Your Chronicle: Tamer on First Playthrough

Tamer is interesting choice for first playthrough class. As I red the warrior walkthrough guide (which is remarkable help for beginners) you may also want to know that Tamer is quite astonishing from the start.


Tamer Routines
A big choice is made when you hit rank 10 as you can choose between warrior, sorcerer and tamer classes. I picked up a tamer and I cannot say I regret it.

Tamer has few routines, which help you to summon creatures, nurture them with seeds. You can also make sure they do drops more often – and most importantly: you can have a lot more rare enemies and level these up rather rapidly.

The other effects can be obtained through Will. However, it requires ranks. Additionally these tamer routines can be combined with increased drop chance via Will. In one evening after defeated boss required for reincarnation I also managed to accomplish all the rares to the top, except silver dragon. I felt I didn’t need it at that point.

You don’t need to invest heavily in tamer routines between all the Dark Rituals, but even some levels may do the big difference.

The tamer-specific combat formation helps you with research drop chance. If you’re into micro-managering you can activate it when a rare enemy spawns. I personally let it auto-run all the way through.

Balanced Groups
Most of the time as a player character you want to invest in “you”. It helps with habit (routine pace) and gaining ranks.

However, you will notice that your team actually gains summons and seeds quite rapidly and can become very effective bunch of people.

Consider having a lot of flexibility to choose team from different – and able – substitutes!

The good thing is that when you reincarnate, the allies are with you when you start it all over again. This time, however, they can be devastating force and few creatures that lacks still some seeds will get them quickly.

Technically speaking, you can choose different class on 2nd playthrough.

Luckiest Person on Earth
Because you obtain plenty of research of different creatures you encounter you will also have plenty of luck.

Big luck means bigger research drops, which in turn means bigger luck. You just need to remember to assign lucky-rich allies into your team to pocket the benefit. You most likely want to do research / seed run at the end of your game, before reincarnation.

Baby Dragon and Queen Bee help you with drop chance and Sludge helps you with the amount side by side “luck”. Farm Queen Bee first, as she can help you with finding research drops for others. Consider also having Soldier Bee and get excessive Flower-amount to get regenerated honey for level-ups. Rock Turtles do also help on drop chance, but you can bench it if it is required for more easy farming.

You can concentrate on seed-drops more intensively. Bagging in special seeds means you don’t have to wait for hours to complete some tasks that require excessive amount of resources, which only the allies can help to lift the cap with. Tamer most likely saves decently your time.

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