Andarilho: Crash a car Achievement Guide

How to make Crash a car achievement and how to have a car in this game.


How to get a car?

According to the developer, in the latest version of the game cars will no longer spawn. So you can not to waste your time searching it (like i did). But car can be crafted. (Tab – craft window) For one car you will need 50 metal fagments.

So where the hell metal fragments are?

I couldn’t find a better way than killing aliens. As for me, they have a higher probability of dropping metal fragments.

How to hunt aliens?

I suggest doing it at night.

Firstly, there are more of them at night. Secondly, they are very visible at night.

You need to get close from the back and the aliens are killed from two hits into the head.

Lifehack. Aliens can not enter the water. So you can agro them and run into the lake. The GG hitbox is enough to reach the blunt aliens.

Alternate ways

I don`t know them.

I tried to get metal parts from metal ore with the help of a fireplace, but it didn’t work. Metal elements do not fall from the surrounding nature and the world. And from the zombies somehow they fell a little.
You will need 3-5 nights for farming 50 metal fragments.

Achievement itself

After crafting the car, it should be fueled. Fuel is crafted from corn, which grows in sufficient quantities.

While sitting in the car, it needs to be speeded to 3-4 gears for taking enough damage from collision with environment.

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