Zero Hour: How to Get the “Bootcamp” Achievement

In this guide, I’ll explain how you can get the “Bootcamp” steam achievement and in-game badge. The “Bootcamp” achievement is awarded to players who has completed the training course shoot house with a good time which is around under 60 seconds.


Things you need.

Completing the shoot house with a good time requires you to move fast and kill fast. In order to do that, you would need:

– The Rattler SMG (MP7).
This is because the Rattler has very little recoil which is perfect for accurately shooting your target in a specific spot such as the head while at the same time, moving fast. The Rattler also has a 40 round magazine which leaves plenty of room for missing shots.

– Frag grenade.
The frag grenade (if thrown correctly) can really save a lot of time. Instead of aiming down your sights and shooting at the target, the frag grenade can be quickly thrown and take out 2 or more targets in under a few seconds and while you’re waiting for the grenade to explode, you can continue going through the course without paying attention to a group of targets since you have a grenade to take care of those targets for you.

Other firearms such as your pistol does not affect performance.

How to get through the shoot house.

Firstly, walk up to the door but before you walk through it and start the timer, make sure your walk speed is at the max and that your stamina indicator is full. In this guide, I’ll be splitting the shoot house into 3 sections. Section 1 is the beginning of the course which is everything up to the rappelling section. Section 2 is everything from the rappelling section to the section with the room full of boxes and Section 3 is the final two targets.

Section 1:
Sprint to the first room and take out the targets. Make sure to aim for the head. Only sprint when moving from one group of targets to another. Ignore all the grenade traps and such as they do not deplete health or take away time. Continue moving through the rooms, taking out the targets by head shots and sprinting when moving to different groups of targets. As soon as you eliminate the final target before the rappelling section, you can optionally perform a quick reload (double tap ‘R’).

Section 2:
Rappel up the tower, taking out the target that’s inside the tower. Once you get to the top, sprint to the next room and take out both targets. Now, sprint to the room full of boxes and throw your grenade to the back of the room, in between the two targets at the back. As soon as you throw your grenade, take out the two targets in front of you and sprint to the next room. The grenade will take care of the rest of the targets in the room.

Section 3:
Take out the last two targets and move as fast as you can to the final door which will stop your timer. Ideally, you would get a time of 38-42 seconds.

Tip: It will help a lot if you slowly studied the layout of the shoot house so you know what to expect in each room.

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