Albion Online: Easy Money from Axe Build

Golden sacks set , cheap and fast earn money , able to solo dungeons and daily Arena quest’s ,also good for faction wars !


Our game play and Goals for Solo farming

Solo Farming phases :

  • For first levels , try to make corrupted dungeons Tier 5* and solo Dungeons tier 5 .
  • When we unlock tier 6 Gear , then we use SOLO maps for tier 6 Red zone biomes , Activating a solo map , will provide you more loot rewards , dont use enchanted at the begin cause is really hard to kill them
  • When we master at least 25 level (specialist) each item ,then we can try to make enchanted tier 6 maps for even bigger loot drops !
  • And last but not least , after unlocking tier 7 to all our gear , we can try to raid Tier 7 zones for the ultimate solo dungeon drops , and manage to level up up to tier 8 our set .

Main Weapon of this build

We are using the Greataxe for The Spin , aoe dps , bleed . Cheap and the best solution for PVE (farming)

For first Skill ability (Q) play Rending Spin till you manage to unlock Rending Rage that deals more DPS and provides you with the abillity to Root the mob or players .

For the second skill ability (W) Choose Deadly Chop Till you manage to unlock Raging Blades , with Raging blades you will manage to max your dps for your Spin and third ability

And last Our Weapons basic ability is Whirlwind , that will help us clean faster and deals damage around you . TIP* Use Raging blades , and the Stalker hood ability first before you active for max Damage

Our body armor

Our best option is to use The Mercenery Jacket , for the Bloodlust skill that will fast provide us alot of health points and that upgrades our survival for Bosses

Bloodlust explained : Everytime you damage an enemy, you heal yourself for 88. Lasts for the lower of 9s or 9 hits.

We activate this skill before we use our third ability the Whirlwind (manages to hit 5 times in 2,5 seconds and provides us with maximun health restore )

Our main Helmet (Hood)

We are Using The Stalker hood for The passive (DMG+Armor ) and of course our skill Mortal Agony.

Mortal agony Explained : Your damage is increased by 20% for 4s. Enemies in a 6m radius around you whose health is below 50% will be mortally afraid of you. Their resistances are reduced by 94 for 4s. Also reveals invisible enemies within the same radius, regardless of their health.

*We activate Mortal agony before we release our skill combo , to max our Damage .

Our boots Choice

We will use Soldier boots cause is the cheapest option and the best solution , Soldier boots is plate armor and it will provide us with armor and fast health regen skill

We choose the skill Rejuvenating Sprint for a fast sprint and Health restore (buy us time to escape or skill CD )

Rejuvenating Sprint Explained Increases your move speed by 120% for 2s, and regenerates 56 health every second, for 2 seconds.

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