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Information, Tips and Tricks about Arianna.



Arianna, the “Dream at the Pen Point”, is the soft spoken author of the famous novel Tale of the Blue Ocean. She is accompanied by a fairy rabbit, simply named Mr. Rabbit.

In combat, Arianna is a Summoner Mage who brings to her team not only a 5th member, but also a good mix of supportive effects and damage dealing ability, making her an extremely versatile addition to just about any team.


Arianna’s stats, at level 100 and with no awakenings, are as follows:

As a Summoner, Arianna is quite frail and has to rely on her summon, Mr. Rabbit, or other allies to keep enemies from attacking her.

Her INT stat is also not that high, hurting her personal damage. Her Passive 2 does, however, increase it by a good amount, making her quite deadly so long as she can keep it active.

Ultimate – Mr. Rabbit’s Help

Revives Mr. Rabbit if he is dead, and heals him for 60% of his Max HP.
Deals Magic DMG and reduces the ATK of enemies hit by 15% for 1 turn.
Mr. Rabbit will prioritize attacking enemies hit.

AP Cost: 3
Charge Cost: 28
Base ATK: 230 / 420 / 660 / 750 / 780
INT Bonus: F (75%) / E (100%) / D (125%) / C (150%) / B (175%)
Target: Enemies
Area: Medium
Range: Long
Healing: 40%/ 45% / 50% / 55% / 60%
ATK Reduction: 10%/ 11% / 12% / 13% / 15%


  • Mr. Rabbit does not necessarily revive in the same place that he died. Under certain conditions, he may be unable to revive at all. (See Mr. Rabbit’s section)
  • Despite not being a chant, this ultimate can be aimed freely, like most chanting weapons, rather than centering around a primary target, like an Oak Wand would. Despite this, it cannot be cast with no targets in range.

Passive 1 – Mr. Rabbit is Here!

When the battle starts, gain 18 Ult Charge and summon Mr. Rabbit (Level 90) near the enemy.

Charge Gain: 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18
Mr. Rabbit Level: 10 / 30 / 50 / 70 / 90
Mr. Rabbit Attack/Ultimate Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


  • While Mr. Rabbit tends to be summoned near enemies, there is still a huge degree of randomness to his exact location. Under certain conditions, he may be unable to be summoned at all. (See Mr. Rabbit’s section)

Passive 2 – Whimsical Story

While Mr. Rabbit is alive, increases self INT by 325, and the whole team’s MDF by 250.

INT Increase: 200 / 250 / 275 / 300 / 325
MDF Increase: 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250


  • There are no ranges associated with this passive. It will be active no matter where Mr. Rabbit is, as long as he is alive, and the MDF buff will affect all allies, including Arianna herself and Mr. Rabbit, no matter where they are.

Awakened Skill

Increases self Basic Statistics by 10%, and INT by 100.
Level 3: Whimsical Story evolves to Altered.
Level 4: Mr. Rabbit is Here evolves to Altered.
Level 5: Mr. Rabbit’s Help evolves to Altered.
Level 8: Mr. Rabbit’s Help evolves to Supreme.
Level 9: Mr. Rabbit is Here evolves to Supreme.
Level 10: Whimsical Story evolves to Supreme.


Ultimate – Mr. Rabbit’s Help

Altered: Increases Healing by 10%.
Reduces Ult Charge Cost and Max Ult Charge to 24.

Supreme: Increases Healing by 20%
Reduces Ult Charge Cost to 24, and increases Max Ult Charge to 36.


Passive 1 – Mr. Rabbit is Here!

Altered: Increases Mr. Rabbit’s level by 5.
When using own Exclusive Weapon, Mr. Rabbit will attack a nearby enemy.

Supreme: Increases Mr. Rabbit’s level by 10.
When using own Exclusive Weapon, its AP Cost will be reduced by 1, and Mr. Rabbit will attack a nearby enemy.


Passive 2 – Whimsical Story

Altered: Grants an extra 50 INT and 50 MDF.

Supreme: Grants an extra 100 INT and 150 MDF.

Note: Awakened Skills start at level 0, and can be increased up to level 10.
Base Stat Increase: 0 / 3% / 5% / 6% / 7% / 7.5% / 8% / 8.5% / 9% / 9.5% / 10%
INT Increase: 0 / 25 / 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100


  • Perhaps due to an error, the Supreme version of Whimsical Story, at level 5, grants 450 MDF, which is 50 more than would be expected.

