Ziggurat 2: All Characters Guide

Here is a guide about the basic of all characters in Ziggurat 2.

Note: Ziggurat 2 is now out of Early Access into Full release!


Character Basics

In the fine video game of Ziggurat 2, you will be playing a variety of characters. Each of them has a certain ups and downs, or neither. As it stands, you can pick between 3 fine fellows before you set off on your exciting escapades, so knowing is half the battle, ain’t it?

So far, all characters follow the following rules:

  • They have a certain amount of base HP and Mana, which increases by 10% at certain steps and 20% at the final step.
  • They have the following upgrade path: Health > Mana > Health > Passive > Mana > Health > Special > Mana > Health (double) > Mana (double)
  • They have a Perk that they obtain at level start that often alters their stats.
  • They have an Active Skill that can be used like an Amulet, but without charges.
  • All Characters can Dash.
  • All characters have unlockable Passive and Special effects.

Argo, Apprentice A

Character Perk: Apprentice
No stat changes. None! Not a single one!

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 100
Staff: 100
Alchemy: 100

SkillSyphon (Cooldown: 20s) – Sucks all nearby items within about 1 room radius towards you. Useful during Boss Fights when they enter Shield Mode and dispense many goodies in sometimes awkward places. Also useful in chaotic fights, in case you missed a valuable potion!

Character Specific Perks: Argo has a few neat Skill Perks. They’re all amazing in their own way, really.

  • Climax – -10% XP gain, +12% Damage
  • Determination +50% Fire Rate after using Syphon
  • Fast Learner – +30%*PL XP from Knowledge Crystals picked up using Syphon
  • Feedback – Mana Crystals and Health Potions are +20%*PL more powerful when picked up using Syphon.
  • Resolution – Reduce Syphon cooldown by 0.5*PL seconds after defeating an enemy.
  • Willpower – Damage to Barrier HP reduced by 10%.

Passive Effect]: Great Student – +20% XP from Knowledge Crystals

Special Effect: Consumptive Bulwark – Gain Barrier for every item picked up.

Just a nice, balanced spellcaster. Argo offers a huge QoL improvement by vacuuming up all nearby pickups, such as mana, potions, experience, and money.

His 20% XP boost is also very cute.

Once you get some Skill perks and unlock his bonus Effects, Argo is fantastic for doing high-level runs. He’s also quite potent at defensive or pick-up based perks. Done well, Argo is tanky and stocked on stat buffs from all those levels and the slew of Barrier he accumulates. He’s not an allrounder when you’re up there!

Carina, Apprentice 1

Character Perk: Apprentice
No stat changes. None! Not a single one!

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 100
Staff: 100
Alchemy: 100

SkillShove (Cooldown: 20s) – Breaks nearby breakables, repels nearby foes, deals some damage.

Character Specific Perks: Carina’s perks emphasize aggressive and skill spamming. Be bold, be brave, be Shoving.

  • Always Prepared – +25% Fire Rate during the first 20 seconds of a fight.
  • Overwhelm – +25% Damage for 4 seconds if Shove affects 5+ enemies.
  • Penance – +20% rewards from enemies affected by Cursed.
  • Purity – +35% Experience for 4 seconds after defeating an enemy affected by Cursed.
  • Ricochet – After using Shove, +20% Speed for 4 seconds.
  • Unmatched Talent – +2 Mana for every enemy affected by Shove. Every extra perk level increases this by +1 Mana.

Passive: Efficient Mage – -10% Mana Usage.

Special Effect: Opening Move – Enemies effected by Shove become Cursed.

Just a nice, balanced spellcaster. If you prefer a Skill that offers gameplay benefits over Quality of Life, pick her over Argo. Her little mana efficiency boost makes her fun if you like using hungry weapons.

It should be noted her Special Effect drastically alters the purpose and character of her Perks and Skill. Being able to Radial Curse has numerous benefits, from reduced damage taken, to increased damage dealt, to synergizing with Perks that require status afflicted enemies.

