A Dance of Fire and Ice: All Worlds Guide (Steam Version 1.11.0)

Here is a guide on how to access all the official worlds in A Dance of Fire and Ice.

Note: this guide was created by NC and based on the Steam version 1.11.0.


A Dance of Fire and Ice All Worlds Guide

Worlds 1-3 (Online Flash Demo)
I’m starting with the flash demo, because I can, so don’t ask why. World 1 is unlocked from the start, so complete that world to unlock World 2. Complete World 2 to unlock the final world of the demo, World 3.

Worlds 1-5
They’re unlocked from the very start, so I don’t really need to explain this.

World 6
To unlock World 6, you need to complete the first 5 worlds. You can check your progress by looking at the gem bridge connecting Worlds 5 and 6 together. If there’s a gap where the 3rd gem should be, that means you haven’t completed the third world yet.

Worlds 7-12, and the Xtra Worlds
To unlock the next set of worlds, just simply complete World 6. To access them after completing World 6, just go one tile to the left of the tile you’d go on to enter a world, and a gem should come up. Go onto that gem, and it should take you to Worlds 7-12.

It should also make a green gem above the spawning area upon starting up the game appear. Go onto it, and it should take you to the 5 Xtra Worlds: Worlds XF, XC, XH, PA. and XR!

World B
To unlock the bonus world, you need to complete the speed trials for worlds 1-6. Complete the first 5 worlds at 150% speed (1.5x) and World 6 at 110% speed. (1.1x) World B actually doesn’t have a speed trial goal, so when you complete it, you’ll automatically get the red lantern along with the blue lantern, and the yellow lantern as well if you get over 100% accuracy.

Worlds XO and XT
Upon completing World B, the game will say “Game 100% Complete! Crown Island Unlocked” upon returning to the title screen. If you go right a bit, you’ll see a new transportation gem with a crown icon.
This is what it should look like!

Another method is by inputting either of the following codes on your keyboard: “quree” and “star4th” without quotes. This should take up to XO-1, or XO-X respectively, depending on the code you put in. Exit the level, and you should be in the Crown Island!


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