60 Seconds Reatomized: “Cat Lady” Achievement Guide

This is a guide to get the Achievement “Cat Lady” easier with the items, events and more things you should do for an easier survival.
if you struggle with this ending you can check this guide out! if you don’t know how to activate the ending, keep getting the invasion ending, or can’t get enough supplies, maybe check this out?


Difficulty and items to get

Play in little boy (aka easy) and i recommend to play with Dolores since Ted is allergic to cats and could get sick with certain scenarios..

and look around the house, this is the list of things you should grab!


you must get as many cans as you can! after all those cats need 9 cans or you will get a different ending..


You also need water, I say a tleast 4 to survive a good amount of time


get a family member to scavenge, find the family member that is near you to save more time
(however, if you decide to try solo then you can skip this)


once you for sure got as much food and enough water what items should you get?
since CAT LADY ending only needs for you to have supplies and unless you are fast most of the time has already been spent on collecting food get these items with the time you have left!

  • Radio (most important)
  • Medkit (use it on adults!)
  • Gas mask (if you have a family member)


    besides those three items if you have time left or these things are nearby go for it

  • Suitcase (for extra items)
  • Boy scout handbook (fixing items, less chance of getting sick)
  • Weapons (Axe/Rifle, to kill rats or defend your shelter)
  • Map (gives you scenarios that can reward you with supplies (example: pancake, safe, strange visitors who ask to check your map)

    And with that you’re ready! in my case this is how my shelter looks like

    but it’s not over, there’s still a long way to win (usually the scenario that activates cat lady takes at least 70 days!)

What to do in the first days (and when to eat/drink)

You must prepare to scavenge in day 2!
make the family member you brought go out at day 3

and give food/water who you play as (in my case dolores) every 5 days (the longest you can survive without water) and since the family member went out at day 3 you dont gotta feed an extra mouth.

the more you play the more you should check if they are hungry or thirsty (dehydration or starvation means they can only survive for two more days)

since sometimes they get the “Starvation” earlier even after you fed them so watch out for that!

check the adult every day even when it’s not feeding day

let’s say it the 60 days, you feed and check on 61 in case they are still starving, then on 63 checks that they don’t have the dehydration or starvation status already.

you don’t have to feed or give them to drink when they just get the “starvation” or “dehydration” status 4 days after eating/drinking since they can hold for one extra day, and finally feed them at 65

they can actually last 10 days without eating but it makes them weaker and the days you gotta feed them gets messier and the more you must check if they are starving.

Events to get more supplies + scavenge

Time to get more supplies, You must do Anything and Everything to get tomato soup!
that includes hurting others

if this scenario pops up go for it! that scenario has been more successful than the teacher one.
(the twins won’t come for you but does it matter?)

now the reason why you should get the suitcase and radio

Radio has scenarios that can give you more supplies (ignore the military ending tho)

suitcase can give you more items (maybe not that good but you could trade for more supplies)

and the reason why i choose mvp timmy

if you’re lucky he can bring back 4 tomato soups and 6 bottled waters!

make him scavenge as much as you can till he never comes back (one mouth less to feed am i right?)

How to start the Cat lady ending

Now you have the supplies, but that’s just the half!

You need to get Sharikov, don’t know how to get Sharivok?

In one scenario a stranger described as “sleazy” will offer you a one-time deal where for one can of soup you will get a bag and all its contents

give the stranger the can and Sharikov the cat will be here to stay!

Now you will have 4 possible endings with Sharikov

    Endings with Sharikov

  • Agents ending
  • Mad scientist
  • Cat invasion
  • Cat Lady

    Sharikov in one event will have a direction with a collar which some agents take him for a little time (i usually ignore any type of contact with them)

    when Sharikov plays with a wire don’t follow the wire as to officially ignore the agent ending

    The mad scientist usually always comes and asks for your help, ignore and don’t give him anything (at the start he will say that in a few days he will come for 4 cans/bottles, just don’t give him anything even if he comes back)

    wait for this note to appear

    and thats when (forcefully) either the Cat invasion or Cat lady ending starts!

Requirements to finally get the CAT LADY ending

After a while, surviving days and days this will happen:

Once this scenario pops up it is time

for 9 days cats will appear and you will lose one can of tomato soup, therefore you need at least 9 cans to get the cat lady ending.

That’s all, nothing more nothing less, just 9 cans of soup and you’re good to go!

if you don’t have enough tomato soup cans you will get the cat invasion ending this is why getting as many soup cans and doing everything for the soup cans is important even in the early game!

I sure hope this guide helped you with ways to save supplies, ways to get supplies and know what activates the cat lady ending.

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