Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered: Character Guide

This guide isn’t really anything official by the developer, but it’s my attempt at teaching people how the characters in this game work.



This guide contains spoilers, as usual, so you’ll be seeing those through boxes like these. That’s all, so without further ado…


Baldi is the head teacher of Here School, and the main antagonist of the game overall.



– Once the 1st notebook is obtained with *the/every problem answered correctly, Baldi will reward you with a quarter next to him.
(it depends on two things, Demo Style and Hard Mode .)*
– The moment you answer your first question wrong, Baldi will become angry, spawn behind the middle yellow door from the start of the schoolhouse where you spawn, and start to slap his ruler at you. This is guaranteed because at the *last problem on the second notebook, the question is impossible to solve.
(There’s not really a last problem if the Math Machine without Hard Mode only ever gives out one problem.)*
– When Baldi is angry, he will continuously slap his ruler towards you. If you touch him, you’ve died, and you have to start the game over.
– Baldi gets angrier for every math question answered wrong. The more the anger, the shorter the slap interval. *The following is a table of the slap intervals per notebooks:

Number of Notebooks
Slap Interval in Seconds
2.25 (Slower than your walk speed)
1.75 (Faster than your walk speed, but barely)
1.25 (Same as your run speed?)
1 (Faster than your run speed)

(This was from the original classic game, back in 2018, 1.3 and onward, so it may or may not be 100% accurate.)*
– In Classic and Party Style, for every question answered wrong above just one per notebook, Baldi will gain a temporary speed boost, but eventually slows down to the appropriate speed from the above list.
– In Demo Style or Hard Mode , Baldi’s speed boosts are instead permanent.
In Hard Mode, you may notice the third problems of the 3rd to 7th notebooks aren’t glitched out and impossible. If you get all 3 questions right on those notebooks, Baldi will still get a speed increase depending on the notebook amount, but there will be no added speed boost.
– In Demo Style, when a problem is answered correctly on the 3rd to 7th math machines, he will stop to compliment you like he does in the You Can Think Pad, back in Classic and Party styles. At this time, he can’t catch you, and you can pass through him. After a brief moment of that, he focuses on getting angry and chasing you again, and will follow the slap interval table accordingly, as well as any additional wrong answers he knows you entered.
– Baldi can hear almost every sound caused by the player, which includes in the following table:

Type of Sound
Noise Value
Opening Standard/Yellow Doors.
Less than 31
Having a school exit closed.
Chalkes once he spawns in fully.
Arts And Crafters once he teleports you and Baldi.
1st Prize slamming into a wall or breaking a window.
Opening a Blue Locker.
Principal Of The Thing once he declares detention.
An Alarm Clock you placed once it goes off.
Baldi’s Math Machine buzzing, once you inserted the wrong number balloon.

If he still sees you, however, when you make the noise, then none of the noise value matters.
– In Endless Mode, you may notice the 3rd notebook and beyond (hey come on, it’s endless) don’t have any glitched, impossible questions. If you answer all 3 questions correctly on those, Baldi will become less angry, and his slap interval will actually increase.
– In Endless Mode, Baldi’s slap interval decreases over time, and that means he becomes faster every moment you haven’t collected a notebook.
– Using a Cell Phone or Baldi’s Least Favorite Tape will deafen him, distract him from chasing you if he doesn’t see you yet, and prevent him from hearing any noise in the above table, or activating the *Baldicator.
(just so you know, the Baldicator is a stray baldi head on the bottom right that appears once a noise in the above table is made. If it smiles, that means Baldi has marked it as priority. If it frowns in confusion, though, that means he has a higher noise priority to focus on.)*
– Keep in mind it is entirely possible to lose him. All you have to do is get away far enough, and out of sight, without triggering the Baldicator.

Principal Of The Thing

Principal Of The Thing is the other head school faculty in Here School, and a top supporting character.


