Baldur’s Gate 3: Astarion Romance Guide

Do you wish to romance the sexy vampire boy? Do you want to get his approval and all of his cinematics?Then check this out!



Before starting you need to keep in mind:

– Don’t save Shadowheart (unless they fix the overwritting of Astarion scenes or solve it with a mod)

– Save Lae’Zel AFTER the first dream.

– Get him as the first member (he is He’s southwest of the Roadside Cliffs near the Nautiloid ship
wreckage on the beach.

After you get him:

– Kill the Illithid controlling the fishers and demand pament from them.

– REST: talk to Astarion, “are we sleeping on the ground” scene.

– Get Gale and REST: “go to hell” scene, talk to Astarion (here is supposed to activate a scene
about ways to die, but I’ve never gotten it, so please let me know if you find it ^^)

Druid Groove

After the battle at the gates of the Groove:

– Enter the Groove with just Astarion (leave the rest at the camp), hell get an exclamation sign,
speak to him and agree about getting out of the groove (you can still enter afterwards).

– Demand payment form the Tiefling leader

– Refuse to help with the refugees (you can always help afterwards if you want to, its like you
are playing a tsundere if you want to be good while romancing Astarion)

– Bring only astarion to talk to Ethel and agree to tell her you have a Tadpole (she is on the left
road when you enter the Groove, next to the old woman cooking)

– REST: Gale scene about transforming, talk to Astarion “how do you want to die scene” (poison,
beheading, etc gives approval) (note: I’ve never gotten this scene, so if you get it please let me
know ^^)

– Don’t interfeere while they kill the goblin at the makeshift prison. Talk to Astarion and tell him
“when thay are cornered they’ll do whatever to survive”.

– REST: “stars cutscene”

– Pocket the ring from the kid, “I’m paying in experience” (can try stealing it first, test if that gives
approval, I haven’t done it yet, but it seems like it would)

– Tell the lady boss of the Groove “it was quite a show” after she kills the kid.

– Tell the bard she is a bad bard (first offer to help, ask about what the song’s about, tell her the
lyrics are bad, and then that she is a bad bard) (She is going left up a path as soon as you
enter the heart of the Groove)

– After saving the kid from the arpies, scare him

– Save the tiefling from the assassin but lie and get her soulcoin (this advances Astarion’s
background and gets inspiration)

– With Nattie, go just with Astarion, killing her = “scene when he calls you idiot”. If you get the
poison you get dissapproval (you can tell him afterwards that you were lying)

– REST: “Raphael”= tell him you wont make a deal with a demon, talk to Astarion afterwards
and tell him “we wont be his playthings”

AFTER the first dream and gettin Lae’Zel:

– Make Zorru kneel (with Lae’Zel) (I’m not sure if this gives Astarion apporval anymore, but it
feels like it should)


I recommend going to the cryp next:

– Kill the mercenaries (you can use the rock on top to get rid of 2 in one shot)

– Enter the crypt just with Astarion after killing the mercenaries inside (after killing the skelletons
you get an interaction, you can also scape and get another small interaction).

On the road

Go towards the brige left of the Druid Groove

– Find the Boar and persuade Astarion to talk about it

– REST: Let him bite you and support him afterwards to the rest of your companions.

– Go to the right (don’t cross the bridge yet). Talk with the followeres and tell them to go avenge
their brother.

– Crush the tadpole (if you have a hard time, as I did with a wizard character, you can get potions
of strength from Ethel at the Druid groove).

– Talk with Astarion and agree that controlling the followers was helpful. Talk with him again an
aprove of using the tadpole powers.

– REST: Talk to him before going to sleep, persuade him to talk to you. Have the first dream.
Talk with Astarion, convince him to talk about his dream.

– You can go get Lae’Zel now, she is btween the crypt and the Druid Groove, tell her to say
“please” (you can also go against the tieflings, both options give approval).

Blighted Village

– Use Ilithid powers to get in (Astarion might have a coment on it, although I think that reaction
was changed to when you first use the powers on the “siblins”)

– Disguise self as Drow for “saving the gnome from the windmill” and choose to keep the show
until they leave (I’m not sure if this gives approval, but it feels like it should) (you don’t have to
disguise yourself, its just my prefered method I suppose)

– Demand payment from the gone after freeing him.

– Give Astarion the tome of Thay (its down the cellar in one of the abandoned buildings)

– Get the ogres as “bodyguards” (this advances Astarion background and gives inspiration)
REST: there is a cutscene about the book.

– After you’ve called for the ogres they won’t be satisfied and ask for a better deal, you can
choose to end it there, then he’ll ask to lick you… let him xD


– Interrupt the couple in the barn, first call out to them and astarion its supposed to offer to open
the door. Talking to him afterwards you can tell him “you’ll like to gouge your eyes” or
somethind along those lines(I haven’t been able to get this cinematic, maybe there is a bug,
you can try this with only Astarion in the party, tell me if you get it ^^)

– (after getting Shadowheart): go to the back of the windmill, there is a cinematic. Convince her
to talk about her faith and seem interested (this used to get approval with Astarion, last time I
tried it didn’t anymore, but they may put it back, so its worth trying).