After a few levels and some character perks, she gets aggressive, with a focus on Cursing and getting big benefits. A downside is that she doesn’t get a lot of defensive perks and a lot tie directly into specific circumstances, limiting effectiveness.

Whereas Argo becomes very tanky over time, Carina becomes a blow-hard cannon that rarely gets stuck.

Glyndor, the Battlemage

Character Perk: Rogue
+20% HP from Potions
-10% Speed
-20% Mana from Crystals
-0.5 Mana Drain per Second

HP: 120
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 100
Staff: 100
Alchemy: 100

SkillShell (Cooldown: 30s) – You take no damage for 5 seconds; status effects still cling to you (although poison and fire don’t do damage). Additionally, 25% of any damage you would’ve taken from attacks (but not status effects) gets converted into Mana, distributed among your pools equally.

Character Specific Perks: These are all pretty good, if a bit basic. Don’t forget that Shell doesn’t heal you, and you can really exploit a glass cannon that doesn’t take damage.

  • Confidence – Negative status effects on enemies last 10% longer
  • Destruction – Upon Shell expiry, +20% Fire Rate for 5 seconds
  • Old School – -5% Fire Rate, +12% Damage
  • Punishment – While Shell is active, +40% Damage
  • Scars – If HP is below 50%, gain +20% Fire Rate.

Passive Effect: Enhanced Retention – Mana Drain reduced by 25% (or about 0.375 Mana per second)

Special Effect: Augmented Absorption – Shell now converts 50% of hypothetical damage taken into Mana instead of 25%.

Glyndor is a weird man, a battle man. He’s restless outside of combat and fierce in it. That extra HP is so that you’re more bold or can compensate for mistakes when using his power. His slower movement means you’re more likely to get in trouble and STAY in trouble.

First off, he gets 20% more health than most characters and gets 20% more HP from Potions. This makes him very tough and tanky, on top of his Active Skill giving him invulnerability. Off-setting his constant Mana Drain is Shell’s ability to generate more.

Shell is a Parry move; best used when an attack is incoming, as the mana gain from it is quite high. Especially melee enemies that swarm can easily fill up high mana capacities in the 5 seconds you have. Getting Skilled is key for keeping this powerful boon up your sleeve. Even if you don’t need the Mana, this is a good defensive move, as it activates the second you push the button; no need to wait on the animation.

All in all, Glyndor is a character with a dance of his own. Either buff out his speed and stay mobile, enhance his Mana gain to offset the drain, or go nuts and enjoy his ability to proc On-Hits without taking damage. Played well, Glyndor always has Mana, can always take a hit and never wants for much. Played poorly, you’re gasping for Mana, got stuck between dangerous foes or trapped in a Freeze-chain.

Jacob, the Cultist

Character Perk: Cultist
-20% base Damage
+10% Rwards from enemies
+1 Oath choice when using Shrines

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 40
Spell: 80
Staff: 80
Alchemy: 80

SkillSacrifice (Cooldown: 30s) – Spend 5% max Health to boost Damage Dealt and Fire Rate, and expend no Mana for about 7~8 seconds.
Sacrifice does not affect Shield or Barrier.

Character Specific Perks: Jacob’s Perks are all passives you don’t have to think too much about, other than if you should take them or not. As some increase damage taken.

  • Authority – -5% Minion Speed
  • Backstab – Champions (glowing enemies with adjectives) have -10% Health.
  • Cunning – +5% Damage Taken, +30% XP from Crystals. Every extra perk level increases the Damage Taken by +4%, and the XP bonus by +30%.
  • Envoy – Using a Shrine awards +10% XP needed to next level, +10% Health and Mana back. All future floors contain a dungeon.
  • Greater Sacrifice – Sacrifice adds +25% Damage Dealt and Taken. Every extra perk level increases the Damage Dealt by +25%, the damage taken penalty stays at 25%.
  • Pure Evil – -12% HP recovery Health Potions, +10% damage. Every extra perk level taken increases the HP recovery penalty and Damage boost by -12% and +10% respectively.