– Principal Of The Thing wanders the schoolhouse anywhere he can, randomly, although with a set preference of checking rooms he hasn’t in a while. It’s normal that he enters School Faculty rooms, because he’s school faculty himself, and he’s allowed.
– Principal Of The Thing whistles every now and then, sometimes. This won’t be true however, if he knows you broke a rule and hasn’t sent you to detention yet. Once he does, the whistling starts again.
– If you are within Principal Of The Thing’s sight, and you break a rule in front of him, he will scold you for doing so, and chase you faster than your run speed. It’s entirely possible to lose him, and it’s a lot easier than losing Baldi since Principal Of The Thing doesn’t make use of noise values or the Baldicator, just his line of sight.
– The rules that Principal Of The Thing considers are to be followed are as follows:
No running
No entering school-faculty only rooms
*No bullying
No drinking drinks
No escaping detention
(only It’s A Bully can be scolded for bullying, currently, you’ll see soon.)*
– Once Principal Of The Thing catches you, you and him will both instantly teleport to the Principal’s Office room, where he will declare you to be given detention for the following times on this table:

Number of Offenses
Time in Seconds

Or in case of Hard Mode , the following times are more simplified and therefore more strict in this table:

Number of Offenses
Time in Seconds

– During Detention, the door to and from the Principal’s Office is locked until detention is over.
– If It’s A Bully is within Principal Of The Thing’s line of sight, and you are too, as well as if you’re close to It’s A Bully, Principal Of The Thing will scold It’s A Bully for bullying, and once he catches It’s A Bully, he disappears, and Principal Of The Thing continues to wander.
– In Lights Out Mode, Principal Of The Thing will emit a better radius light effect than you.


Playtime is a student at Here School, whose favorite activity is to jump rope, despite poor eyesight and short memory.


– Playtime wanders around the schoolhouse hallways and cafeteria, never has a set pattern, and never usually enters rooms. She also announces her presence by music always playing on her.
– If you are within Playtime’s short line of sight, she will chase you slightly faster than your run speed. If you happen to get away from her line of sight, she will ignore you and continue to wander randomly.
– If Playtime catches you after chasing you down successfully, you will be forced into a jump rope microgame. At the time, a jump rope animation will be shown, and you will have to jump *5 times in a row accordingly.
(In Hard Mode, it’s actually 10 times in a row, and the jump rope animation is twice as fast.)*
– Whenever you jump in Playtime’s microgame, while you press any of the four directional keys, you will move very slightly. That speed is increased softly while you’re holding the run key, but still be careful of Principal Of The Thing.
– Once you jump rope consecutively and successfully, Playtime will go back to wandering off, and will let you free as well. Playtime has a cooldown of 15 seconds before she can chase and catch you again.
– Playtime’s microgame can be skipped, and the same countdown will apply, although with Playtime looking sad, if you either use safety scissors, or if you’re moved against your will far enough from her. It’s okay if you use the safety scissors, *Principal Of The Thing does not scold you for bullying.
(at least not yet.)*

Arts And Crafters

Arts And Crafters is a shy sock puppet, tending to be avoided, unless it’s jealousy is triggered.


– Arts And Crafters can and will spawn at the end of any hallway. If you stare at him for a brief period, whenever you have 6 or less notebooks, he will dash away much faster than your run speed.
– If Arts And Crafters is stared at by you when you have 7 notebooks *or higher, he will begin to activate, a static sound will play, and he will gradually although very quickly become faster. It’s possible to lose him, but it will become harder, just be thankful he doesn’t make use of the Baldicator or noise values.
(endless mode)*
– If Arts And Crafters catches you while activated, he will begin to rotate around you in a hypnotic fashion for 10 seconds. After those 10 seconds are up, both you and Baldi will instantly be teleported close to each other next to one of the remaining unclosed exits, and Baldi will hear the teleportation as a noise value. After that, Arts And Crafters will never be encountered again for the rest of your run.

It’s A Bully

It’s A Bully is a student in Here School with the role of being the school bully.



– It’s A Bully will spawn at any start or end of any hallways, and if you are close enough to him, he will request you give an item to him.
– If you touch It’s A Bully with one or more items, he will instantly disappear, and take a random item of yours with you, saying the item he stole is now his.
– When you touch It’s A Bully without any items, he will act as an obstacle, and block your way completely.
– If It’s A Bully is within Principal Of The Thing’s line of sight, and you are too, as well as if you’re close to It’s A Bully, Principal Of The Thing will scold It’s A Bully for bullying, and once he catches It’s A Bully, he disappears, and Principal Of The Thing continues to wander.
– If It’s A Bully waits for 3 minutes without disappearing earlier, he will declare his boredom and teleport somewhere else instantly.

1st Prize

1st Prize is a robot that won 1st Prize at a science fair, being programmed to give hugs to people he desires.


– Whenever 1st Prize tries to turn around, he does so super slowly.
– Once 1st Prize is facing towards you, he will begin to chase you down in that straight forward direction, and gradually become faster. Once he catches you, he pushes you all the way down the hallway until he either reaches the end, pushed against his will, or safety scissors have been used against him.
– When 1st Prize reaches the end of a hall and bangs against a wall or crashes into a window at high speed, the sound will attract Baldi.
– If safety scissors are used against 1st Prize, he will spin around fast and uncontrollably, and cannot move at all for 30 seconds.
– You are immune to 1st Prize while wearing Big Ol’ Boots.

