You Have 10 Seconds (2023): Area X Guide (True Ending)

Area X is known for being the hardest in this game compared to the other 25 areas and this guide will show YOU how to play it.



  • Complete the Game
  • Get an S Rank in all Areas

We’ll need to make sure those conditions are met in order to access Area X because otherwise we won’t be able to play it.


Once both conditions have been met, we can start to do these following steps

On the Main Menu

    Press the X key

If done correctly, you should access Area X

Hope that helps

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  1. honestly, i have no idea at all if this would help. i highly doubt it would even help since at the time this was the first ever guide i have made in a game. i still need to gain knowledge of what else i could think of to make it simpler but i still felt a bit confused how i was going to make this guide


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