Passive Effect: Blood Magic – Recover 20% max mana of each type when using Sacrifice

Special Effect: Fortunate Son – +20% Drop Rate

He’s an oof. Kinda. His damage reduction is a big deal. That said, 5% HP isn’t that much, especially not with a few perks to aid HP recovery (like Druid, Warcry or Bloodlust). Another option is to acquire Shield or Barrier generating Perks, so that your HP is less relevant. Another option is Mana Shield and related boons, as Sacrifice both generates Mana and gives him infinite Mana.

Getting a larger selection of Oaths means that you’re more likely to get a good buff with a livable penalty.

Jacob has a complicated relationship with HP Max buffs. On one hand, he’s a glass cannon; he’s at his best rushing down bosses with a beefy Sacrifice. On the other hand, longer fights and reduce HP recovery from Pure Evil means he struggles. Note that Vamprisim is not affected; the penalties are specifically for HP Potions!

Kira, the Rogue

Character Perk: Rogue
+5% speed
+10% enemy drops

HP: 80
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 100
Staff: 100
Alchemy: 100

SkillShroud (Cooldown: 30s) – Become invisible for 5 seconds. Enemies stop targeting you, sort of. Bosses seem to be unaffected. Ouch.

Character Specific Perks: A lot of wierd ones. Either turn Shroud into a beast or focus on… not having Mana? That sounds like a Glyndor thing.

  • Last Breath – If the current weapon has 20% or less of its max Mana pool remaining, it does +20% Damage.
  • Pillaging – Gain +5% HP when picking up a Coin.
  • Plunder – Enemies drop +20% loot when Shroud is active.
  • Smoke Bomb – Deal 120 Damage to nearby enemies when activating Shroud.
  • Surprise Attack – After Shroud expires, deal +50% Damage for 5 seconds.

Passive Effect: Thief’s Swiftness – +10% Fire Rate

Special Effect: Silent, but Deadly – Inflict Poisoned to nearby enemies while Shroud is active.

Kira is weird. 5% speed buff? Really? I mean she’s alright. Definitely want to focus on Shroud when the going gets tough, but her perk just feels flimsy for a 20% HP reduction. Just make it 10%, looks nicer, or add some jump height to throw people off.

Anyway, Kira wants HP and Mana Shield. She’s frail and her Active Skill is defensive and has low up-time. As a result, you’ll want to move fast and get strong or get defensive. It’s your call.

Eris, the Necromancer

Character Perk: Necromancer
+20% Cursed Damage
-40% HP gained from Potions
-10% XP gain

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 40
Spell: 60
Staff: 60
Alchemy: 60

SkillRaise Undead (Cooldown: 30s) – Summons three skeletons who mostly stand around and shoot projectiles at nearby foes. Skeleton attacks have a 100% chance of inflicting Cursed. About 50% of all enemies will target the skeletons over you, so it’s not a failproof distraction. The Skeletons stay indefinitely; if you use the skill again you simply get more Skeletons instead. However, you cannot use this Skill outside of combat, and after a room is cleared all active Skeletons are destroyed.

Character Specific Perks: Funny perks. Nothing exciting, but it’s easier to build for Damage Skeletons or Distracting Skeletons.

  • Disappointment – When a summoned skeleton is defeated, +25% Damage for 5 seconds.
  • Distraction – After using Raise Undead, +20% Speed for 4 seconds.
  • Impunity – Elemental armor; all elemental damage does -5% damage.
  • Mob – Skeletons gain a +6% damage buff per other summoned Skeleton around. Every extra perk level increases this bonus by +2%.
  • Reassembly – When a summoned skeleton is defeated, reduce Raise Undead cooldown by -1 second.
  • instability – They fixed the typo!? Either way, Skeletons go Boom when Defeated, doing 100 basic damage to nearby enemies.

Passive Effect: Necrotic Curse – +15% Damage against enemies affected by Cursed.

Special Effect: Specialized Skeletons – Each level your character gains provides a +5% buff to your Raise Undead Skeleton’s HP and Damage output.