At this point you can just go to camp several times (with partial rest works, don’t waste your resources), you should be able to get these cinematics:

– One where Astarion comes “drunk” after fighting with a bear

– One where he is curous about other peoples flavours (you can choose him when he ask who
would you drink from)

– One with a mirror where he talks about not being able to see himself (he likes when you describe
him with “piercing eyes”, “dangerous smile” and “beautiful”, but you can try other reactions if you

– 2nd Dream (here or after the Goblin Camp, I think this depends on how much you use the Illithid
powers). After it Astarion should be having a nightmare and you can talk about it (I haven’t been
able to get this one yet, I think Will overwrites this one for me, as he is the one with the “!”, If I find
a solution I’ll add it XP)

The Swamp

On the way:

– Ask where is the sister of the brothers to Ethel (so they survive), but then tell them that they are
on their own (take only Astarion)

– “Baa” to the redhats (this used to give approval with Astarion, I don’t think it does anymore… but
is still fun)

– Drink from the well (its the same with this, I don’t think it gives approval anymore, but it case the
add it back I recommend trying)

– Talk with the Gur (first just with Gale, you can have Astarion waiting a bit back, then Gale should
get a “!”, before talking to him join back Astarion, they would banter a bit).

– Talk with the Gur again with Astarion, agree to kill him (and then kill him XD)

– Talk with Astarion, learn about Cazador, ask what should we do.

– Pretend to be the monster and scare the elf (inside the hag’s lair)

– Let Ethel live (when she is at around 10HP and it gets to her turn, she’ll try to offer a deal,
accept it.

– Give the wand to the sister, tell Astarion that its because it was funny.

Goblin camp

– Fling poo to all the goblins in the first gate (if you are a drow you don’t get this option, so if you
still want to do it you can disguise yourself as another race)

– Boo Volo

– Get inside with just Astarion (should trigger a scene, if not try talking to some partying goblins)

– Rescue the Owlbear

– “Kiss” the feet of the goblin and take his ring

– Talk with the priestess just with Astarion (I think this activated a conversation… I might be
wrong though, I’ll have to check it out again).

– After seeing the interrogation of the Illithid you can talk to astarion about it (I think you have to
be just with Astarion for it to appear)

– Accept to be tortured by the follower of Lovitar (you can have a version with just Astarion
cheering or one with banter with Shadowheart if you bring her along)

– Disguise self as Drow when Liam is tortured: “choose I will do better and volunteer to torture
him instead” (I think this option only appears as a Drow, so you might have to disguise yourself
if you aren’t)

– Tell the Groove location to the drow (I think it gives approval) (In a good playthrough kill her
later) Talk to Astarion, he’ll comment on how they also have a tadpole and makes them act
crazy (if you talked to the priestess first then you might have goten this conversation then)

– Tell the goblins throwing rocks to the bear to “use sharper rocks”, then, in a good playthrough
say that’s enugh and save the bear, in a bad one keep throwing rocks, it gives approval

– Tel Helsin you are not going to help him (you can still help him and kill all the goblin leaders if
you want, just tell him you won’t)

– You can poison the goblin camp (I think this can get approval with Astarion, not sure though)

– In an evil playthrough, go to the Groove after telling the drow their location, then when the
tiefling leader its on top of the gates telling you that goblins are attacking, confess that “you
are with them”

Risen Road

– Help the Tiefling demon girl, but tell her no at first (or tell her you’ll help, I don’t remember which
one gave approval XD)

– After killing the Gnolls, convice the agents to keep the chest, but don’t open it right away, take it
with you and Astarion will get a “!” (don’t take Gale, he would override Astarion’s scene)

– Go where the Gith are, just with Astarion at first for cinematic, if you are underleveled hell tell you
to run, if not hell say you should kill them (then go to camp and bring Lae’Zel)

– Let Lae’ Zel take the lead, ask her to play along (I don’t think this gets Astarion’s approval
anymore, but you can still try)

– In zhentarim hideout cut the throat of the agent (If you have a bug where they attack you when
you get close, try becoming invisible, they don’t attack you and you can talk to them normally)

– Save the artest and then… Call the artist a slave? (haven’t been able get this option yet…
maybe try as a Drow?)

– In the burning house, save the guy, speak with his dead wife, get the ring, talk to the guy again
and tell him you will be keeping the ring.

PARTY!! <3

So, this is this moment everyone has been waiting for! If you have been following the guide, then at this point your relationship with our favourite vampire should be quite high, which means… sexy time!

It doesn’t matter if you saved the tieflings or killed them, at the party you can talk with Astarion, it just changes the initial dialogue of the conversation:

– Talk with Astarion, at some point he’ll offer to have some fun with you, you can accept him and
move on, or ask him to say “please”, either way you get the same result XD

Note: DON’T TALK TO GALE, if you do he’ll say that the next night he’ll tell you a story, but that overrides a cool scene with Astarion, so don’t talk to him during the party.

– Go to “sleep” and have fun! (choose to offer your neck to Astarion, it gives approval)

(ºw<) <3

– You can talk to Astarion about his past, also, if you “ask for cuddles” you get a bit more of
dialogue before moving on to the scars.

– REST: next time you rest you should get a scene about Astarion’s scars (if you are a tiefling
you’ll be able to read them, If you are not… I’m still looking for a way to solve it, maybe with a
spell?, although in the finished game there would probably be part of his quest)


– Get to the underdark just with Astarion (at least to the door) it should activate a coment (if you don’t get it there get closer to the spores in the Underdark)

– Demand boots in the dialogue with Tulla (in the underdark, mushrooms camp)

– Meet the lider just with Astarion to get banter

– You get a dialogue after seeing the undead servant in the musroom camp

– Find the BOOAL cave


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