A Town Uncovered: Every Character And Where To Find Them

Here is a guide on how to find all characters in A Town Uncovered.

October 2022 | Updated to Version 0.42a


Every Character And Where To Find Them

Mom, Jane, Dad, Jacob, Effi, Allaway, Lashley, Jack should all be automatic.
Dorothea: Not required for main story. Automatic during Lashley route.

Jacob’s dad, Lailah: To the left of Effie’s house.
– – Lailah may not always appear. She can be found in the afternoon. She might also appear in the morning on the weekend.
– – WARNING: Lailah doesn’t always unlock from meeting her, so you may need to talk to her several times!

Effie’s dad = House on the top right of the map. Only there on weekend?
Janae, Alanna and Grundle Sam work at the mall.
Brock = Need to see at fight club (gym at night) first. Then talk to him at the Cafe.
Violetta = beach

Meghan, Chieghan, Teghan = Female bathroom in the morning (Bonus Meghan scene Friday afternoon)
Edward = In front of school + beach at night
Cole = school cafeteria (morning)
Zariah = downstairs school hallway (afternoon) ← Required for nightclub
Jaiden = gym (morning)
Luna = upstairs school hallway (morning) or classroom (afternoon)
Phil = male bathroom (morning)
Coach Fistem = gym (night)

Street to the south:
Hitomi + three gamers = comic shop. (Bonus Hitomi scene at the beach on Saturdays)
Hazel = sex shop besides comic book store
Steve = nightclub besides sex shop (night) ← Get Zariah first.

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