Interesting. Her ability is, by far, the best. Not the BEST, but certainly the most flexible, versatile and interesting skill. There’s rarely a reason not to use it, as your Skeletons are always dying and the buffs are nice. Not to mention your army can only grow from use. There are reasons to hold onto it, though. Distraction can provided a needed boost, and summoning in a horde makes it easier to proc Disappointment or Unstability under useful circumstances.

However, her MP is bad, and she’s very reliant on her Skeletons to soak a few hits with her crummy HP recovery. Simply put, you HAVE to put her Skeletons to use or you’re just playing a worse version of Argo or Jacob.

However, unless you’re feeling confidence, bring a Curse weapon. Inflicting Curse and dealing Cursed damage is key to getting the most out of her. After all, she gets two separate boosts to throwing Curses around.

Yes, her Skeletons have a 100% chance to inflict Cursed, but they’re not reliable with their aim or targetting, so unless you wanna hang out with your boney boys, you’re better off playing it from two sides with your own purple prose.

Rigel, the Acrobat

Character Perk: Acrobat!

  • Staff of Bust: Starting non-wand weapon is always a Staff (you are forced to pick only from Staffs in the pre-mission loadout screen)
  • +10% Staff Damage
  • +20% Staff Mana from Crystals
  • +7% Movement Speed
  • -10% Spell & Alchemy damage.

HP: 60
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 50
Staff: 120
Alchemy: 50

SkillVault (Cooldown: 20s) – You vault up about 2 floors of height and slow down time at the height of the jump. Time slows to 50% normal speed, your Damage is increased by 100% and your Fire Rate by 200%. This effect lasts 2 seconds for the enemies, or about 4 seconds for the player.

Character Specific Perks: Do you like staffs? Do you want more Staff? Do you want to jump a lot? Have you ever thought about just, like, ignoring damage? You better, that’s what Rigel is all about.

  • Adrenaline – Every time damage is taken, reduce Vault cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Agility – -10% Experience from Crystals, 8% chance to ignore an instance of damage.
  • Polish – +5% Mana usage, +10% Staff Damage per perk level.
  • Refocus – Upon defeating an enemy with a Spell or Alchemy weapon, deal +25% Staff damage for 6 seconds.
  • Spectacle – Enemies killed during Vault drop +100% rewards.
  • Staff Specialist – +10% Staff Fire Rate, -5% Fire Rate to all other weapons.

Passive Effect: Staff Proficiency – +10% Staff Fire Rate.

Special Effect: Vault – No Mana consumption while active

What a show off. But he earns it. Used well, with a good workhorse staff, he can be a terrifying. More damage, more speed, more mana. You won’t even feel Polish hurting your reserve. Agility is a bit more niche, good for end-game floors, whereas Adrenaline is only worth it if you can handle the jerk a sudden jump has on your aim. Good for getting out of trouble, or an overview of the situation. Or sniping. Or flying off and dropping a bomb at your feet.

Together with his enhanced drops, Rigel is good for those who know what they want, and nothing else. If you want staff, pick Rigel. But if you played Ziggurat 1, you knew that already.

Like, he’s pretty much a copy paste from that, with some adjustments to fit 2. And honestly? That’s just fine. Give the man his credit. He actually learned to use Spells and Alchemy well enough he’s not kneecapped when he uses them. :v

Margaret, the Alchemist

Character Perk: Alchemist!

  • Dedicated Artiste: Starting non-wand weapon is always Alchemical (you are forced to pick only from Alchemy Weapons in the pre-mission loadout screen)
  • Over Specialization: Crystals give -25% Staff and Spell Mana.
  • Overclocked: Alchemy Weapons gain +20% Fire Rate.

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 50
Staff: 50
Alchemy: 120

SkillFlask Toss (Cooldown: 20s) – Throw some Explosive Flasks directly forward that randomly does moderate Fire, Ice or Poison damage over a large area. This appears to have a 100% Proc chance to boot! These flasks are slightly affected by gravity and fire pretty much dead ahead.

