A Town Uncovered: Gifts Guide

Here is a guide on how do gifts work and which gifts are for which characters in A Town Uncovered.

October 2022 | Updated with New Version 0.42a


How do gifts work?

Gifts increase your relationship with a character. It took 3 gifts to gain 1 point when I tried it.

Edit: As of v0.41, Gifts seem to be broken.

1) Buy gifts in the mall.
2) Go to character you want to give it to.
3) In your inventory, click on the item you want to give them. (It should then be “selected”.)
4) Click on the character to talk to them, there should be a new option to hand over the item.


Which gift for which character?

Jane: All three kinds of socks and the lollipop.
Effie: Premium choc & nuts mix
Hitomi: Strawberry Pepper-o, chocolate Pepper-o, Peanut butter Pepper-o
Lashley: Bibles
Mrs Smith: Flowers

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