Yuppie Psycho: All Items Locations

This is just a listing of the item’s throughout the game, can be used in conjunction with the walkthrough or by itself.


First Up

This will be divided into three sections, basically divvied up into before the party and after, as some areas will get rid of the old spots, assuming you’ve already grabbed them, but it does introduce new ones as well as new areas. If I knew how to pull out the games map, I’d be able to just circle where items are but alas, yall will have to do with descriptions. It all flows on from each other, so if you don’t know where one is, go to the past item you know the location of and work from there. I know it’s a bit roundabout, but it was the best way to do it without my having to screenshot each and every item in the game. Much love but no

I’ve shortened the names of items to one word for my own sake, it’s fairly self explanatory, but if you need an explanation (second language/whatever) just let me know and I’ll elaborate

The directions are given from your POV, so your right and your left

First Section Part One

Level 1 – Canteen

-x3 Water, going left from the elevator, Water Cooler beside the fridge
-Noodle, in fridge
-30 credits in the southeast corner
-Empty Cereal Box on a table to the southwest, next to the person eating my hopes and dreams
– Cheese, check the fridge after the motivational meeting
-Random, after the Hive, ??? will drop a gold envelope

Level 2 – Residences

-Ink, bin right of elevator
-Batteries, stand off to the left, next to the Emergency Exit
-Coffee, in the trash to the east, near Chapman, who is also trash
Paper, briefcase, south, just before the most southern doors
-Bread, bin right of couch, south
-Snake Familiar Illustration, rooms to lower left, table at far left, next to shrine to A.M.
-x2 Glowsticks, briefcase, Initiation Room, Test #1
-x2 Glowsticks, briefcase, intiation room, Test #3
-Snake Familiar Illustration, requires the Poison Contract, bottom right, Family Residences, on the table on the far left side of the room. Examine to get

Level 3 – IT/Security

-Bread, fallen filing cabinet, southwest corner
-Soda, box below chair to the north
-Battery, on upper desk, behind Doshi
-Paper, shelf
-Cheese, desk to left

-Coffee, shelf to right of security camera
-x3 Water, cooler, left of monitor
-x2 Batteries, right filing cabinet, just past monitors
Past the mine
-Soda, left filing cabinet, right of printer
-Ink, briefcase, labyrinth, behind pillar
-Paper, briefcase, south, through vent to west of Security Camera 4
-Pencil, right filing cabinet, first set of three in hallway
-Candy, left filing cabinet, third set
-Pizza, filing cabinet, end of hallway
-Coffee, fallen shelf, directly right of vent
-Cheese, filing cabinet, right of Ms. Jung
-Bread, fallen filing cabinets, through vent at monitor for level 4
-Bread, fallen shelf, labyrinth, just past TV
-x3 Glowsticks, filing cabinet

Area above the printer
-Candy, right filing cabinet, Security Camera 9
-x2 Batteries, left filing cabinet
-x2 Pencils, right filing cabinet, Security Camera 7
-Blank VHS Tape, right shelf, far right side
-Bread, fallen shelf, upper left
-Paper, briefcase, centre of room next to corpse
-Candy, below moving cubicles, in alcove

Boss room
From the end of the room to the entrance
-Candy, briefcase, first alcove below TV
-Paper, briefcase, beside corpse, left of table
-Paper, briefcase, left of last briefcase
-Candy, briefcase, next to TV

4 – Hive

Main Area
Directly west of the Elevator, in cubicle
-x2 Water, Water Cooler
-Paper, in filing cabinet –Candy, bin
Go south and west
-Battery, in bin, in cubicle
-x2 Batteries and x2 Pencil in nearby filing cabinets. Then duck under a desk to the west and crawl under to the other side.
-Pizza and Electronic Piece in filing cabinet
-Paper, filing cabinet near Kate
-30 Credits, briefcase on the on ground in the centre of the Marketing Department
At the Anarchy slogan, duck under the nearby desk and crawl to the west
-x2 Batteries and Blood Trail VHS tape in the two filing cabinets
Go back to the Elevator and head east, then north. Go east at the fork, you can continue southeast
-Paper, in the briefcase
-Coffee, in cupboard, west of Kate
-Ink, east of Kate, south and then west of the queue in the cubicle
From the HR door, head directly south to the circle of chairs. Go southwest
-Battery, in the briefcase, below the chairs
-Coffee, shelf, right of HR door