Character Specific Perks: Experimentation > Versatile > Flask is a very obvious cycle these perks nudge towards. A weapon buff, obviously, and some potent defensive options. Slow, steady, with a lot of weapon swapping is what these perks want.

  • Concoction – If hit by your own Flask, gain Armor -50% damage for 8 seconds.
  • Experimentation – Upon an Alchemy weapon kill, gain Unlimited Spell and Staff Mana for 8 seconds.
  • Prudence – Gain 5 Shield, -6% Movement Speed.
  • Refined Mixture – Flasks deal +35% Damage.
  • Thorough – Alchemy Weapons gain +20% Damage and +10% Manage Usage
  • Versatile – Upon a non-Alchemy weapon kill, decrease Flask cooldown by 2 seconds.

    Passive Effect: Transmutation – Health Potions also recover Mana.

    Special Effect: Flask: Recover 5 Alchemy Mana per enemy hit.

    Surprisingly tough. Flask Toss is something you shouldn’t sleep on, as it’s free damage and either extra DPS with the procs or freezing them for a good lay up. As with Rigel, the other specialist, a non-Main Curse weapon can greatly boost DPS.

    She’s also super duper hungry for Mana. Alchemy weapons are slow, so her boost makes her use it a lot faster than you think. And she gets a lot less of other mana types, ultimately making her somewhat reliant on good Flask usage.

    Her custom Perks all contribute to either making her tough (Flask Armor + Shield) or a cycle of Alchemy > Non Alchemy > Flask > Alchemy, which is nice. If you don’t intend to use Flasks, expect her to be a bit lacking. She needs to keep her hands busy with frequent swaps, tosses and whatnot.

    Another way to play her is to see her Flask as a free AoE attack occupying a fifth weapon slot and specialize around it. With the right mindset, she can do anything. Unlike Rigel, her non-Specialist weapons simply get less go-go juice, instead of being kneecapped, so have fun.

Sirius, the Warlock

Character Perk: Warlock!

  • Fancy Fingerwork: Starting non-wand weapon is always a Spell (you are forced to pick only from Spells in the pre-mission loadout screen)
  • Flashy Fireworks: Spells do +20% Damage.
  • Clutz: Fire Rate for all attacks -15%

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 100
Staff: 60
Alchemy: 60

SkillBlaze (Cooldown: 25s) – Fire a fancy beam of fire that does decent damage continuously. 100% accurate, medium range. You cannot use other weapons or amulets while Blaze is active, nor can you cancel Blaze prematurely.
While Blaze does Fire damage, this damage appears to never be subject to resistances, as if it has its personal version of the Sure Shot Perk.

Character Specific Perks:

  • Attuned – When defeating an enemy with a Spell, reduce Blaze’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
  • Bulk – While Blaze is active: +8% Damage, +15% Armor, -10% Speed
  • Burnout – When Blaze expires, +50% Fire Rate for 8 seconds.
  • Flex – -4% Speed, +6% Spell Damage, +6% Fire Damage.
  • Kickstart – At the start of a combat, +15% Fire Rate for 15 seconds.
  • Mock – Minions do 10% less damage, but gain +5% movement Speed.

    Passive Effect: Pyromancy Expertise – -15% Mana Usage for Fire attacks.

    Special Effect: Blaze: Recover Mana when damaging with Blaze.

    Wow, he comes out the gate stinking, huh. The other specialists were specialists, but his main class perk makes Spells… about as DPS as they are on most others with a minor 5% buff, I GUESS?

    Isn’t it super weird the guy with a middling strength constantly firing laser special gets the Fire Rate debuff?

    Blaze, unlike Flask, is impossible to fire and forget. It’s a pin point laser that requires your full attention for the next 5 seconds and man, for that kind of buy in it blows. It asks a lot, it gives nothing special.

    Point is, he’s… I feel like I personally am missing the appeal. He seems flimsy. Like he needs a bunch of Perks to play even. Even if I wanted to go Whole Hog on Spells, Sirius is not what I’d pick.

Nadja, the Paladin

Character Perk: Paladin!

