Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered: Basic Guide

A largely completed and hopefully useful guide to BBCR! (Plus some secrets and Easter Egg mentions)


Getting Started

Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered is an improved version of and bundle including the original Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning as well as Baldi’s Birthday Bash.

Upon first time boot, you will see a retro-style launcher with a few options: one to start the game, one to visit the website, and one to close the game. Clicking the option to start playing brings you to the BBCR title screen, with only one option… “PLAY!” This retro-style launcher can be disabled in the game’s settings.

From there, you will be met on a simplistic looking chalkboard-style menu with “Play!”, “Options”, “How To Play”, and “Credits”
_ When selecting ‘play’ a second time, you will see 3 options of modes to select in the form of doors.
The modes are as follows:

Classic Style
Play Hide and Seek with Baldi in this recreation of the original game!
Party Style
All the items are swapped up and shuffled around! Who knows what’s inside!
Demo Style
Get a taste of some of the new content you can find in Baldi’s Basics Plus, now in Early Access!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys – Move
  • Left Click/E – Interact
  • Right Click/Q – Use
  • Space – Look Back
  • Scroll Wheel/1-3 – Select Item

Game Modes

All modes take you back to that classic map, but with various changes and improvements! For instance, you actually start in front of a bus, and can go through the doors at the start of the game into the (very small) outdoor area. There are more windows spread out throughout the schoolhouse as well, allowing better visibility for the player and even a couple options for shortcuts if you can break the glass.

Beating the 3 different styles will unlock an optional change to gameplay, known as “Fun Settings“!

So what’s the difference?

Classic Style doesn’t have much changes from the original game aside from the map and AI improvements that all 3 styles share.
_ However, do note that beating Classic Style unlocks “Mirror Mode”!

Party Style dresses most characters for the party, puts all the items into a gift box and shuffles them, adds some more items locations in general, there’s balloons that float about inside of rooms (even drifting out into the hallways sometimes), and even slightly different behaviour from the original ending of Birthday Bash. Additionally, this is the only mode where the vending machines aren’t single-use only.
_ While the layout of the upper floor to Party Mode is largely unchanged, there is some adjustments to how the upper level looks/feels, and the balloon code is randomized! (So unfortunately, you do have to count the balloons yourself.) Additionally, either I’ve typed the code in wrong each time, or gooshoes does not work to get back to the lower floor.

Beating this mode unlocks “Lights Out!”

Demo Style has a lot more randomness thrown into the mix thanks to the items appearing in different locations (in slightly increased quantity), different characters that can appear, and the inclusion of random events.
Plus features found in Demo Style:

  • Math Machines (Including Baldi stopping to praise you)
  • A chance to get Chalkles, Cloudy Copter, and/or Beans
  • Naturally spawning Faculty Nametags!
  • Gravity Chaos, the Fog event, the Flood, and Baldi breaking his ruler

Beating this mode unlocks “Hard Mode!”

“Fun Settings”?

Mirror Mode and Lights Out are simpler changes that can drastically affect the player’s run. Mirror mode flipping the map horizontally, and Lights out making the schoolhouse pitch black except an ambient glow around the player and a white light emitting from Principal of the Thing. Please note that the Lights Out option does not affect NPC vision!

Hard Mode, however, has much more to offer.
Hard Mode changes includes:

  • Faster NPC interactions (e.g Beans’ recharge time)
  • Principal can’t lose you
  • Detention time uses old increments. (Increasing by 15 until 99)
  • YCTP doesn’t pause
  • 3 Questions on Math Machines*
  • Playtime has 10 fast jumps

There is likely changes I haven’t noticed, please let me know if that’s the case!
*Math Machines will spit out the notebook as soon as you get a question wrong, and Baldi will only congratulate you if you get all 3 questions correct. You can leave a machine incomplete and come back to it later if need be.

Beating any of the 3 story modes with all of these options enabled may get you something…

Easter Eggs

Rare death screen – occasionally, upon dying, you will be met with a scene of Baldi crying in front of a bluescreened device in a dark room, with the text “Oh no! A critical error has occured! The game will now close.” As mentioned, the game closes after this.

