card, up to 7.]

Kun Wu Metal Ring is a very strong core card.

Metal Spirit – Vigorous is must-pick for Metal, raising both the low end and the high end, relative to Wu Xingzhi and Du Lingyuan. [TL: At the time, it was 9 base ATK.]

Earth Spirit – Landslide is must-pick for Earth. The downside is that you need Heavenly Marrow or Flying Brush to combo, making the build hard to assemble. But it’s a good card. [TL: At the time, it was 6 base ATK.]

Elixirist Metal

I think Elixirist Metal is currently strongest. For side job, pick Elixirist. Elixirist has Talent Elixir, Enlightenment Elixir, Bodybuilding Elixirs.

Instead of Quench of Wood Spirit, choose cultivation or, even better, Concentrated Element. Mono-Metal wants to go first.

Pick Kun Wu Metal Ring 90% of the time. The exception is if you already found at least three copies of Metal Spirit Formation, then you can consider picking Inheritance of Metal Spirit instead.

Metal Spirit – Vigorous is strong, far beyond the standard.

At Incarnation, still prioritize Inheritance of Metal Spirit and Concentrated Element. If you are low on Destiny, you can consider taking Destiny.

For Daoist Rhyme Omen, only pick Shuttle or Giant Tripod. I think Shuttle > Giant Tripod, because it helps you in Immortality and you can save more exchanges for Incarnation.

Metal Spirit – Needle, Water Spirit – Billows, Five Elements Circulation, Earth Spirit – Cliff, and Metal Spirit Seal are useful cards in transit.

If you start with Metal Spirit Formation + Billows, remember that you will get stuck making qi in the second cycle if you don’t end with a Metal card.

You can put Five Elements Circulation between Cliff and Vigorous and Charge.

You can use Metal Spirit Seal if you otherwise don’t have enough Metal cards.

Metal Spirit Formation, Shuttle, Iron Bone, Giant Tripod, Heart Pierce, and Charge are useful in the final build.

Pretty much always break through on Rounds 5, 8, and 12. Here’s what I played in one match on each of those rounds:

Use Shuttle to help Giant Tripod trigger Penetrate. Pay attention to which Shuttle is upgraded.


  • Kun Wu / Formation + Formation + Shuttle + Charge + Shuttle + Vigorous + Shuttle + Giant Tripod
  • Kun Wu / Formation + Formation + Shuttle + Heart Pierce + Shuttle + Vigorous + Shuttle + Giant Tripod
  • Kun Wu / Formation + Formation + Shuttle + Charge + Shuttle + Heart Pierce + Shuttle + Giant Tripod
  • Kun Wu / Formation + Formation + Shuttle + Giant Tripod + Shuttle + Charge + Shuttle + Vigorous
  • Kun Wu / Formation + Formation + Shuttle + Charge + Shuttle + Giant Tripod + Shuttle + Vigorous
  • Kun Wu / Formation + Formation + Shuttle + Iron Bone + Shuttle + Vigorous + Shuttle + Giant Tripod


Not as reliable for climbing as Elixirist Metal. But it’s fun, it’s more flexible. You can play Metal or Earth. If you’re lucky, you can have both decks on hand. There’s even a Earth-Metal UWF deck. If you aren’t lucky, you need to give up on one or the other, lest you go fast eighth.

Immortal Fate choices are similar to Elixirist Metal. Prioritize Inheritance of Metal Spirit and Inheritance of Earth Spirit instead of Concentrated Element. If you’re committed to Metal, skip Landslide; if you’re committed to Earth; skip Vigorous; if you aren’t committed and you want to transit Immortality with Metal and commit later based on what cards you get in Immortality, take Vigorous.

For Daoist Rhyme Omen, I feel: Shuttle = Flying Brush > Giant Tripod = Combine World

Earth Spirit Formation triggers Kun Wu. With Earth Spirit Formation, Earth Seal triggers Kun Wu twice. Mountains, Dust, and Combine World (lv.1) each trigger Kun Wu thrice.

Flying Brush, Steep, Earth Spirit Formation, Combine World, and Cliff are useful in the final Earth build. The other Earth cards are all useful in transit.

Mono-Metal can use Flying Brush if not enough copies of Shuttle, for example: Kun Wu + Formation + Shuttle + Charge + Shuttle + Flying Brush + Vigorous + Giant Tripod; this is also useful if you have no other way to get through DEF with Tripod.

Standard Earth deck is Kun Wu + Earth Formation + Shuttle + Combine World + Shuttle + Flying Brush + Steep + Landslide.

For more burst in the first cycle, Cliff replaces Steep, but it won’t scale when you cycle.

You can also play one Shuttle and two Flying Brushes, which is usually better unless you need to break Guard Up.

You can also move Landslide earlier if you aren’t killing in the first cycle.

UWF and Marrow are better for killing in the first cycle. After that, you’ll be out of Chases. Decks:

  • UWF + Kun Wu + Combine World + Circ. + Charge + Shuttle + Vigorous + Giant Tripod
  • UWF + Kun Wu + Combine World + Circ. + Charge + Flying Brush + Cliff + Landslide
  • Marrow + Kun Wu + Combine World + Combine World + Combine World + Flying Brush + Cliff + Landslide

Example battle vs. Mu Yifeng Elixirist multi-hit. He’s too fast for us to block the first Flying Spirit Shade Sword. The important thing is to block it in the second cycle. Then he never gets through our DEF again, and eventually we exhaust his Guard Up:

Against Long Yao Painter, we can’t get through the Guard Up, but we can win by timeout. In this battle, it was close, I lost by 1 HP:

Next, two casual builds:

Musician Water

Transit with Carefree Tune. For Immortal Fates, prioritize max HP (including Quench Of Wood Spirit, of course) or Inheritance of Water Spirit.

Daoist Rhyme Omen: Great Waves = Combine Rivers > Chord In Tune

I don’t reserve Predicament because it’s not immediately useful on breakthrough. But Chord In Tune can make qi with Sky Spirit Tune.

Don’t exchange in Round 1. After picking Musician, exchange in search of Carefree Tune. Don’t break through until you’ve found at least three copies. Hold on to any Wood cards you find, and absorb them after breaking through.

If the HP difference is around twenty, you can win even if the opponent plays Normal Attacks. Otherwise even if you lose, it’s not a heavy-Destiny loss.

TL: For more advice on Musician Water, see this guide.

If you played Chord In Tune, you can end with Water Spirit Seal to trigger the first Great Waves in the second cycle, or better yet, use Turbulent to shorten the battle.

In some matchups, turn-one Ruptsprite is good.

Formation Master Earth

Why do I consider this a casual build? The endgame is very strong, but the trouble is surviving to endgame.

For Immortal Fates, take Kun Wu and Landslide, and Inheritance of Earth Spirit > Concentrated Element > others.

Daoist Rhyme Omen: Combine World > Marrow > Echo > Steep = Quicksand

The final build: Marrow + Kun Wu + Combine World + Combine World + Combine World + Echo + Steep + Landslide.

Kun Wu is better than Earth Spirit Formation, and Landslide is better than Quicksand.

It doesn’t become full Chase unless the sum of Marrow and Echo’s levels is at least four.

Steep and Cliff can substitute for missing copies of Combine World.

As for how to transit, I don’t know. Before you get Landslide, you die to Internal Injury, Ignore DEF, or scaling such as Increase ATK. After all, you also need to save exchanges for Incarnation.

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