Azure Striker Gunvolt 3: How to Farm 30k Credit in 1 Minute

How to farming 30k credit in 1 minute


Image pulse

Equipped these Image Pulse
Shiron 1 , “The Wizard Operator” Shiron 3 , “The Magnetic Avarice” Carrera 3 , Corvette: DLC Pack 2, The Djinn, Reverie Mirror ZONDA 1, Reverie Mirror ZONDA 3

What do you need to unlock?

You need to unlock Nova’s secret mission first before farming with this method.
How to unlock Nova boss battle?
You need to equipped Nova Image Pulse while battle with Last boss first phrase. When he uses the last health bar, you need to jump into middle of the screen. You can only meet Nova with this method.After you beat him you need to clear the game with True ending. So you can unlock secret mission with Nova battle.

How to farm?

Why do you need to know about this? Because the Corvette(DLC) Image Pulse will give you different amount of Credit with different type of attack. If you finish the boss early, you will get low amount of credits.

Ok first thing you need to do is
>Enter Secret Mission Nova with Demanding Task (Hard mode)
> Jump to Nova and reduce your hp until it reach to 0 and trigger the Anthem with The Djinn Image Pulse.

> You can control with Berserk Gunvolt and all attack do you need to do is spamming Flash Dart to lock Nova. Then spamming Flashfield until Nova died. If you finish the Nova with Voltaic Chain or Voltaic Buster, you don’t get 30k per round. Because Corvette Image Pulse doesn’t calculate from the damage you done but it calculates by the hit you do with the boss.

I tried 2 tests with this run
I got 187,824 credit. After I finished Nova fight, my credits increase to 218,136.
the second time my credits increase to 248,376.

If you like boss rush fight, you can earn around 400,000 credit per 1 round. But it takes much more time. You can choose any method as long as you have fun with this game.

By Pokemoc

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