Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Build for Warrior Lae’zel

Lae’zel is a key character and companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, a formidable Githyanki warrior who does not tolerate disobedience or weakness. As a class, warriors are formidable forces capable of both dealing significant damage and providing substantial support to allies. This guide is designed to help you assemble the ultimate build for this character.


Playing as a Warrior (Lae’zel) in Baldur’s Gate 3

Warriors excel not only in brute strength, capable of overwhelming foes, but also in defending allies. Key attributes for warriors include Strength and Constitution. While Dexterity affects Armor Class (AC), it’s less critical for warriors due to their use of heavy armor, which often limits the Dexterity bonus to AC, if it applies at all.

For weaponry, two-handed swords, like the one obtainable from Commander Zhalk at the game’s outset, are highly recommended, especially for Lae’zel.

From all available fighting styles, “Defense” is suggested as it grants a permanent +1 to AC when wearing armor, providing a straightforward boost to defense.


Choosing a Subclass and Maneuvers at Level 3

The “Battle Master” subclass is the top choice due to its variety of maneuvers — special actions that often add effects to attacks, such as frightening, disarming, or knocking down opponents. Recommended maneuvers at level 3 include:

  • Disarming Attack
  • Riposte
  • Trip Attack


Selecting a Feat at Level 4

Given warriors’ propensity for melee combat, the “Sentinel” feat is invaluable. It allows Lae’zel to counterattack foes that target nearby allies, providing a protective edge during skirmishes.


Selecting a Feat at Level 6

The “Tough” feat is a lifeline for melee fighters, doubling your HP and significantly boosting your confidence and survivability in close combat.


Choosing Maneuvers at Level 7

Essential maneuvers at this stage are “Pushing Attack” and “Sweeping Attack,” vital for knocking back enemies and delivering wide, sweeping strikes.


Selecting a Feat at Level 8

At this juncture, “Ability Score Improvement” is the go-to, with a recommendation to increase Strength to 18 to boost damage output.


Choosing Maneuvers at Level 10

By level 10, “Menacing Attack” and “Commander’s Strike” become crucial, enhancing both offensive capabilities and the ability to protect and command allies.


Selecting a Feat at Level 12

At this level, another “Ability Score Improvement” should be utilized. The choice between increasing Strength or Constitution depends on your playstyle, with Strength boosting damage and Constitution enhancing health.

This build focuses on making Lae’zel a formidable front-line warrior capable of both dealing significant damage and safeguarding her companions, ensuring she remains a pivotal asset to any party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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