Crying Baldi – above the Party Style’s schoolhouse on the other side of the wall that 0th Prize was originally on, there’s a large room with debug textures that contains the same crying Baldi from the rare death screen.

bladder’s simples in education school scary grandma game – a secret room with a purple, slightly misshapen Baldi, poking fun at Baldi’s Basics bootlegs. The room is located near the eastern wall’s exit between the classroom and faculty room. There are two chalkboards on the wall, one of which stating the title of the bootleg, the other stating: “don’t end up like me! If you make bootleg baldi games, you’ll end up trapped in the walls of here school… forever!”
_ You can use a Portal Poster to reach this room, as it shares two valid walls with two different rooms

Face room – another secret room, this time on the west side by the conjoined faculty rooms. All surface textures are a reddish high-contrast closeup of a face, with a spinning sphere bearing the same texture in the middle.

I’ve seen screenshots relating to Easter Eggs in Baldi’s Basement but I unfortunately didn’t find them before leaving when I first got there

What about… *secrets*?

——————Spoiler Alert!!!——————–

Hidden YCTP Codes

There are 4 secret codes you can input into the YCTP
Music Room“04281989”
This code takes you to a room with multi-coloured lights and many buttons on the walls, where you can play and mess around with several songs from Baldi’s Basics!
_ The YCTP text for this is “Let’s listen to some tunes!”

Authentic Mode“10181996”
This code resets the game, and when you enter it again your screen will be much smaller with several HUD elements along the borders. The control scheme is also altered, namely: You have to turn with the keyboard, you must press the lever on the staminometer to toggle sprinting, and the mouse cursor is unlocked.
_ YCTP text states: “If Baldi’s Basics was really released in 1999!”

Chaos mode“11211994”
Heed the warning the YCTP gives: “EPILEPSY WARNING! HIGHLY UNSTABILITY” This code ‘corrupts’ the game with crash-like sound as it resets, breaking several things. Getting the first notebook will spawn NPCs, and the NPCs will keep getting cloned over time. It is highly likely that the game gets worse the longer you play, but I didn’t want to test just how worse yet lol

This code will reset the game, and when you enter a mode afterwards you will have the ability to access a secret menu in the pause screen, which lets you give yourself a number of items, make the items infinite, as well as give yourself speed, invincibility, and the ability to noclip.
_ You must unlock the ability to use this code by finding all secrets. If the condition is met, the YCTP will read “Press the question mark in the corner!”, otherwise it will say “Find all the secrets first!”
_ Credit to Cyorg, which is how I discovered it :p

Please note, using the cheat menu code will disable secret content!

Alternate Endings

Classic: Answer all questions wrong and escape the schoolhouse to get sent to Baldi’s Office – unlocks “Baldi’s Office” achievement.
Party: Purchase a Dangerous Teleporter from a vending machine and take it to the upper floor. Use it to get sent to the bottom floor and go to the Principal’s Office – unlocks “Baldi’s Song” achievement
Demo: Answer all math machines, then go back for the bonus questions. After answering the 6 bonus questions, you will get a Portal Poster. In the classroom between the Principal’s Office and Cafeteria, place it on the corner of the wall opposite the Math Machine (away from the door) to find the entrance to the basement – unlocks “Baldi’s Basement” achievement. Portal may fail to place place if Chalkles is in that corner.
Completing each of these endings will cause the game to force close.

Secret Game Mode

NULL is a secret game style only accessible after beating any of the 3 story modes with all fun settings active (Earning the “Wow wasn’t that FUN?!?!?!” achievement as well).
_ You must click on the Baldi in the corner of the style select screen (once unlocked) to enter. You’ll know for sure that it’s unlocked if Baldi and the text glitch out when you hover over him.

Unlocking it is just the first part of the challenge: As implied by the flavour text that can appear when you click the notebooks, you must find someone who doesn’t want to be found. This is done by getting the alternate endings of the main modes mentioned above. After meeting all the conditions, you can grab the first notebooks and proceed.

NULL is somewhat similar to Demo mode in that it contains Plus content: However, it’s just you versus Null (who works similar to Baldi) and there’s no math involved.
He hears you, moves in the same fashion as Baldi, and will kill you on contact…
_ Except, he’s very quiet. Null does not make a noise per step, instead opening any doors he passes by to indicate where he is. Occasionally, you may hear him yelling in anger as well, which better helps the player locate him as the dialogue goes on for some time.

Stealth is definitely key in this mode, but be careful- Null can break through windows! This should also unlock an achievement, but I didn’t earn it yet so I don’t know which one.

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