Arma 3: Directions Guide (How to Understand Direction Codes)

To better understand direction codes (bearings):

Open your GPS [Right Ctrl+M] or compass [2xK].

The direction matches the 360° system. North is marked as 000, East as 090 and so on. Coordinates are also visible on the map.

Clock position is often used for a relative direction. Based on a 12-hour clock analogy, 12 o’clock means directly ahead, 3 o’clock means right and so on. When you receive such information, a simple clock icon appears.



Members of your team will often use phrases such as “enemy, 200 meters, west” in both the single player missions and multiplayer. It is then best to use a compass. You can also see the “bearing” on your compass. Bearing is a set of numbers that are spaced apart at the edges of the compass. For example, if someone in your group says “enemy, bearing 250”, then open the compass and turn it, so the red line is on the number 250.


The map is a powerful tool for navigation and commanding.

Open it by pressing [M].
Zoom the map in or out with [mouse-wheel up and down].
Try hiding or showing map textures or centering on your position. Buttons are located on the top toolbar.
Close the map by pressing [M] or [Esc].

Remember, you can only see the map if you have a GPS or Map in your Inventory.

Another element of navigation in the area is also the co-ordination of “grid”. For example – the members of your group will use a phrase “enemy, grid 035051”, when they’ll spot an enemy at a certain location. In order to find out that location, you will have to open your map (M by default). You’ll notice numbers on the left and the bottom side of the map. Grid co-ordination numbers always begin with the bottom side then the left. From each number there is a line, so you need to look at a spot where the lines from the number 035 and 051 connect with each other – that is where the enemy is located.
The coordinates refer to the whole squared area (grid location) not just the line-crossing. This is how the GPS will also report the location.


You have a new task. Tasks are mission objectives received from Command. To open mission tasks:

Open the task list [J].

Alternatively, you can access your tasks on the map.

Open the map [M] and select Tasks.

Goals from the active task are marked on your screen. To select a different task as active:

Open tasks [J].
Click on the task.
Then click on set as an active task.


Waypoints mark a location you are ordered to go to by your team-leader or a task. All waypoints and go-to orders will be shown by a marker on the screen. When moving in a formation, a formation marker will also be shown on the screen, but without any distance and description.

Task related waypoints

are shown on the map. The displaying of waypoints depends on difficulty settings chosen.

Custom Waypoints

You can add a custom waypoint to a map. It will be displayed both on the map and in the scene. To add a waypoint

Open the map by [M].
Place the waypoint with [Left Shift]+[LMB].

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