A Dance of Fire and Ice: Helpful Tips

In this guide, you may learn something new that might help you during this game


A Dance of Fire and Ice General Tips

1-Calibrate your “timing” before starting the game. If you are playing and the rythmn fells a bit weird, try calibrating the timing by going in the calibration option.

2- You can use more than 1 button to click. It can be any key, I recommend using more than one in cases you are not fast enough to click in time.
This is a pretty cool layout I found. On basic game you will only use V and N, but if you try custom maps, you will maybe have to use all of them.


3- Try not to hear your keyboard sounds. (Very personal, may not be your case). While hearing keyboard noises, it may confuse your mind, if that’s the case, try to increase your headphone volume (don’t exaggerate) or press your keys gently. If you are using a mechanical keyboard and you feel like the noise is bothering you, you could use a membrane keyboard, but it kinda sucks tbh.

In general that’s pretty much it, in this game you gotta practice until you are good on it, there is not many tips or things like that, just play it that you will eventually go through the hard parts.

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