Young Maria: How to Cheat

Young Maria is a text-based adult game developed by MilkyNail (MariaMod), you play as a young girl who has recently moved to a new city with her family.

Note: the latest version is


How to Cheat (by XJ347 and anonjoe)

This is a game that uses sugarcube. So you can easily cheat via the console editor for your web browser. Hit f12 and select the console tab. Some broswers make you enable pasting, I know Firefox does.

Now you want to enter ->

Once you put that last ‘.’ It then starts showing a list of available variables.

Edit: A very common command example for twine games would be + 500000

This command would add $500,000 currency to whatever you already have in said twine game. You can also use = instead of +, or –
If you just type in the command, but no change ( Just below the line you put in, it should show you what you have, which can be useful for finding what you’re looking for in some games where the command you’re looking for isn’t completely obvious.


Test Cheat Options for School (Only for V2.2.7.0)

You can either: Tease your classmate with cleavage (15 Corruption, 1/3 answer); Let him “finger” you (30 Corruption, 2/3 answers); Jerk him off (60 Corruption, 3/3 answers).

There is no Reputation or Corruption reward for doing this.

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