  • Shield Proficiency – Start with 25 Shield
  • Full Plate – Speed reduced by 10%.
  • Two Left Feet – Dash cooldown increased by 54% (puts it at about 8 seconds)
  • Never Enough Evil To Smite – Enemy spawn cap increased by 10%

HP: 90
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 80
Staff: 80
Alchemy: 80

SkillShield Bash (Cooldown: 20s) – Charge forward about 2.5 ‘blocks’ (a little further than a Dash), stunning enemies along the way; you also recover 5 shield immediately.
It does a little damage, about half a Floor 1 Spicy Pepper’s HP, but Stun makes them stop attacking so that’s nice.

Character Specific Perks: Defense. Armor. Shield. And one that makes her shoot a lil faster, for funsies.

  • Devotion – Reduce Shield Bash cooldown by 5%.
  • Fervor – When hit, gain +20% Fire Rate for 6 seconds.
  • Righteousness – -10% Basic damage taken.
  • Stoic – When Shield Bash expires, gain 10% Armor for 5 seconds.
  • Unshakable Faith – Health Potions also restore 2 Shield.
  • Unswerving Will – Shield takes 5% less damage. (Should I just call this Shield/Barrier armor, because these come up a bunch)

    Passive Effect: Rapid Defense – +20% Shield Regeneration speed.

    Special Effect: Shield Bash Mastery: +3 Shield per enemy hit with Shield Bash.

    She starts with 25 Shield and pretty much all she does it tank. If your biggest problem is dying, go nuts. She is slow and can’t dodge, so you’ll eat hits.

    However, while her class looks useless, she has an amazing power; any ability that requires HP to be full, or keys off of HP being a certain amount doesn’t factor in Shield, giving her huge flexibility with such abilities. It also makes it easier to buy into Max HP consuming Perks, or Perks that reduce Potion efficiency as her 25 Shield is unaffected and pretty huge. Get Black Orb, it’s not like you’ll miss the HP.

    Her Shield lets her take “free” hits, and she can recover it at a steady clip with Potions and Shield Bash (and the right Perks!), which ALSO means she can easily exploit the living daylight out of “On Hit” Perks.

    Play to those strengths. As much as you can.

Kraz, the Monk

Character Perk: Monk!

  • Wand Potency – Wands do +80% damage.
  • Overdrained Wands – Passive Wand Mana Regen is 50% slower.
  • Overtly Specialized – Non-wands do -20% damage

HP: 100
Wand Mana: 50
Spell: 40
Staff: 40
Alchemy: 40

SkillTrance (Cooldown: 26s) – For about 4-5 seconds you gain that time-slow stuff that Rigel gets, aka time moves normal for you, but at about 50% speed in-game. Additionally, all weapons gain a +25% Fire Rate to slightly mitigate the speed difference, and Wands gain -100% Mana usage (aka they’re free to fire). Additionally, you take -20% less Damage.

Character Specific Perks: Do you like Wands and Trance? If not, sorry, nothing for you here.

  • Chakra – +5 Max Wand Mana
  • Crane Style – +20% Wand Fire Rate during Trance
  • Monkey Style – +15% Speed during Trance
  • Peace of Mind – Mana Crystals restore 5 Wand Mana on top of all other effects
  • Sixth Sense – +0% chance of negating damage from a melee attack
  • Tiger Style – +20% Wand Damage during Trance

    Passive Effect: Wand Expertice – +20% Wand Damage.

    Special Effect: Trance of Infinity: During Trance, any enemy defeated increases its active duration by +1 Second.

    If it’s not a wand, you’re not gonna be happy. To be fair, -20% damage is something a few perks can overcome. Having 40 base Mana is pretty much a mountain not worth scaling.
    While +80%/+100% Wand Damage might not seem like a lot… it’s a lot. Done right, Kraz’s wands are nuts.

    Trance is pretty darn good. Time slow, armor, Fire Rate and free Wand usage makes for a nice status. It’s not the amazing burst that some others have, but it’s a fantastic tool for a pinch. Or when your wand is out and you want to keep using it anyway.

By Sapphire Siska Sophia

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