A Pixel Story: 100% Achievements Guide

This is a complete guide detailing how to obtain every achievement in the game. This guide will contain spoilers.


Main Game Progression

These are all achievements that will be naturally unlocked as you progress through the game. Most are self explanatory, but have been included anyways.

No Skinny Dipping!

Get Dressed For Your Adventure
This achievement is unlocked by simply starting the game. If you don’t already have this I’m not sure what to tell you.

The Valley

Complete The Valley
Complete the first area in Generation 1, The Valley.


Successfully Cache Using The Hat
Simply use the hat for the first time.

The Temple

Complete The Temple
Complete the second area in Generation 1, The Temple.

The Bayou

Complete The Bayou
Complete the first area in Generation 2, The Bayou.

The Volcano

Complete The Volcano
Complete the second area in Generation 2, The Volcano.

The Forest

Complete The Forest
Complete the first area in Generation 3, The Forest.

The Lab

Complete The Lab
Complete the second area in Generation 3, The Lab.

Free The System!

Enter The City And Bring Down The Tyrannical Operator
Complete Generation 4 and defeat The Operator.

Post Completion and Collectibles

These are achievements that are only accessible after completing the game for the first time, as well as achievements relating to collectibles and in-game 100%. Do note that some achievements here require completion of the challenge rooms, which have their own section devoted to them.

Good Guy Dev Team

We Won’t Sting You For Hidden Extras, Have Some Useless And Possibly Detrimental Add-Ons For Free
Returning to the bedroom after completing the game will give you access to the DLC Store toggles in the Generation 4 computer. Most of these aren’t relevant, however the Bonus Narrative toggle must be active to trigger some of the other achievements.

The Last Flight Of Metal Gear Charles

Return To The Bayou To Witness The Glorious End Of A Great Mech
With Bonus Narrative enabled, go to The Bayou and fast travel to the checkpoint at the far right of the stage. From there walk right to the mech and the cutscene will play.

For All The Cows

Discover The Secret Identity Of Kelly The Canary
With Bonus Narrative enabled, go to The Volcano and fast travel to the second foreman’s room where Kelly the Canary is. Interact with the birdcage and you’ll get the achievement.

Gotta Go Fast

Free The Blue Creature And Look At Him Go!
With Bonus Narrative enabled, go to The Forest and fast travel to the bottom right area with the scientist. Enter the chamber where the scientist was trapped and interact with the hedgehog in the cage.

We Are Stuff… You Don’t

I Agenda, You Success
Go to The Valley and fast travel to the furthest left checkpoint, then walk left to the shoreline. A turtle will be moving back and forth in the ocean, jump on its back and ride it to a secret island. Once you enter the dev room simply talk to each of the devs and the achievement will unlock.

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

Scour The System And Find The Iconic Items
There is a special item that references a different game in each of the six areas, collect all of them to unlock this achievement. If you want a detailed guide of where they are, there’s a toggle in the Generation 4 DLC store that places their locations on the map.

No Coin Left Behind

Find And Collect Every Coin In The System
Each area has 256 coins in it, except for Elysian Fields, which contains 512 coins only accessible after defeating The Operator.

Memory Full! Now Read The Lore, There Will Be A Test

Find And Collect Every Piece Of Memory Throughout The System.
Each area has 8 pieces of memory in it obtainable through various puzzles and sidequests. One extra memory is given to you after defeating The Operator, and the remaining 15 are obtained from completing all of the challenge rooms. In order to purchase all of the challenge rooms you’ll need to also collect all coins.

The Horrible Truth

You Are Not Special. You’re Not A Beautiful And Unique Pixel. You’re The Same Decaying Digital Matter As Everything Else
After collecting all 64 memory and placing all of the tokens on their pedestals in Elysian Fields the true ending will activate. WARNING: Activating the true ending will wipe your save file in the process, if you intend to use your file to practice the challenge rooms make sure you leave at least one memory uncollected somewhere.

Challenge Rooms

This section covers the achievements specifically related to the challenge rooms, as well as some basic information about the Challenge Room Death Run. Each challenge room rewards a memory with its completion and costs a certain amount of coins to unlock.

1 Down 14 To Go… Will Your Game Pad Survive

Purchase, Enter And Complete A Challenge Room
As the description says, simply purchasing and completing and challenge room will unlock the achievement.

A Strange New World

Complete A Challenge Room With ‘A Strange New World’ Activated
There’s a toggle in the Generation 4 DLC Store that rotates all challenge rooms upside down and inverts your controls. This achievement requires completing any challenge room with the toggle active.

