A Memoir Blue: Achievements 100%

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.



All achievements can be obtained in one playthrough. Achievements are listed in chronological order. If you missed something, then the chapter can be replayed.



Home Sweet Home
This is a story achievement, get it when you beat the game.
All Done!
You will get this achievement automatically when you complete all the others.

Chapter 1

Empty Your Cup
You need to push all the ice cubes out of the glass (3 pieces). Lower them a little to the input and lift them up sharply.
Surfing the Radio Waves
You need to press both buttons at the top every time you see a new picture on the radio. The last picture will work automatically.
Glow Up
You need to turn on the backlight of the crane and the billboard. You need to press the crane several times and it will fall into place and the backlight will turn on.

Chapter 2

Hopping the Turnstile
Throw coins off the screen. To either side.

Chapter 3

Wood war
You need to throw some planks into the water. Throw them into the water until you get the achievement.
Siren Song
After you turn on the boat’s ignition, interact with the radio.
Oh Buoy!
You need to find all the buoys on the map. See screenshot.
Bubbling Over
Swim around the photo (don’t grab the photo). You may have to do a few laps.

Chapter 4

Fan Service
You need to click on the fan to spin the pinwheel.
Knock ‘Em Down
Click on the umbrella shown in the screenshot a few times. He will fall and you will get an achievement.
Flipper Friend
Pull down the toy dolphins hanging from the ceiling.

Chapter 5

Sink and Swim
When you find yourself in the water, hold and do not release LMB even in the dark. When she swims to the end, you will receive an achievement.

Chapter 6

Mirror, Mirror…
You need to fix the mirror on the first try. Screenshot to help.

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