Gotta Sweep

Gotta Sweep is a sentient broomstick that sweeps around the entire schoolhouse every now and then.


– Any character within the chunk Gotta Sweep is in will be slowed down massively until they manage to get out.
– After 2-3 minutes of waiting, Gotta Sweep will declare activity, leave the Supplies Closet, and move around completely randomly, way faster than your run speed.
– It will be a moment until Gotta Sweep finishes to sweep around the schoolhouse. After that, he returns to his Supplies Closet and waits another 2-3 minutes until he is ready again.

Cloudy Copter

Cloudy Copter is a sentient flying cloud on ground level.



– Cloudy Copter will wander in the halls completely randomly, without pattern, dashing at a speed much faster than your run speed.
– Once Cloudy Copter reaches a chunk he finds suitable, he will begin to blow wind down the hallway for 10-30 seconds, pushing you and every other character with or against it. Exceptions include It’s A Bully and Chalkles. After he’s done, Cloudy Copter will repeat this in the order shown. He will stop blowing wind earlier once he is pushed.


Chalkles is a sentient face made out of chalk that prefers to cause mischief.


– Chalkes will begin to fade into existence on an empty chalkboard for 15 seconds. Once he fully spawns in, he flies from the chalkboard, and around the center of the classroom in a circle. He will attract Baldi, and laugh mischievously, until he either fully ascends and despawns after 25 seconds, or is interrupted and despawns instantly when you leave the class early.
– Once Chalkles fully fades in, the door to and from the classroom will be locked for 15 seconds.


Beans is the oldest student in Here School, being held back for being bad at subjects.



– Beans wanders around hallways randomly, no set pattern.
– Once Beans sees you within his line of sight, he will begin to chew gum rapidly, then accidentally spit a ball of gum to fly out at you in the appropriate orthogonal direction. Then, he skips away quickly.
– Beans’s gum can hit you or any other character. When it does so, your or that character’s speed will be reduced massively for 10 seconds. If it happens to you, your UI will be gummed up and hidden for those 10 seconds as well. This can be ended early by you when you use safety scissors.



This entire character section contains spoilers. If you wish to proceed without knowledge anyways, you acknowledge spoilers (obviously).

NULL is the main antagonist of his own starring gamemode, also named “NULL”.


NULL plays identical to Baldi in gameplay, but with differences:
– NULL makes no noise where there was a slap sound from Baldi.
– NULL moves more chunks than Baldi per where there was a slap. This effectively makes him faster than your walk speed from the start.
– There will be no math problems. Just that every notebook, NULL decreases his interval more.
– NULL can see through windows.
– NULL can crash through windows.
– If you use the Principal’s Whistle, it will trigger the Baldicator and make NULL hear the noise, prioritizing it above all else, and NULL’s interval will instantly turn into zero.
– Once you’re caught by NULL, it’s a different jumpscare, then your game session crashes instantly. This means you’ll have to open the game yourself again.
– NULL has a radius color effect of dark-red around him.
– If you attempt to exit your run to the main menu, NULL will instantly jumpscare you instead.
– NULL will run away instantly once the 3rd exit is closed.
– Before you can escape through the 4th exit, NULL will instantly hurry to close it before you even try. This is where the boss fight begins.

Boss Battle:

– This will be initiated once you throw one of the following objects at NULL:
tree pots
and bananas
Just move over them to pick it up, then use the interact keybind to throw them at NULL, and damage him, and then the fight really begins.
– 10 objects will be spawned around the school hallways, and it’s up to you to find them and throw them at NULL accordingly. If you miss a throw, the same object will respawn in the same place.
– NULL has the ability to block off broken windows and hallways with various obstacles.
– Every time NULL is hit, the boss music speeds up, and you and NULL speed up. This keeps on going until NULL is at his last hit, where the music stops at one note as to create suspense. Once he’s hit for the final time, that ends the fight, and the rest is up to you to find out, since there’s no more actual gameplay beyond that point.

Red Baldloon:

This is effectively just a resprite character after NULL is defeated, also with some following differences:
– It doesn’t crash your game when you attempt to exit through the main menu.
– Barely any voicelines, but different sound effects when taking a hit and after it’s hit for the first time.

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