-Coffee, airduct, briefcase, north then east
-x2 Water, Water Cooler
-Battery, second HRS’ desk
-Battery, second moveable filing cabinet
-Ink, third HRS’ desk
-Ink, briefcase, next to corpse
-Cheese, filing cabinet
-Ink Cartridge x1 from the briefcase on the ground
-Paper, briefcase to lower left of HR Mouth
-x2 Batteries, fallen filing cabinet, in room right of HR Mouth
-Candy, fallen shelf
Poison West
Head south at the circle of chairs, and then west into the Poison Gas area you couldn’t enter the last time you were here
-Battery, right filing cabinet
-2x Pencils, middle filing cabinet
-Ink, left filing cabinet
-Paper, left shelf

Hunter Area/Bar
-2x Paper, fallen filing cabinet beside last desk at top
-Frog Familiar Illustration, shelf left of stacked boxes
-Noodles, south of shelf
-Electronic Piece, chest
-Empty Beer Bottle, bar
-x11 Soda, cheap from machine
Poison South (a)
-20 credits, briefcase, lower right corner beside body
-Ink, shelf, past first blue switch and mine, beside water cooler
-x3 Water, Water cooler
-x2 Bread, right filing cabinet, above PE, and mine
-x2 Glowsticks, left filing cabinet
-Coffee, shelf, upper left, behind PE

Poison South (b)
-Noodles, right filing cabinet, south and east, past the rotating PE
-Weary Human Face VHS tape, left filing cabinet
-Paper x1, briefcase, to east of talkable employee and just before wall of PE’s
-Candy, right filing cabinet, next to printer

Dot Matrix Boss Area
-Glowsticks are generally scattered on the ground
-x3 Glowsticks, north, filing cabinet beside vending machine
-Cheese, fallen filing cabinet, near centre right of room, beside PE
-30 Credits, briefcase, southeast
-Cheese, fallen cabinets, lower left, near button
-3x Glowsticks, filing cabinet, north of dot Matrix
-Ink, fallen cabinet beside the cupboard containing Kate, northeast
-Ink, briefcase, southwest corner, dodge the PE attack and then dive in to grab it before it resets
-Coffee, briefcase, north as you escape
-Ink, left filing cabinet, acid pool
-Dot Matrix Manual, right filing cabinet, still the acid pool
-Soda, northwest on table next to acid pool
After boss
-Cassette, chest, top left in exit area
-Pizza, fallen filing cabinet, first on right side

First Section Part Two

Level 5 – Offices

Office E (Your office)
-x3 Water, Water Cooler along left wall
-Coffee, bin in lower right corner
-Bread, right filing cabinet next to coffee machine
-Can of cat food, grab from Hugo’s desk while he isn’t there
-Speak to Sosa after meeting the Forest Goblin for the Videoclub Mysterio VIP Card
-Cat Familiar Illustration, examine Sosa’s cubicle when she’s not present at the desk

The “Bosses” Office
-Cheese, upper right, in the dark
-Paper, upper left, also in the dark

Shared Office Space
-Paper, filing cabinet in receptionist area
-30 Credits, bin near the Vending Machine next to the Office A and blocked off Exit door (so safe!)
-White Wolf Familiar Illustration, A.M Shrine to bottom left, west of toilets
>Activate the shrine before completing the HR area
>Get the Sintra Family Photo from the Mouth, then return to the shrine, an employee will be sitting there, praying
NOTE: You need to speak with her at least once before meeting Forest Goblin for the first time
>After you meet Forest Goblin, the praying employee will be gone, but there will be an illustration in it’s place, pick it up

Watercloset/WC/Toilet, Whatever
-Water, go to the second last stall and speak to the employee inside if you, uh, like
-Candy, second stall from entrance
-From the Drain VHS, later after the motivational meeting, go back to the toilet and the man will be gone, you can grab it by examining the stall he was in

