Ataegina: Walkthrough, Gallery, and Cheats (V0.78)

Here is a walkthrough for version 0.78 and we will update it with the new version 0.8 in near future.

Note: This walkthrough was created by msleomac. more content will be added later.


Ataegina Walkthrough

Act I: Completed; Act II: v0.7.8 (1-6-2023)

Here ya go. I just used The Team’s mod as the base.


  • I color-code answers kind of based on how The Team used their color formatting. While “green” is typically used as a positive indicator and “red” for negative, I suggest you focus more on the words than the colors.
    • I don’t intend on removing the colors because they show users exactly when the mod is “in play” so to speak.
  • I made it so you can see multiple scenes in one playthrough. This was done to prevent users from having to constantly save/load. The way I do it isn’t the neatest, but it gets the job done.
  • I picked up from where The Team left off (v0.4.7). Anything that they had in the mod prior to v0.4.8 was left in and unchanged apart from their gallery mod.

Walkthrough for Act II has been updated. (1-6-2023)

Tested on a freshly downloaded copy. No issues..

  • 0.7.8 walkthrough content added.
    • 3Ways to get Katriona content.
      • You had fun with her in version 0.4.9 or 0.5.5 or 0.7.6
      • Her Love is 4 or more
    • Couple of content differences if Mida is in the tower

I will continue to update the Act II walkthrough as the story progresses, but the Act I walkthrough is basically finished unless someone points something out that I should change or add.

Act I: Completed; Act II: v0.7.8 (1-6-2023)

I know that at one point someone asked for a walkthrough that was not in-game and I said I would entertain the thought. I finally got around to trying to make one and came up with this convoluted masterpiece. The main reason for making it in the first place was for those that can’t carry over there Act I save to Act II. I still don’t know whether this is due to my mod or not, but at the very least this will give others a different way of playing.


  • ‘DM’ for choice purposes means ‘Doesn’t Matter’.
  • I’m attaching an Excel Sheet for you to be able to check your variables. I’ve never done this before so let me know if it’s not working.
  • This is my first time ever making a flowchart, and you’ll notice how ‘busy’ it can get. For the most part the path-lines should be accurate though.

Flowchart for Act I has been completed. (8-27-2022)

  • I did go through Act I using it, and didn’t see any issues.

Flowchart for Act II is now caught up. (1-6-2023)

  • v0.7.8 content was added.
  • For the variable checklist, Cell F89, Cell G91 and Cells D90-E92 were updated. If you already use a checklist from a previous version, just download the new version and copy those cells into your old version to save yourself time from having to completely edit a new template.

This is far from perfect, and I’m definitely expecting someone to note missing paths or how it can be improved. Let me know how you like it, if you like it.

Ataegina Gallery

Act I: Completed; Act II: v0.7.8 (1-6-2023)

  • Includes basically every explicit scene found within the game. These can be as tame as simple groping to a slightly more extreme DP threesome.
  • I made several corrections to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I didn’t exactly go through with a fine-tooth comb, but I tried to catch as many things as possible.
  • You can access the gallery by clicking on the icon on the top left of the main menu.
  • I got bored during the creation of the gallery, so I added some easter egg type things to a few of the scenes. If you see one and don’t like it, or are just heavily against me changing how a scene went, let me know.
  • The Act I gallery is just for game version 0.5.0 and below. Apologies for those already on Act II who don’t want to redownload Act I or something.

Gallery for Act II has been updated. (1-6-2023)

  • Tested and didn’t see any issues.
  • Added 2 scenes:
    • 2 MC
      • 1 Mida
      • 1 Katriona

I will continue to update the Act II gallery as the story progresses, but the Act I gallery is basically finished unless someone points something out that I should change or add.


Ataegina Cheats

Act I: Completed (8-13-2021); Act II: v0.7.8 (1-6-2023)

  • Added a way to cheat your stats, money, etc.
  • Threw in some variables you can change as well.
  • Can access this mod by pressing your “r” key while playing the game. This should prompt a list of choices for you to mess with.
    • The way I made this mod makes it so that closing out the cheat menu will progress the text box. That means that if you open up the cheat menu while a choice menu is also currently up, this will skip the choice menu and cause issues. Since I do not quite know how to prevent this, please do not use the cheat menu while other answer choices are still up.
  • Created the Jay Omnipotence mod that will quickly max out your money, stats, and girl stats with the simple press of the “t” key.
    • Like the mod above, this will progress the textbox. Try not to use it while answer choices are on the screen.
    • Continue pressing “t” until you have your desired alignment.
  • If you’re the type that likes to use your own mods that affect the quick menu (y_outline.rpy for example), this will prevent the cheat mod from working properly.

Cheats for Act II have been updated for the current version. (1-6-2023)

  • Cheats were not tested for the current version.
  • Nothing new was added for v0.7.8
Current Additions:

  • Added 5 main parameters:
    • Stats (Yours)
      • You can raise or lower your stats to a degree.
      • This can only be done all together. Don’t expect to raise illusion by 1 while reducing necromancy by 2, or something like that.
    • Stats (Girls) {Act II Only}
      • You can raise or lower the Love or Corruption of a select number of girls.
    • Alignment (Act I)
      • You can raise or lower your alignment.
      • There are quite a few instances where your alignment will determine what you see. This matters a bit less about halfway through the game where a variable is created based on your alignment.
        • I added a way for you to skip to some alignment-specific scenes.
          • This is very likely to mess up your saves or whatnot, so please be wary of using this. Save prior or something.
    • Alignment (Act II)
      • Alignment in Act II has a significantly lower importance than Act I. There are still things like dialogue changes.
        • This may or may not be the case in the future. We’ll see.
    • Money
      • You can raise it to 9999 Gold. No reason to lower it or go any higher.
    • Flags (Act I)
      • You can set your variables for some of the more important choices. There are currently 6.
        • Whether Bredita owns Mida.
        • Whether Calessa is your pet.
        • Your relationship with Bairn.
        • Whether you rejected Katriona.
        • Whether you struck a deal with Cerea so she can stay in your library.
        • Whether you accept Bredita’s help at the end of Act I.
    • Flags (Act II)
      • You can set your variables for some of the more important choices. Only 5 have been added so far.
        • Whether you let Mida follow you to your tower.
        • Whether you agreed to let Bredita help you at the end of Act I.
        • How you ended v0.5.2.
          • Frankly I just threw in a skip here for people who want to see the missed content.
        • Whether you struck a deal with Cerea so she can stay in your library.
        • Whether you’re submissive to Bredita or not.
  • Added Jay Omnipotence:
    • Refer to Notes section above.

I personally believe that the way I made the cheat mod function is kind of gross compared to what I’ve seen other people do, but it’s the best I could come up with at the moment. I will continue to update the Act II cheat mod as the story progresses, and I don’t know how much more I’m willing to mess with Act I.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any issues the cheats may cause you. Please use them at your own risk. Also, please do not download the Gallery mod and Cheat mod separately. They will conflict with one-another. Either choose which one to use, or download the zip with both of them in it.


Act I: None; Act II: v0.7.8 (1-6-2023)

  • The attached file below is only meant for Act II of the game and should not be used for Act I.
  • This mod has the three previous mods all included. So if you want to use all of them for whatever reason, this is the only one you should have to download.

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