ARK: Survival Ascended – All Artifact Cave Entrance Locations

A quick guide to show you all the artifact cave entrance location on the Island !


Central Cave

40.2° LAT | 46.6° LON

This entrance is really easy to find if you have played ARK Survival Evolved. It is located in the center of the map near the volcano.
The cave contains the Artifact of the Clever.

North West Cave

14.1° LAT | 13.9° LON
Again, very easy to find, it’s located at the top of the north-western snow-area.
It contains the Artifact of the Skylord.

Lower South Cave (Hunter Cave)

85.3° LAT | 54.2° LON
The well-known Hunter Cave located in a small ravine in the lower south part of The Island.
It houses the Artifact of the Hunter.

North East Cave

8.9° LAT | 91.3° LON
You will find this cave on an island located in the top right corner of the map. This Island is named The Dead Island (or The Carno Island) and is very dangerous.
If you go down this cave, you will find the Artifact of the Devourer.

Upper South Cave

71.3° LAT | 57.2° LON
This cave is located to the north of the swamp.
It contains the Artifact of the Pack.

Lava Cave (South East Cave)

74.1° LAT | 92.2° LON
This cave is located in the southeast of The Island at the bottom of a ravine near the coast.
The cave contains the Artifact of the Massive.

Swamp Cave

64.8° LAT | 35.1° LON
The Swamp Cave is located near the swamp in the Redwood Forest.
The cave contains the Artifact of the Immune.

Snow Cave

26° LAT | 29° LON
The Snow Cave is located in the snow area. You can easily spot it because it is a large piece of ice sticking out of the snow.
This cave contain the Artifact of the Strong.


The Caverns of Lost Hope

45.4° LAT | 95° LON
This is an underwatercave located on the east coast of the map.
The cave contains the Artifact of the Cunning.

The Caverns of Lost Faith

54.4° LAT | 3.9° LON
Like the one before, this cave is an underwatercave and is located on the west coast of the map.
It contains the Artifact of the Brute.



Here are the 5 largest underwater caves

(if you want to build your base inside, or find the explorers notes)

97.8° LAT | 75.1° LON

97° LAT | 33.7° LON

49.9° LAT | 4.5° LON

3.6° LAT | 17.1° LON

34° LAT | 98.1° LON

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