Baldur’s Gate 3: Hand Of Death Monk Build

Good evening, today’s story I want to tell you is about a distant monastery in the UNDERDARK! Novices from it move at the speed of the wind and their fists emit an aura of death, with thief-monk-druid multiclass!
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Character creation

We start with a level 1 Rogue, most good races are
Wood Elf/ Wood Half-Elf just becouse you got best speed among all races 10.5 m / 35 ft
Our background is Dark Urge’s to get the most useful item for our survivalYou starting stats will be:
STR 17
DEX 14
CON 10
WIS 16

Act 1(1-6 level)

There is not a lot to say, on 2nd level we got most broken ability in game Cunning Action, it allows you to kiting all enemies with Atack+hide and if things don’t go as planned you dashes away.

On level 3 we pick THIEF rogue archetype. It doesn’t work the same way as in DND 5, we just got 2nd bonus action for now it allow us to atack with off hand and make double dash to end combat by running far away from enemies. Later we found a lot’s more things to do with them.

On level 3 we can go to goblins camp, talk with Abdirak, and got blessing after successful rolls.

Nearly that level we can get this items, which we continue to use whole game.

In goblin camp you meet one goblin with name Novice Crusher. From his body you can take best rogue ring in whole game, Crusher’s Ring which increase you speed on 3 m / 10 ft.

On 3rd rest you got at event where Alfira come at you camp, let her stay, at morning you found her dead. On next rest after her death you meet with Sceleritas Fel which gives you a The Deathstalker Mantle.

Every monk need good gloves, we can found them on swamps. The Sparkle Hands in chest near big stump, which located far left from swamp coast.

On level 4 we take feat Tavern Brawler, with +1 point to strength up to 18.
With this feat we carry no weapons most of the time and fight with our hands, at level 4 it will do a steady 9 damage per hit.

On level 5 we starting to take levels in Monk, now each of our punches deal 9-13 damage. We can also use our bonus actions, one ki to make 2 hits, or only 1 hit after Attack. So every turn we can make 2-4 punches with that we can kill enemy become invisible, move, enemies can’t find us, repeat all steps.

Our next target is hug, but before fight her we make a weapon to fight her we create a weapon to silence her. In the underdark area take Sussur Tree Bark, and create Sussur Dagger. Now we ready to scary hug, go to her lair, fight until she asks for mercy and got a gift from here. We need it to increase Wisom get +1 up to 17. Silence from dagger and drow poison(make main Hug sleep) make this boss very easy, don’t care about cage with our damage we drop her low hp pretty fast.

After clear underdark, and forge we will be level 6 and can go to the Mountain pass. First we meet
Lady Esther, we can get Gloves of Cinder and Sizzle(more damage), but i prefer go to the Gith creche, found merchant A’jak’nir Jeera, and get Gloves of Dexterity(more initiative). The choice is your’s.So there nothing more intresting, farm expirience, and go to the Act 2.

Act 2(7-10 level)

Depends on our playstyle we should choose where to go in Shadow-Cursed Lands. If it’s not solo walkthrough we going to Moonrise Towers, looking for Araj Oblodra, convince Astarion to bite her and you got Potion of Everlasting Vigour. It will increase our Strength up to 20.

Alternative, if we make solo walkthrough, our primal target is Last Light Inn. There we met Quartermaster Talli, whos sell The Mighty Cloth. It will increase our Strength up to 20 too.

On level 7 we choose monk archetype Way of the Open Hand.

On level 8 we choose the second feat Alert, it gives us +5 initiative, we should always strike first and this will help us since we have no dexterity.

On level 9 we gain Extra Attack. We can make 4 unarmed strikes, without cost of any ki point’s.

On level 10 we get 3 Manifestation’s each of our unarmed strikes deal 15-23 damage.

We defat boss and finally arrive to Act 3…

Act 3(11-12 level)

Before we actually get to the Baldur’s Gate we meet gith encounter in Astral Prism. After we defeat them check Prelate Lir’i’c body and you found Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo. Our unarmed strikes now deal +3 damage.

First place where to go in town is Elerrathin’s home in Lower city. Found Jaheira’s Basement and there will be Khalid’s Gift. It will up our Wisdow to 18.

The next point of our tour is Szarr Palace, inside an Chest in the room where laying dead body with necrotic aura which damages. Helmet of Grit give us 3rd bonus action = 2 unarmed strikes.

Now we need to go in the House of Hope. Go to Devil’s Fee in Lower City, talk with Helsik, talk with Hope, save her, Defeat Raphael, get this gloves as reward.

Final point is House of Grief. We enter this place and go deep into the undeground chamber. Move to Mirror of Lose, pass all checks and get +2 wisdom, you can read necromancy of thai, or just remove curse from youself afterwards. Now we has 20 WIS.

So let’s talk about our 2 last level’s, we take this levels as Druid Circle of the Spores. Now before fight we can cast Symbiotic Entity, while we don’t get hit our strikes deal additional 1-6 Necrotic Damage.


So what we finally get

We has Rogue Thief 4 / Open Hand Monk 6 / Druid Circle Of The Spores 2
Stats will be:
STR 20(+2 from potion or armor)
DEX 14
CON 12(+2 from gloves)
WIS 20(+2 from mirror, +1 from hug, +1 from amulet)

speed 18 m / 60 ft.

4-10 atacks, each one deals 24-46, so you maximum damage in one turn 460 damage not counting crit’s

When you ready to fight final boss you can drink and up Strength to 27, then you max damage in one turn will increase to 520.

If you are using illithids powers you also can add 10-40 dmg to max 560.

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