Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Defeat Grym without Using Hammer

Having a strong reliance on casters and stabby people, this boss made me take a page from my old death cleric’s book. This is my route of defeating him, with minimal supplies and spells, but a lot of patience.



Before you start tangling with this big bad, you’ll want to do some small setup and grab the two items required for this route (beyond substantial patience).

1) Get a Scroll, potion, or prepared spell of Fly and one method of feather-fall for AFTER battle. If using an item, give it to the character activating the fight. If using a spell, the lucky caster gets to volunteer for tribute.
2) Collect smokepowder/oil/and other explosives if you wish to do a faster version of this plan, but with more supplies.The goblin and Zhentarim locations are best for finding these. If you are using this route, have someone with a fire item ready.
3) Ungroup and position your other three toons up top. Two on one platform, one on the other, and stealth them. If using barrels, put the person with fire item/spell on the ledge in the left side of the picture.

4) Send the lucky victim…erm…teammate down to the lower level and move them over to the lava valve.
5) IF you wish to utilize more supplies but make this go faster, collect as many smokepowder barrels as you can, and stack them up on one or both of the platforms near the gate.You can do this easily by picking some up, sending them to camp, and then when the character pulling the lever is in place, send them back and forth to camp with goodies.

6) Cast any “until long rest” spells that would give a boost to hit etc, if you so desire.
7) Save. Do not cause yourself to scream at the PC when you spent all that time setting up, only to have a mis-click or other ill fated event cause things to go sideways.

Party time

Once you have everything in place, it is time for the real fun. Unless you truly enjoy lugging barrels around the entire realm, only to stack them in the underdark. If so, I rescind my original comment in your situation. Not gonna judge, but may have questions later…

Since all your friends up top are stealthed, the moment the character next to the lever, they will be safely out of battle. Don’t worry, the construct has horrible initiative, so unless you have really bad luck, you should easily be able to do all this without issue. Bonus is that in normal mode (testing in tactician), you have one round before it activates and starts trying to cause chaos. Which is all the time you really need.
2) Move Kronk, I mean the toon below, as far as you can go, use dash if you have to, and get them as need the platforms the other characters are standing on, without being directly below them. DO NOT END THE CHARACTER’S TURN YET.
3) —Only for those using barrels—
Remember those people you have stealthed up above? Well, one of them gets to be a star for a moment. Have one of the toons on the closest platform to the barrels, fire on them with anything fire related, cantrip, arrow, you name it.
4) After the explosion, allow the rest of the party to use their ranged attacks, bearing in mind that it has high defenses and resistances, so please right click and choose examine to get a refresher. NOTE: It only takes damage when superheated, so shoot the lava lever when it looses this.
5) After everyone has gone and ended their turn, the next round begins and the construct will activate.
6) This round is positioning and rescuing the person trapped below. Have Kronk use fly, and (pressing O for tactical mode helps for visuals) click fly once able, to have them rejoin their companions up above.

I recommend these spots as it will force the construct to walk into lava areas rather than safe ground.
7) Attack as normal. The construct has zero ranged and while slow, you can plink him to death unharmed.

Note. that if he moves to a spot where lava can’t reach, hitting him by someone on the further platform last, will make him move. *You don’t have to hurt him for this, just hit.

Remember the lava is your friend.

Oh, and as an added present to you, there will be no imps.

Yours in shadow ~ Devan the Rogue

Thanks to Devanshire for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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