Ylands: How to make Energy Workbench without Anemone Goo

Magnifying glass \ Energy workbench How to do without Anemone Goo



I ran into the fact that I can not find Anemone Goo, searches on the Internet showed me that I am not the only one with this problem.
Anemone Goo is found in only a few recipes, but they are important for gameplay development.
The first is Magnifying glass which is needed to create the Energy workbench.

Solution 1

Ready-made Magnifying glass in the amount of two pieces can be taken on the island of Keras.

1 Traveling to temperate islands

2 We go to the island of Keras (for this we need explorer coins)

3 On the back of the rhino we find a hut (marked on the map)

4 On the wall there will be an image of a rhino head and a telescope, a rhino eye and a telescope lens – this is Magnifying glass (I already took them) pick them up manually or with a hammer to remove them.

5 Congratulations! Now you can do the Energy workbench and keep looking for Anemone Goo for the other two required recipes

Solution 2

You can disassemble the whole Energy workbench, getting all the parts to create it.
It is located in the Tundra and Taiga
On the island of Ysla (requires explorer coins)
You need to find the hangar station (marked on the map)
Inside there will be an Energy workbench and many shelves with useful resources with which you can create a car.

About Anemone Goo

Anemone Goo is hard to find, perhaps due to the recent introduction of this resource into the game. Hope it will be easier to find in the near future.
In sandbox mode, you can look at this resource.

And this is how it should look like in water, maybe

Two important recipes with Anemone Goo

Spoiler. The Secret of Keras Island

You may get stuck with the mystery of this island. To open the lock doors, you need to put the telescope in the right direction.
The required numbers are encrypted in a button with “sounds”, the key to these sounds is three rhinos.

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