Office D
-Soda, right desk, second row
-Coffee, falling filing cabinet to upper left, next to the blocked passage
-Cardboard Box #1, upper right, other side of blocked passage
-Candy, same alcove, filing cabinet to the far left
-Cardboard Box #2, in the small alcove to the left
-Bread, first fallen cabinet in the unblocked passage, right of the HELP ME art
-20 Credits, in the bloody corpse hanging from the ceiling, left of second fallen filing cabinet
-20 Credits, fallen shelf along the way
-Coffee, third corpse to the right of the instructional RUN sign
-Cardboard Box #3, last one, under the RUN sign

Office B
-Paper, right filing cabinet, top right corner
-Noodles, left filing cabinet
-x2 Water, A Water Cooler
-30 Credits, bin to right of water cooler
-Battery, shelves in top left
-Sleeping Pills, from Rostov, top right cubicle

Office F
-Paper, briefcase, left of entry
-x2 Pencil, fallen shelf, right of entry
-Noodles, briefcase, between mines
-x2 Batteries, fallen filing cabinet, to the right after ducking under tables
-Candy, filing cabinet, just left of door
-Coffee, shelf, next area, to the north
-Paper, left filing cabinet, top left, Corvo/Hugo’s hideaway
-x2 Pencils, right filing cabinet
-x2 Batteries, bin in lower right corner

7- Archives/Library

-Candy, middle filing cabinet to west

Lower Archives
-Paper, middle filing cabinet, receptionist area
-Pencil, right filing cabinet, beside water cooler
-x3 Water, Water Cooler
-Ink Cartridge, left filing cabinet to the left of the first symbol
Mobile Archives
-Paper, briefcase beside corpse
-Paper, left filing cabinet, after taking out mine with pencil
-x2 Pencil, right filing cabinet, also after taking out mine
-Bat Familiar Illustration
>Clue via post it note on the far right of the 9th floor entrance area
>The clue will say BX, this refers to the filing system in the Mobile Archives room
>Move the racks to gain access to rack BX and examine it to get the illustration
-Spider Familiar Illustration
>Located above the top right racks, is a crack just above rack BV
>Move the filing racks down to expose the crack, examine to receive the illustration

Upper Archives-Bread, right filing cabinet, right of switch
(From left to right of filing cabinets)
-x2 Coffee
-Paper, briefcase of fallen corpse(?)
-Wrapped Sandwich, also from corpse(?)
-Paper, leaning filing cabinet, upper right
-Pencil, shelf to upper left

Videoclub Mysterio Area
-x3 Water, water cooler in cat room
-x2 Pencils, upright filing cabinet, left of last door
-Lost tape #1 VHS, return after the motivational meeting, when Mappy is at the receptionists, it will be in the room where she was, next to the TV
-Paper, after the Hive, go through the crack in the wall of the cat room to find a passage to a chest

Box Storage
-Chrysalis VHS Tape, fallen cabinet, far bottom right corner
-Paper, from a briefcase near the center of the room if desired.
-30 Credits, same briefcase
-Ink, open box along left wall
-Cardboard box #4, upper left corner, take out mine to get it
-x2 Pencils, fallen filing cabinet, right of mine along upper wall
-x2 Pencils, middle filing cabinet, left of desk along upper wall

-Pencil, briefcase
-x3 Batteries, second briefcase higher up
-Paper, directly north of the red note, on the bookshelf
-Candy, directly north of the next red note, on the bookshelf
-x2 Batteries, Chest left of the spider made mummy
-Owl Familiar Illustration, just north of the chest

8 – Garden

-There is a chest south and west of the crying worker, at the flowers go west until you reach the chest contains the Follow a Cat through the Woods VHS Tape
-Paper, west of the smoking worker and broken swingset
Cardboard box #5 is directly south of the fireflys and bushes
-Paper, chest, on the way to eavesdrop on the employee
-Paper, briefcase, next to clothing and river (??)
-Cheese, chest behind the Forest Goblin’s tree
-Apparition VHS Tape, in chest behind tombstone to the northeast, the tall one behind the fenced in grave
-Lost Tape #2, river south of Forest Goblin, located in the the floating box where the employee was. In order to have the employee leave the box, you have to speak to Forest Goblin and then leave the floor at least once

10- CEO

-Rat Familiar Illustration, Ceo’s desk at the top of the room

Corvo’s Floor

-Raven Familiar Illustration, fallen filing cabinet, left of elevator
-100 Credits, briefcase, far left and up

