Albion Online: How To Get Serious Coin Very Quick 2021

So let’s say hypothetically you want to rich in Albion Online, The free to play sandbox MMORPG where you can be whatever you want to be. You look up how and you find videos of already rich players running about in 8.3 Max spec making the game look as easy as fortnite. “How can I EVER do that?”, You ask yourself. Look no further than this very epic cool guide on how. :happy:


1. Go To shop and buy armour
It’s a very important step please don’t miss it.

2. Head To A Yellow Zone And Enter A Corrupted Dungeon
You want to do this exactly how i have explained as it is how to do it.

3. Beat Up The Baddies
By doing this you ensure your win rates are above 100%.

4. Take All The Loot
You might be tempted to wear the drip the chests have but NO. Do not as you will break the items and not make the big bux.

5. Sell The Loot To Claim Big Cash Reward
Now that you have got your loot take it to the Lymhurst market as it is epic cool (Bridgewatch stinky) and sell your rewards. Guaranteed big money. Have fun spending your cash!

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