Impressive… Most Impressive. Now Take On The Death Run

Complete All 15 Challenge Rooms In Story Mode
Completing all 15 challenge rooms will unlock the achievement. It’s worth noting that being teleported to Elysian Fields after getting all the memory in a set still counts as beating the room; you don’t need to exit through the door for it to count. I don’t know whether the exit door is required for all other challenge rooms, but there’s no reason not to use it. After completing all 15 the Challenge Room Challenge will be unlocked in the main menu.

There’s Something Wrong With You!

Complete The Challenge Room Death Run
This is by far the hardest achievement in the game. The Challenge Room Death Run, or Challenge Room Challenge, requires you to complete all 15 challenge rooms in a row, with only 5 lives per room. The order the rooms appear in is randomized, however the last room will always be one from Generation 1. Despite the room order being randomized, you can reset the challenge repeatedly until you start on the hardest room to get it out of the way. I recommend that you practice all the challenge rooms until you feel pretty consistent at them before trying the death run, again keeping in mind that collecting all 64 memory will prevent you from practicing them any further on that save.

Miscellaneous Achievements

These are all the rest of the achievements which didn’t fit elsewhere, including some of the most cryptic ones.

Sergeant Zzzzz…

Remain Awake Long Enough To Learn The Veteran’s Identity
After reaching at least The Temple, return to The Valley and climb the castle to talk to the veteran. Repeatedly interact with him and listen to all of his stories to get the achievement.

For The Love Of Gradius

Input The Sacred Code At The Secret Location
In The Temple, to the right of the rightmost challenge room there’s a carving on the wall in morse code. Stand in front of it and enter the Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start). I specifically used controller for this achievement, and i’m not sure whether it works on keyboard or not.

Having Fun?

Have You Really Got The Time To Be Bouncing Around In Here?
In The Forest there’s a large room lined with bounce pads to the left of the witch. Keep building up speed as you bounce between the floor and ceiling, when you’re going fast enough the achievement will unlock.

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Either You Have Gone To Make A Brew, Or You Are Completely Clueless As To How To Do This Puzzle. Either Way, Have An Achievement
In The Lab, at the first puzzle where you’re taught to give your hat to a clone (the one with the keycard behind a gate), go afk instead of solving the puzzle. It should take about five minutes before you get the achievement. This is possible to miss on your first playthrough if you aren’t aware of it, but if you move relatively quickly while going for the speedrun you can get it then. As a fun sidenote, on other platforms it’s called “You Do Know What You’re Doing!”, and only requires completing the puzzle normally.

Faster Than A Speeding Dev

Free The System Faster Than The Devs
This achievement requires you beat the game in under a certain time. I’m not entirely certain what the time is but I was able to get it on my first try while idling for “You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!”, so it’s not too tight. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need 15 memory to access the final upgrade gate, and you naturally get 9 memory just by progressing through the story normally, so you only need to go out of your way to get 6 extra memory. If you use the route from the current world record speedrun you’ll be able to get it pretty easy.

Hat About A Bit… Possibly A Lot

Use Your Hat To Cache 2048 Times
Just teleport with your hat 2048 times. It should naturally unlock while you’re doing other things.

Bucking Bacon

Achieve A Score Of 2000 Whilst Riding Kevin
After reaching at least The Temple, return to The Valley and fast travel to the farmers. Interact with Kevin the pig and you’ll start the pig riding minigame, then stay balanced long enough to reach a score of 2000.

Party Like Its Cycle 19999999999

Wow the Kernel’s Party Guests By Reaching A Score Of 5000
After starting the Kernel’s party in the bayou, interact with the dance floor to begin a rhythm minigame. Reach a score of 5000 to clear it, you should be able to miss a note or two. If you don’t get 5000 on your first attempt, exit and reenter the area to reset the minigame, otherwise it won’t register any scores beyond your first.

The Sprouting Dead

Help Gus Fight Off His Wayward Offspring By Reaching A Score Of 400
After you bring Gus a drum of oil in The Forest, you can interact with the sign on his house to play a mushroom killing minigame. Reach a score of 400 to unlock the achievement. Try to only shoot as much oil as you need and be sure to refill whenever you’re moving or have downtime. Also, some mushrooms will pop faster than others, keep and eye on their bars if a few come up at once.

Castle Crasher

Locate And Destroy The Miniature Castles Hidden Across The System
In each area of the game there’s a castle that can be destroyed by walking over it. In The Valley the castle is right at the beginning near the shore. In the temple it’s above the skull door right below the Bridge Keeper. In The Bayou it’s in the floating island, you can see it on the right as you ride the hot air balloon. To reach it you have to repeatedly place your hat by the hot air balloon and use the spring below it to gain height. It’ll take a while to climb up but eventually you’ll reach the castle. In The Volcano it’s to the right of the queen’s chamber, you can reach it by doing a precise hat jump. In The Forest it’s above the fireplace by the witch. In The Lab it’s behind the door in the room directly to the left of the one with all the writing on the walls.


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