First Route Second Section


-Bread, left filing cabinet, level 5
-Soda, fallen filing cabinet, level 8
-Paper, right filing cabinet, level 10
x3 Water, cooler left of printer
-x2 Pencils, right filing cabinet, level 3
-50 Credits, briefcase beside corpse, level 2
-Candy, shelf, level 1
-Glowstick, boxes, level 1

1 – Canteen

-Yuppie Devil disguise, body to the far east, just south of the elevator

3 – I.T./Security

-x2 Battery, left side of desk, where Doshi was
-Ink, middle of desk
-x3 Glowsticks, right side of desk
-Battery, shelf left of printer
-Coffee, same shelf
-Glow Sticks x3 from the bin
-Mr. Fileto VHS Tape, machines to the left of the incomplete android
-x3 Glowsticks, left of table, lower right
-x2, cooler, above table

5 – Offices

Office E
-Paper, Gold Envelope
-Candy, lower left cubicle

Shared Office Space
-Paper, briefcase beside corpse, to right
-Cardboard box, west of toilets
-x2 Pencil
-Noodle, fallen shelf, front of elevator
-30 Credits, fallen filing cabinets
-x2 Batteries, fallen filing cabinet, right of your picture
-Fired VHS Tape, briefcase beside corpse, right of Office C


-Office Party VHS tape, briefcase, where the Dot Matrix was, examine all the paintings before meeting Spader to get it

The Depths

-Paper, just before diving section, above printer
-x2 Batteries, filing cabinet, before first bubbles
-x2 Pencils, briefcase, just after bubbles
-Candy, north of briefcase
-Soda, filing cabinet, south of briefcase, between 2 corpses
x2 glowsticks, east of 2nd bubbles
-Candy, south of fork, filing cabinet
-Mom & Dad VHS Tape, briefcase, south of mine in alcove to south east
-Nicoterol, briefcase, north of 3rd bubbles, close to the coral spikes. Make it activate and then move in to grab it
-Pencil, filing cabinet, west of 4th bubbles
-Pencil, briefcase, north of 4th bubbles
-Candy, filing cabinet northwest

The Underwater Hive

-Candy, briefcase, just to the west
-x2 Pencils, filing cabinet, west of both printers
-Paper, briefcase, north of printers
-Coffee, filing cabinet, left of briefcase
-x2 Water, cooler, left of filing cabinet
-Coffee, coffee machine
-Bread, filing cabinet, left of coffee machine
-x2 Batteries, left filing cabinet, northwest corner
-Soda, left and right vending machine
-Paper, briefcase,right of printers
-Cheese Sandwhich, middle filing cabinet, right of briefcase
-x2 Pencils, right filing cabinet, left of printers
-x2 Pencils, shelf, left of circuit to the north
-x2 Cheese, shelf, north of printers
-x3 Water, cooler, inbetween printers
-Candy, vending machine, right of briefcase
-Battery, briefcase, right
-x3 Water, water cooler, directly east
-Coffee, filing cabinet, right of cooler
-Battery, filing cabinet, northeast of cooler

Second Route Second Section

Note: There is an item called Candy here, so Candy Bars have instead been shortened to Bars

Sintra Family Residence’s

-x3 Glowsticks, drawers, along right wall
-x2 CB, drawers, left of door
-Candy, chest, in Doromi’s room, after Rei? leaves the room
-x2 Battteries, yellow envelope, after speaking with USSR on the phone

Hallway 1
Paper, drawers, hallway to living/dining room
-x2 Bread, shelf, top left, left of door

-Candy, bin to right of room
-Unlimited Water from the sink

Dining/Living room
-Tea set, cupboard, top right

-x2 Batteries, filing cabinet, top left
-Coffee, bin
-Cigarette, table

Hallway 2
-Cheese, drawers, second hallway towards Domori’s roomt

Rei’s Room
-Paper, books at end of bed, to the right
-Candy, table, just below blackboard

Rei’s Room 2: Electric Boogaloo
-x3 Glowsticks, pink chest, south
-Bar, pink chest, west
-x3 Batteries, pink chest, still west but a bit below the last one
-Coffee, pink chest, south west corner
-Bread, pink chest, right of door with blood carpet

Master Bedroom
x2 Batteries, drawers, left of entry
-Coffee, left bedside drawer
-Candy, right bedside drawer

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