ATOM RPG Trudograd: New Achievements Guide (Patch 1.04)

Here is a guide on how to get the three new achievements in the update 1.04 in December 2021.


1. Admiral
A simple achievement, for which you need to play in the arcade machine at the end of the Mikhalych tavern corridor. To achieve, you must not miss.
The easiest way: without moving the camera to make a shot and remember where the bomb will arrive, then restart the game and wait for ships in that position again and again.

2. Goodbye Atom

For this achievement, you need to join the Conglomerate and complete the game. To join, you need to complete “The Industrial Espionage” quest (installing a spy camera), give the results to Francis, wait two days, after that when you move on the global map, there will be a random encounter with an invitation to the Second Heaven in the greenhouse – this is a new quest for the Conglomerate, in which you need to go to a new bunker, after it’s completion you will be asked to join the Conglomerate – accept this offer (“Great idea!”). After completing the game, you will receive an achievement and see a new slide.

3. Bronzovka

To get this achievement, you need to ask 6 characters about Bronzovka, 5 of them will go into a trance (roll their eyes) and tell you about their past. You can specially get it in the new game, you will need speechcraft and technology, intellect and luck.

To do this, you need:
1) Talk to Sher-Khan in the Trudograd Outskirts, he appears randomly on the market and is guaranteed on the first day, if you drove him out earlier and did not ask about Bronzovka, then you will not see him again.
2) Talk to a shoe shiner on Kolotushkin Street
3) Talk to Xenia in the Grey Corner (self made weapon seller)
4) Talk to Misha (new NPC next to the telephone box) in the Gray Corner, he will have a dialogue about tanks. After that, go to the Machine factory, in a conversation with the chief engineer, find out about the plans and the fact that Misha created them, there will be an opportunity to take a quest to bring him to work at the factory. Return to the Grey Corner, talk to Misha and in any way agree with the leader of the Knaves about freedom (money\intellect\you can probably kill everyone). Finally return to the factory and talk to Misha again, with enough luck he will tell us about Bronzovka (luck can be temporarily raised with alcohol).
5) At the factory we speak with Boris Barell Roller (disappears after the strike)
6) At the Checkpoint, we talk with the new character Constrictor, with enough luck he will tell us about Bronzovka.

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