Balatro: How to Increase Your Money by Editing Save Files

This guide shows you how to change the amount of money by editing and successfully saving the file.
I played Balatro for at leat 9 hours without winning once! So I was searching for trainers or guides and fount one. But the guides forgot to tell you one little thing, which I’m gonna tell you now.


Open with 7zip

1. Go to the installation folder of Balatro – Steam7steamapps/common
2. Open Balatro.exe with 7zip – right click – 7zip – open
3. Double click on game.lua and choose the windows editor to open it (choose open it once)

4. Press CTRL+F to search for backs and press enter

5. There you find the yellow deck and this highlighted line
6. Edit the Dollars. Standard amount is “10” – Put like in the screenshot 999 instead of 10 in this line.

7. Then save the file in another folder in Windows! On your Desktop or Documents folder where you can find it.
8. Close the Editor.
9. Your 7zip archive is open and now copy your edited file in this 7zip by drag and drop.
10. You have now two game.lua files there. Your edited with the ending game.lua.txt and the original one.
11. Delete the original one
10. Edit your game.lua.txt by pressing F2 and delete .txt
11. Now close the 7zip and start the game – your edited amount of money when playing the yellow deck will be there

You can also edit the other decks by doing the same and adding the line {dollars=999} on the other decks.

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