Arma 3: “In It Together” Achievement Guide

Guide on how to complete “In It Together” Achievement – by yourself. Myself I found this achievement a bit difficult to figure out the best solution for this and noticed there were no guides. So I thought it would be a great idea to throw this out there for anyone else in the future looking to go for this. Enjoy.


Achievement: In It Together – Spent 24 hours in any tank with a full human crew in multiplayer.

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This achievement can be done solo

Launching Executables

  1. Head to Arma 3 in your Steam library
  2. Right click > Manage > Browse local files (This will open your file explorer)
  3. Here you’ll find arma3.exe and arma3_x64.exe
  4. Launch both executables
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This would take a toll on your PC with having both open. So would recommend keeping that in mind if you’re looking to do anything else in the mean time. Over night is a good time for this to run

Setting up LAN server

  1. For one instance, head to Multiplayer > Server Browser > LAN
  2. Click Host a new session
  3. Create server name or password if you want (will be LAN so only people on your network will see)
  4. Click Virtual Reality > New – Eden Editor

Spawning Tank

  1. Under tab Assets > Objects > Independent
  2. Search Nyx and you’ll see the tank
  3. Click AWC303 Nyx (Recon) and spawn into scene
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The Nyx tank only has two seats allowing for this to work. After spawning the tank it will have two AI already.

Setting up Playable AI

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On the left side, you’ll see the tank, containing have 2 Crewman in Alpha 1-1.
The first character on the list will have the correct settings already – skip them

  1. For the second character, right click > open Attributes
  2. Under Objects: Control – check the box Playable
  3. Close out of setting by clicking Ok at the bottom

Starting Scene

  1. On top section, Click Play > Play in Multiplayer (MP)
  2. Click on 1 of the empty crewman slots
  3. Now you can join the server on your second instances in the LAN section
  4. On your second instances spawn on the second empty slot
  5. Click Ok, on both instances to start match
  6. Click Continue
  7. Verify both charcters are in first person (Not confirmed, but heard 3rd person view won’t count correctly)
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You be inside the tank now for both. Now from this point on… You can save this scene so you won’t have to setup each time

The Journey

Originally posted by tteett:

Enjoy your 24 hour journey alone by yourself. Achievement progress will begin and update every few minutes or so

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