Zaccaria Pinball: Skipmenu Commandline & Table Name List

This guide shows you how to use the skipmenu commandline option correctly as well as provide the complete list of names you can use with it to directly launch your tables and skip the main menu.


Using the -skipmenu commandline correctly

To use the -skipmenu commandline correctly, you will have to provide this parameter through steam to the game. So we need to use the -applaunch 444930 parameter to launch the game and pass that to steam.exe and not zaccariapinball.exe! If you provide the parameters to zaccariapinball.exe and you supply extra parameters, like -skipmenu “table display name” steam will popup a dialog asking if you want to continue, if you supply the parameters directly to steam.exe as you should then steam will not show that dialog and continue directly

So for example to launch the time machine table, the correct way you would do that, is to run the following command in the directory where steam.exe is located:

steam.exe -applaunch 444930 -skipmenu “Time Machine”
Its also important to know that these table display names seem to be case sensitive. This means the -skipmenu “Time Machine Retro” and -skipmenu “Time Machine retro” to launch the retro version are not the same thing. The first example will succeed while the second won’t. The game will immediatly quit after launching when providing a wrong table display info with the -skipmenu parameter.

It’s also important in case the table display name consits of multiple words to always provide these between double quotes so that zaccaria pinball sees them as a single parameter and not multiple parameters which would make loading the tables fail.

Table display names list to be used with -skipmenu parameter

As shown earlier we can use the -skipmenu “Table Display Name” parameter to skip the menu and directly load that table. Below is the current list of table display names that should work with the -skipmenu parameter. So you just need to replace “Table Display Name” with one of the entries in the list below. For example -skipmenu “Aerobatics Retro”

Table display names with a year inside them are the remake tables, plain table names are the original tables, the others, like retro and deluxe should be obvious what they are.

  • Aerobatics
  • Aerobatics Retro
  • Aliens
  • Beast Master
  • Blackbelt
  • Blackbelt 2018
  • Blackbelt Retro
  • Caveman
  • Cine Star
  • Cine Star Deluxe
  • Circus
  • Circus 2017
  • Circus Retro
  • Clown
  • Clown 2019
  • Clown Retro
  • Combat
  • Combat 2017
  • Combat Deluxe
  • Combat Retro
  • Devil Riders
  • Devil Riders 2019
  • Devil Riders Retro
  • Earth Wind Fire
  • Earth Wind Fire 2017
  • Earth Wind Fire Retro
  • Farfalla
  • Farfalla 2017
  • Farfalla Deluxe
  • Farfalla Retro
  • Fire Mountain
  • Fire Mountain 2019
  • Fire Mountain Retro
  • Firefighter
  • Future World
  • Future World 2018
  • Granada
  • Hippie
  • Hot Wheels
  • Hot Wheels 2017
  • Hot Wheels Retro
  • House of Diamonds
  • House of Diamonds 2017
  • House of Diamonds Deluxe
  • House of Diamonds Retro
  • Locomotion
  • Locomotion 2018
  • Locomotion Retro
  • Lucky Fruit
  • Magic Castle
  • Magic Castle 2017
  • Magic Castle Retro
  • Mexico ’86
  • Mexico ’86 Retro
  • Moon Flight
  • Mystic Star
  • Mystic Star Retro
  • Nautilus
  • Nautilus 2018
  • Nautilus Retro
  • Pinball Champ
  • Pinball Champ ’82
  • Pinball Champ 2018
  • Pinball Champ Retro
  • Pool Champion
  • Pool Champion 2018
  • Pool Champion Deluxe
  • Red Show
  • Red Show Deluxe
  • Robot
  • Robot 2018
  • Robot Deluxe
  • Robot Retro
  • Shooting the Rapids
  • Shooting the Rapids 2016
  • Shooting the Rapids Retro
  • Soccer Kings
  • Soccer Kings Retro
  • Space Shuttle
  • Space Shuttle 2016
  • Space Shuttle Deluxe
  • Space Shuttle Retro
  • Speed King
  • Spooky
  • Spooky 2017
  • Spooky Deluxe
  • Spooky Retro
  • Star God
  • Star God 2019
  • Star God Retro
  • Star’s Phoenix
  • Star’s Phoenix 2018
  • Strike
  • Strike Deluxe
  • Supersonic
  • Supersonic Retro
  • The Mummy
  • Time Machine
  • Time Machine 2019
  • Time Machine Retro
  • Top Hand
  • Tropical
  • Tropical 2019
  • Universe
  • Universe Deluxe
  • Universe Retro
  • Voyager
  • Winter Sports
  • Winter Sports 2018
  • Wizard
  • Wood’s Queen
  • Wood’s Queen 2019
  • Zankor
  • Zankor 2017
  • Zankor Retro
  • Zombie
  • Zombie Invasion (starts invasion mode table)

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