Defence Skill – Good Buddy

Increases self Max HP by 25%, and Mr. Rabbit’s Max HP by 10%.

Self HP Increase: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
Mr. Rabbit HP Increase: 5% / 5% / 5% / 10% / 10%

Action Count: 2
Battle Style: Supporter
Primary Enemy Target: Lowest MDF Enemy
Primary Ally Target: Closest Ally

Exclusive Weapon – Spokesman of Thoughts

Chanting: Deals Magic DMG.
When used by Arianna, if Mr. Rabbit is alive, heal him for 40% of his Max HP.

Note: Ordered from lowest (rough) to highest (flawless) quality.
AP Cost: 8
Base ATK: 117 / 120 / 122 / 124 / 125
INT Bonus: SS- (245%) / SS (250%) / SS (250%) / SS+ (255%) / SS++ (260%)
Target: Enemies
Area: Medium
Range: Long

Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit’s stats, at level 100, are as follows:

Image taken from Arianna’s Trial, and thus includes her MDF buff at full awakening. Without it, Mr. Rabbit’s MDF would be 750.

Each time Mr. Rabbit is summoned or revived, he will start with AP equal to his Speed stat.

During his turn, Mr. Rabbit is capable of moving for 2 AP, using his Ultimate, or performing a sword attack. He will typically target the nearest enemy.


  • Each time Mr. Rabbit is summoned or revived, he will spawn in a random location, with a high chance of being near enemies, at 1 HP. If spawned in a trap or hazard and instantly defeated, he will attempt to spawn one more time. If both attempts fail, Mr. Rabbit will not spawn. After a successful spawn, he will have his HP set to max, if being summoned, or be healed, if being revived.


Mr. Rabbit’s Struggle

Taunt nearby enemies and blocks damage coming from the front until next turn.

AP Cost: 8
Charge Cost: 20
Target: Enemies
Area: Medium
Range: Self

Sword Attack

This attack cannot be seen in Mr. Rabbit’s info panel, but can be described as such:

Deals Magic DMG.

AP Cost: 5
Base ATK: ? / ? / 800 / ? / 900
STR Bonus: ? / ? / A (200%) / ? / SS (250%)
Target: Enemies
Area: Single
Range: Close

Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts

Mr. Rabbit is quite fragile for a melee character, and tends to mindlessly walk into danger, which makes keeping him alive a challenge. He is, however, quite important for Arianna’s damage contribution in a team, both for his own sword attacks, and also for allowing her to keep her Passive 2 active. Due to this, she greatly appreciates teammates that can help keep him alive.

  • Healers in general may prefer to have healing and buffing tomes with wide areas of effect, as there will be one more teammate to benefit from them.
  • Characters that can move allies, such as Mamie or Natalie, or those that can stop them from moving, such as Eileen, may help keep Mr. Rabbit out of too much trouble.
  • Mr. Rabbit’s decent DEF and high MDF stats greatly benefit from damage reduction effects from characters such as Dolly or Felicia. Notably, Tess is able to consistently provide one, while also healing and buffing him, thanks to her Ultimate.
  • As Arianna’s damage is based on her INT, and Mr. Rabbit’s is on his STR, the duo can benefit from any character that can increase either of those stats. Notably, Oscar’s Ultimate can increases both stats for both of them at the same time, and for a long duration.
  • Characters with low AP cost weapons, such as archers, may allow Arianna’s Exclusive Weapon to be more consistently drawn into the hand, and thus allow her to heal Mr. Rabbit more often.
  • If saving him is not possible, Arianna’s Ultimate can be used to bring Mr. Rabbit back at the start of her turn, regaining the INT buff before dealing damage. Characters that accelerate her Ult Charge generation, such as Aaliyah or Charity, allow her to do so more often.
  • For these reasons, you should be careful if pairing Arianna with teammates that damage their allies, such as Keith or Gino.

Arianna is also capable of focusing more on her supportive aspects, rather than damage, if desired. By equipping Ult Charge generating Wands, she can cast her ultimate much more often, healing and reviving Mr. Rabbit to draw the attention of enemies away from her and her teammates, while also reducing their ATK and increasing her team’s MDF.

By Rukashi

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